Crono and the Phantom Realm Chapter 4

Generation Gap

By The Game God

Crono was walking through the city, heading for the mammoth tower in the center.  As he approached the river that encircled the inner city, a loud voice shouted, “Halt!”
Crono stopped and drew his sword.  A massive, shadowy figure leapt down from atop a building.  “I am Torzozs, servant to the great Phantom…”  Several, tall dark figures appeared next to him, “… and you have been summoned!”
“Over my dead body!” Crono said, readying his sword.
“If that’s the way it has to be.” Torzozs said.  He looked to his ebon cohorts, “Shadowmen, attack!”  The dark figures moved towards Crono.  Crono slashed his sword at the first oncoming shadowman.  The ivory blade of the sword slashed through the figure as he vanished into the night sky.
“Who’s next?” Crono shouted.  The shadowmen approached and in a series of sword techniques, Crono defeated the creatures, leaving him alone with Torzozs.
Torzozs clapped, “Your fighting skills are most impressive… similar to the Rogue Knight’s…” he drew a dark broadsword, “… but I cannot be defeated by such mediocre abilities.”
He brought his sword around to meet with Crono’s and a flash of light lit up the surrounding buildings.  Torzozs’ strength and skill was far greater than Crono’s, and both warriors knew it.  Torzozs knocked the shimmering blue sword from Crono’s hand and brought the hilt down on the youth’s head.
Crono stumbled back from the pain.  Torzozs loomed over Crono, sword held high, “Now you die, boy!”
“Not as long as I defend this city!” a voice shouted.
Torzozs looked up to see a masked figure dressed in white armor.  “The Rogue Knight, I’ll take you over the kid anytime!”  The Rogue leapt down from his perch and approached Torzozs, sword drawn.  The swords clashed, lighting up the night sky.
Crono shook off the dizziness, “What’s going on?”
“Serious combat.” a voice behind him said.
Crono turned, “Takaeda!”
The short man smiled, “You said you can get me out of here, I believe you.”  He helped Crono to his feet and handed him his sword.  “The Rogue needs our help…” he said as he drew his gunblade, “… so let’s get in there!”
Crono and Takaeda dove into the melee between the dark and light warriors.  “Don’t think simple numbers will give you the advantage.” Torzozs said.  He held his sword in front of him as two other Torzozses appeared.  “Now…” they said in unison, “… time to test your metal.”  The Rogue’s sword clashed against the center Torzozs’ sword as Crono and Takaeda approached the ones on the sides.
The left Torzozs’ sword crashed down on Takaeda’s gunblade.  Takaeda rolled away from Torzozs and slashed him across the chest.  The gunblade’s cut caused the apparition to vanish.  The right Torzozs’ sword narrowly missed slashing Crono’s body.  Crono considered charging his sword with lightning, but he didn’t want to risk opening another gateway.  Instead he charged his lightning magic and released a fatal bolt at Torzozs.  The illusion vanished without a trace.
The Rogue’s expert sword techniques had met their match in Torzozs.  The dark figure’s sword clashed repeatedly on the Rogue’s.  The Rogue could feel his sword weakening and soon it would fail to deflect Torzozs’ weapon.  Torzozs brought his sword down as the Rogue leapt out of the way.  He dashed behind the dark warrior and struck the fatal blow.
After Torzozs vanished, the Rogue turned to Crono and Takaeda.  “You two… thank you for helping me.”  He removed his mask.  The man underneath was near forty; he had a beard and dark, brown spiky hair.
“You’re my father.” Crono said.
The Rogue stepped back, “That’s impossible.”  He looked at the eighteen-year-old man standing in front of him.  “Anne was still pregnant… have I been gone that long?”
Takaeda spoke up, “Crono…”
“What?” both Crono and the Rogue replied.
Takaeda turned to the Rogue, “He said he could get us out.”
Crono Sr. looked at the sword in his son’s hand, “I’m sure he can.”

Crono, Takaeda and Crono Sr. approached the hill where the Cronos had arrived.  “Anne… she must think I’m dead.” Crono Sr. said.
Crono smiled, “She never stopped believing.”  He held out the sword and dark clouds began to loom around the hill.  A bolt of lightning struck the blade, a flash of violet light erupted from the sword and then faded.  “It didn’t work.”
Crono Sr. shook his head; “The Phantom must be preventing any escape from this world.”
“Then let’s go see this ‘Phantom’.” Crono said.


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