Crono and the Phantom Realm Chapter 2

A Bold Decision

By The Game God

Lucca took the sword out of her vacuum chamber.  “In a few minutes, we’ll know everything.” she said.  She stood next to the machine and waited for the printout.  She pulled the sheet of paper off as it scrolled out.  “Your hunch was right, Crono, the sword is made of Dreamstone.”
Crono put the sword back into the sheath on his belt. “When my mom told me how my father disappeared, it sounded very similar to when Nadia did at the fair.”
Lucca took a book from the shelf; “I’ve done a lot of analysis work on Dreamstone.”  She flipped through her journal until she reached several pages about Dreamstone.  “Dreamstone has got to be one of the most unstable substances ever.  The massive activity on the molecular level alone… and when it’s energized in any way, well…” she sighed, “… you and I both know what happens when pure Dreamstone is energized with Telepod energy.”
Crono sighed, “Yeah, three kids, a knight, a robot, a cave-woman and a sorcerer end up saving the world.”
Lucca chuckled, “Yes, well, there has only been one other weapon in history made of Dreamstone,”
“The Masamune.” Crono said.
Lucca nodded, “…exactly, but the way this sword had to have been made was much different from the Masamune.”
“What do you mean?”
Lucca flipped through her book; “The Masamune was originally a dagger made by Melchior to stop the Mammon Machine.  As you remember, the dagger absorbed boundless amounts of Lavos’ energy, which transformed the dagger into a sword.”
“So what about this sword, Lucca?” Crono asked.
“It looks as though this sword has always been a sword.” she looked at the printout from her computer, “… but there’s more.  It seems whenever this blade is charged with extremely high levels of electricity, it opens some sort of a gateway.”
“A time gateway?”
Lucca shook her head, “No… something else.”
Crono drew the sword and looked deeply into the blade, “Then wherever my father is, this is the key.”

Crono stood on the hill overlooking the Guardian Plains.  He drew his sword.  Lucca shook her head, “This is insane, Crono.”
“So was traveling through time to rescue a girl I hardly knew.” Crono answered.
“But this is different, your father disappeared for eighteen years.”
“If someone had attempted a rescue, they may have been able to save him, too.”
“You’re supposed to marry Nadia in less than two months and you’re going to risk your life for a total stranger?”
Crono held the sword high in the air, “This isn’t for me,” dark thunder clouds began to loom over the hill, “… this is for my mother.”
Lucca moved away as lightning struck the blade of the sword, opening a bright purple vortex.  Crono was drawn in, leaving Lucca alone in the Guardian Plains.


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