The Greatest Princess of Guardia Part 2


By The Game God

Nadia called Ta-Kahjet to her rooms late that night.  Ta had agreed to help Nadia find the culprit with her psychic powers.  Ta placed a circle of candles around them.  She took Nadia’s hands.  “Now, concentrate on the past…”

The room faded around them and was replaced by a vision of the throne room.  Ta and Nadia stood up, still holding hands.  Nadia watched as her father, looking at be about sixteen walked through the room.  Another figure entered the room, a servant girl about fifteen.  She ran across the room and bumped into the prince, knocking them both to the ground.  Zollum helped the girl to her feet.  She was beautiful, silky red hair and daring green eyes.  “This was how your parents met.” Ta said.

“My mother was a servant?” Nadia asked.

More images flashed by showing Nadia her parents’ secret courtship.  “Your father was in love with her, but she was afraid of what the king, your grandfather would say.” Ta said.  She saw another image flash by.  Prince Zollum gave Aliza a shimmering blue pendant.  The very pendant Nadia wore.

Aliza looked down at the pendant, “This is too extravagant…” she said.  She tried to give the necklace back, “… only a princess should wear something so beautiful.”

Zollum put the necklace around her neck, “I want you to be my princess.”

“No if I have anything to say about it!” a voice shouted.  Zollum, Aliza, and Nadia looked back to see the large figure of Yesac, 32nd King of Guardia.

Aliza hugged Zollum, “I should go…”

“Don’t worry, “ Zollum said, “… it will all work out.”

King Yesac glared at the servant girl as she left the room with the Princess Pendant around her neck.  Nadia noticed that Aliza was standing just around the corner, listening.  “What do you think you’re doing, Zollum?” the king said to his son.

“Proposing to the girl I love.” Zollum said.

“Are you mad?  She’s a servant!”

“You can’t choose who you fall in love with and even if you could, I would still choose Aliza.” Zollum said.

“A prince can marry an noblewoman… a prince can marry a commoner… but a servant, that is forbidden and you know it!”

“I love her!” Zollum said, “I can’t let her go.”

“The people would never accept her as their queen!”

“The people or just you?” Zollum asked.

The young prince started to walk off.  “Do you love her enough to give up your throne?”

Zollum stopped and turned back to his father.  “What do you think?”  He took off his ring, which bore the Seal of Guardia and threw it to the ground.  At that, the images showed Zollum and Aliza’s wedding and the crowning of Aliza as queen.

“King Yesac suffered a heart attack that night leaving the throne empty.”  Ta said.  “Your father ascended the throne and soon married your mother.  Unlike your grandfather’s beliefs, the people did accept your mother as queen.  A calm sadness came to Ta’s face, “But then tragedy struck…”

Nadia lowered her head, “My mother died when I was very young.”

“No… Ta said.  “She was murdered…”

Nadia looked up and saw a shadowy figure pour a strange black poison on her mother’s lips.  The vision changed to show King Zollum holding Queen Aliza’s hand.  Aliza looked over at the four-year-old Nadia.  She looked into Zollum’s eyes, “Someday Nadia will bring her beloved to meet you.  Welcome him with open arms and trust her judgement.”  Zollum held her close as the last breath of her life left her.

Another vision appeared, showing the same shadowy figure pour the same black venom into the king’s drink.  At that, the images faded all together leaving Ta and Nadia alone in the princess’ room.  “Who was that?” Nadia demanded, “Who killed my mother and poisoned my father?”

“I don’t know.” Ta said, “But I know where he is…” Ta looked out the window at the dark stone pillars to the east.  “Atop Mount Truce.”  Nadia put on her street clothes and filled her leather satchel with silver-tipped arrows.  She checked the chord on her Valkyrie crossbow and put her arm in the strap, flinging the weapon over her shoulder.  She strapped on her sandals and marched toward the door.


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