The Greatest Princess of Guardia Epilogue

The Princess Bride

By The Game God

Nadia and her father walked slowly into the chapel.  Banners of white and gold silk hung from the ceiling.  The entire kingdom was there, throwing flowers into the air.  Nadia looked up to see Crono standing next to the altar with Glenn, his best man, at his side.

Lucca, Ayla, Ta-Kahjet, Schala and Elaine Merchant’e, Nadia’s bridesmaids were standing to the left, each dressed in soft purple gowns.  Nadia looked around at the crowd.  Melchior was there smiling at the princess.  Kino and the elder of the Laruba Tribe gave Nadia an Ioka salute.  Robo, Johnny and Doan were standing next to the aisle.  Taban and Lara were in the front next to Crono Sr. and Anne.  Out of the corner of her eye, Nadia thought she saw Magus with his hair cut short and dressed in white and dark blue robes.

King Zollum gave Crono Nadia’s hand and kissed her softly on the cheek.  Crono and Nadia smiled at each other and headed toward the altar.

The End


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