Crono and the Phantom Realm Chapter 3

Enter the Phantom

By The Game God

Crono plummeted out of the gateway and onto a dark hilltop.  Night surrounded him but he could see the lights of a distant city.  He returned the sword to its sheath.  “I’m coming, dad.” Crono whispered.  He moved quickly to a bustling, but eerily quiet city.  For hours, Crono wandered around the city aimlessly, trying in vain to get people to speak to him.  He stopped next to a large, dry fountain.
“You new?” a voice asked.
Crono turned to see a short, skinny man standing on the other side of the fountain. “You’re the first person to speak to me.”
“I’m not surprised, I’ve been here for years and few people have ever talked to me.”
“Where are we… what year?” Crono asked.
He smiled, “You are new.”  He approached Crono; “I’m Takaeda.  I once lived in Gaurdia… AD 2056.” he said, holding out his hand.
Crono took his hand, “Crono… I’m from Guardia, too, AD 1002.”  He looked around, “Now… where are we… when are we.”
Takaeda laughed, “We’re beyond ‘when’ now, Crono.”
“Follow me.” Takaeda said.  Crono and Takaeda wandered through the dark, crowded streets of the city.
“Where are we going?” Crono asked.
A serious tone came to Takaeda’s voice, “Where he can’t find us.”

Crono and Takaeda entered what looked like a one of the opium dens in Crono had seen in Enhasa.  “Take a seat.” Takaeda said.  He handed Crono a glass, “Here, drink this.”
Crono took a sip, “OH!  That’s awful!!”
“Unfortunately, it’s the best you can get here.” Takaeda sighed.
“Where is ‘here’?” Crono asked.
Takaeda sat down across from Crono, “I’ve dragged you halfway across the city, I owe you an explanation.”  Crono sat back to listen to Takaeda.  “This place, this world is known as the Phantom Realm.  I’m not a scientist, but as far as I can tell, this place is a dimension completely separate from our own.”
“What do you mean?” Crono asked.
Takaeda leaned forward; “Do you believe in time-travel, Crono?”
Crono smiled, “Yes… go on.”
“I think this place is like a dumping ground for all people, from any time.”
Crono stood up, “I don’t think we’re stuck here.” he said, clasping the hilt of his father’s sword.
Takaeda stood up, “We are… he makes sure of it.”
“Who?” Crono asked.
“The Phantom.” he said.  He pointed out the window at a structure that towered over all the other buildings around it.  “The Phantom…” Takaeda continued, “… is the being who controls this world.  It is him who brings people here… forever.”
“Why?” Crono asked.
“I wish I knew.” Takaeda answered.
Crono sighed.  “I have another question, Takaeda, how long have you been here.”
“Twenty years… maybe more.” he said.
“Takaeda…” the short man turned to Crono, “… did you ever see a man who looked at all like me… he would have arrived here eighteen years ago.”
“Do you have any idea how many people are in this city?” Crono said nothing.  “Over 80 million!  If you’re looking for someone, find him yourself.”
“You know this place, help me.” Crono pleaded.
“I brought you up to speed, you’re lucky I did that much.”
“I could send you home.”
Takaeda turned to Crono, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
Crono headed for the door, “No wonder you’re alone.” he said.

High above the city, on the 230th floor of the Phantom Tower, the dark visage of the Phantom looked out across his silent metropolis.  The Phantom’s curvaceous general entered his lair.  “You sent for me, my lord?”
“Yes…” the Phantom replied, “… someone has come here.  He has a key that could unlock this very world.”
“The lost sword of Zeal…” she whispered.
“Yes, Abyssal… you must find this… boy… and bring him to me.”
Abyssal nodded, “Yes, my lord.”  The Phantom looked back out across the city.  The time had come for him to meet his nemesis.


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