Crono and the Phantom Realm Chapter 1

Crono's Birthright

By The Game God

It was the evening of August 2, 1002.  Crono’s eighteenth birthday party had just ended, several of his friends, Lucca, Princess Nadia, Elaine and Fritz Merchant’e and a few others had left before Crono’s mother, Anne gave him a gift.
Anne handed Crono a long, slender box; “Happy Birthday, Crono.”  Crono opened the box.  Inside was a sword with a shimmering blue hilt in the shape of a phoenix and a sleek white blade.  Crono looked up at his mother, “It’s your father’s sword.” she said.
Crono grasped the hilt of the sword.  It was surprisingly lightweight.  He swung the sword, blade singing through the air.  “It’s amazing.” he said.
Anne sighed, “Sit down, Crono.”  Her son sat down next to her. “It’s time I told you what happened to your father.”  She gazed out the window, “It all happened before  you were born…”
Anne lay awake in bed next to her husband.  She listened to the rainfall on the roof and her husband’s soft breathing. She looked down at her body, the child in her womb was still two months from being born.  She wanted a son who would be as handsome and strong as her husband.  She sighed in contentment.
Just as Anne began to drift off to sleep, there was a loud pounding at their door.  Both she and her husband went to the door.  Her husband opened it to reveal the knight on the other side.
He stepped in from the rain, “Sir Crono, I’m glad I found you.”
Crono nodded, “Garamond, what’s going on?”
Garamond looked at his fellow knight; “The Mystic Marauders have passed Zenan Bridge.”
Crono nodded, moved to the corner and donned his armor.  He knew precisely what the Mystic Marauders were capable of.  “Go to the Guardian Plains, Garamond, and wait for me there.”
Crono tied his sword to his belt.  Anne put her arms around him, “Crono, don’t go!”
Crono put his hand on Anne’s cheek, “I must go, Anne.  If the Marauders reach Truce, they will leave nothing alive in their wake.”
Anne stood on her toes to reach Crono’s lips with hers, “Be careful.” she whispered.

The Mystics Marauders rose over the hill, on an unalterable course for Truce Village.  Sir Crono and the Truce Militia stood in wait.  There would be blood on this rainy June night.
The forward Mystic troops were closing in on the human wall of Guardian warriors.  “Stand your ground men!” Crono said, drawing his sword.  As the Mystics drew closer, the rest of the Guardians brandished their weapons.  “Charge!!”  Crono shouted.
The Marauders raced across the plain towards the Guardians.  A tremendous clash of weaponry was overpowered only by the rumble of thunder across Truce Valley.  Crono leapt over the first wave of Mystics and met the Marauder Commander, Son Meona.  As their swords met, sparks flew in the rainy, wind-torn night.
“This ends tonight, Meona!” Crono shouted.
“Is that a threat, Crono?” Son Meona laughed.
“That’s a promise!” Crono said.  Meona brought his sword around to meet with Crono’s, sending more sparks into the air.
While the two commanders dueled, the Mystic Marauders and the Guardian Knights continued in a frenzied battle.  “Your Commander stands no chance against Sir Meona!” one Mystic shouted to Garamond.
The young knight smiled, “You underestimate Sir Crono’s power, he is the descendant of Sir Glenn.”
The Mystic jumped back, “Glenn?!”  The Marauders fell back in an attempt to reach their Commander.  ‘If he truly is the descendant of Glenn, Son Meona doesn’t stand a chance.’ the Mystic thought.  The Guardians moved around to intercept the Marauders as Crono and Son Meona continued their dance of swords.
Meona spun around and forced Crono’s sword from his hand.  Crono backed up, “You will die tonight, Guardian!’  Meona sneered.  He ran towards Crono, sword drawn, ready to strike.  Crono leapt through the air, over the approaching Mystic and landed behind him.  Crono slid across the slick, rain-soaked ground, seized his sword and turn to impale the slower Mystic Commander.
Son Meona stumbled back from the Guardian Knight with his hand over the wound on his chest.  “You have not seen the last of the Mystics.”  Meona said before he fell to the ground.  The remaining Marauders fled from the battlefield, as the Guardians approached their Commander.
Crono held his sword high, “For Guardia!”
The knights held their weapons up to their Commander, “Guardia!”
A great rumbling rolled across the sky.  Crono looked up into the maelstrom.  A bolt of lightning crashed down from the heavens and met with the blade of Crono’s sword.  In a flash, a bright purple vortex opened above Crono.  Before he could run, Crono was drawn into the swirling energy field and vanished.  When the knights reached the top of the hill, only the shimmering, azure sword remained.

Anne sat in a chair, waiting for her husband’s return.  Despite the roaring fire in the fireplace, she felt cold.  She put her hand on her stomach.  She felt her baby kick softly.  After a time, there was a soft knock at the door.  Anne rose and moved to the door, only to see Garamond when she opened it.  Garamond held out Crono’s sword, “I’m sorry.”  Anne fell to her knees, her cries of despair were covered only be the rainfall on the roof.
“… and no one ever saw him again.”  Anne finished.  Crono clasped the hilt of his father’s sword tightly.  All of his natural skills and abilities finally made sense to him.  His mother began to cry.  Crono put her arm around her, “Don’t cry, mom, I’ll try and fix everything, I swear it.”
“You can’t change the past, Crono.” she replied
Crono sighed, “You’d be surprised.”


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