The Adventures Of Marle And Lucca Part 2

Enter Darktime

By Sir T. Magus

Crono's Mom stayed by her son's side the entire time. She was reading him his favorite book,

"Mom, can you read another 'Time Warp Trio' book?" Crono asked, his voice getting lower every word he speaks.

"Crono, don't talk. Save your strength," his Mom said. She picked another "Time Warp Trio" book and read it out loud to him. King Gaurdia XXXIII and the royal Chancellor watched them from the threshold of the door.

"Poor boy," Chancellor said.

"I hope Marle and Lucca are alright," King Gaurdia whispered. Marle and Excalibur rode through eternal darkness. It was almost impossible to see ahead of herself. She saw a huge palace with lights inside and studied her surroundings. She saw houses and then she knew where she was.

"I'm in Darktime," Marle whispered. But then she thought about something else. The houses were most familiar. The houses were the ones from Truce. Then a strange person saw Marle on Excalibur.

"By the cape of Emperor Exdeath! It's a human!" the creature shrieked. It ran away back into Crono's house and locked the door. Darktime had all of the same houses and mountains and forests, down to it's every blade of grass, it was Truce! Though different. It was dark, and demonic, and Mystics inhabitated the land. But evil Mystics. Then soldiers rode up to her, wearing armor and sheathes.

"By the order of Emperor Exdeath, you are to be arrested for being a public nuisance," the leader of the soldiers said.

"You dare call me, Princess Nadia a public nuisance?!!!" Marle yelled. She jumped off Excalibur and fired arrows at the soldier's chests', piercing their armor. They fell from the horses and vanished in red light.

"That show you darkened jerks!" Marle yelled and put her crossbow away. She climbed back on Excalibur and galloped through the twin of Truce. More soldiers met her and she quickly disposed of them.

"My next mission is to find Lucca," Marle said. Karl made a good noise, by banging his cup against the steel bars of their prison cell. Lucca just sat on her cot, planning a way to get out the jail. Nightmist watched them while examining Lucca's Wondershot gun.

"My, my, girl. You have quite a weapon. You just pull the trigger and a hole is blown in the wall. Quite intruiging," Nightmist said. He put his hand inside the cell, holding the Wondershot.

"Perhaps, girl, you would like this? You would like this splendid weapon to strike me down?" Nightmist taunted Lucca.

"Don't you ever shut the heck up?????!!!!" Lucca asked and jumped for the gun. The Wondershot vanished and her head banged against the steel bars.

"Mwahahahahaha! Fooled you! That was a mere image I created from a magic spell. The same way I poisoned Crono!" Nightmist yelled. Lucca gritted her teeth and balled her hands in fists.

"You're head is going to be mine if you get closer! Hmm, come on, I dare ya, to get in my reach!" Lucca taunted Nightmist, making a face at the armored creature, for you can't see his face, his helmet covered his face, except for the red eyes.

"You are not as smart as you think you are, Lucca. You're execution probably will be cancelled if you behave," Nightmist smiled and got closer to Lucca. Like lightning, she unsheathed her dagger and sliced it through Nightmist's face.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Nightmist yelled, gasping for air and almost in shock. Wheezing and gasping he felt his face. Black blood oozed from his face. The cut stretched from his mouth, across his left eye. Lucca smiled, while Karl snickered at the second-in-command. Nightmist took off his helmet that shrouded his face.

"You little dog," Nightmist said. He had black hair and a bloody face.

"Alright, little brat! You see my face, there for you shall hear my real name. I'm Sheex! Nightmist is my code name! And now, little worm, both you shall die slowly and painfully!" Sheex turned around and walked out of the dungeon, black mist following him.

"He's gone. Let's continue, Lucca," Karl said. Lucca and the Mystic pushed the cot to the other end of the cell and picked up the loose bricks. They continued to dig through the dirt, escaping from the evil that surrounds them. Sheex walked into the throne room and met Emperor Exdeath.

"Sheex, why are you not wearing your helmet?" Exdeath asked.

"Because our visitors don't like our food. No, because the prisoner slashed my face, causing me to bleed!!!" Sheex yelled.

"It's just blood, Sheex. Being wiped out from another galaxy by a boy named Butz is humiliating! Think about you're master's pain, not your own, you self-centered twit!" Exdeath yelled.

"Yes, my master," Sheex replied. "And what of the 'Good-night Project'?"

"Ah, yes. The 'Good-night Project' shall be initiated in a few hours. Once the 'Good-night Project' is over, Gaurdia shall be ours and darkness shall return to their world," Exdeath said.

"Understood, my liege," said Sheex, and he walked out of the throne to his quarters. He washed his face and the bleeding stopped. He looked out his window and saw Marle galloping toward the palace.

"What? Impossible! A human riding free?! That's the human Karl told our plans to!" Sheex yelled. He ran down a stairway and buckled his sheath to his belt. He dashed out of the palace and stood in front of Marle.

"Who the heck are you?" Marle asked. Sheex unsheathed his sword and smiled.

"Porre calls me the Midnight Rider. My master calls me Sheex. My enemies call me Nightmist," Sheex said.

"Alright, Nightmist. Where's my pal, Lucca?" asked Marle.

"On the executioner's list!" Sheex replied. Marle frowned and took out her crossbow.

"If any hair on her head is bent, then you'll feel the wrath of my arrows!" Marle yelled. The princess of Gaurdia fired an arrow at the villain and he quickly darted out of the way.

"I say, those arrows are quick. But not quick enough!" Sheex yelled he jumped down in front of Marle.

"I shall enjoy executing your girlie friend," Sheex smiled. Marle fired another arrow at Sheex, once again darting out of the way of fire.

"I have greatly mistaken. You're arrows are very slow," taunted Sheex.

"You remind me of an old friend, or old enemy!" Marle yelled. She jump-kicked Exdeath's second-in-command.

"I'm not to sure you exactly you are, but I have hunch you work with the jerk who poisoned my best friend!" Marle yelled and fired another arrow at Sheex. This time the villain grabbed the arrow in the air, before it hit him in the heart. He bent it and then threw the arrow in front of Marle's feet.

"Vwahahahahaha!!!! Foolish lass! I am the one who poisoned Crono, the so-called hero of history!" Sheex laughed. Marle's eyes overwhelmed with fire and hatred. The fire of hate burned through and then she bent her head down.

"So, you're the one who poisoned him!" said Marle. "I shall enjoy knocking off you're head!" She fired a dozen arrows at Sheex, missing him, except for one, hitting him in shoulder.

"AHHHH!!! Two mortal wounds in one day! Or in this world, one night!" Sheex screamed. "Now, you're head shall be in the bloody basket!" The black mist surrounded Sheex and he vanished.

"Now's my chance!" Marle said. She ran into the palace and Sheex stood at the end of a huge room.

"If you're going to rescue you're friend you'll have to defeat my gaurds first!" Sheex yelled. He lifted his hand and the black mist shot out of it, forming several shapes. Four soldiers appeared and unsheathed thier swords.

"Good luck!" Sheex smiled. The soldiers jumped into the air and landed in front of Marle's face. Karl and Lucca dug through the tunnel they created earlier, escaping from the palace.

"Lucca! We're almost outta here!" Karl cheered.

"Great, just a little further and we're free!" Lucca shouted. Exdeath checked on Lucca and Karl's jail cell.

"Lucca, Karl, good news, you're stay of execution has been moved to two more days," Exdeath said as he layed eyes on the cell. "What?! They're gone! Gaurds, find and destroy them!" Eight soliders scattered through the palace, looking for Lucca and Karl. A soldier went flying into a pillar and then slipped down it, vanishing in a red light. A soldier snook up behind Marle and was flipped over into the wall, vanishing with the others.

"That's what you get when you mess with a princess!" Marle shouted. She went through a door and shot a row of arrows at the soldiers that stood in her way. Then Marle heard clapping and she looked up the flight of stairs in front of her.

"You are a fighter! And your crossbow is as good a weapon as Lucca's Wondershot!" Sheex complimented. A flash of light appeared and vanished, and Exdeath stepped up to join his second-in-command's side.

"General Sheex! Lucca and Karl escaped!" Exdeath yelled.

"The men have it under control, Emperor. This is Marle, she wants to avenge her boyfriend," Sheex taunted.

"Sheex, you're as good as dead!" Marle screamed and fired and ice-encased aarow at her. Emperor Exdeath grabbed the arrow and crumbled it to bits.

"Marle, you are a weakling and shall die a weakling!" Exdeath said. Marle ran up to them, ready to knock they're heads off and they disappeared. Lucca and Karl broke the earth and climbed out of the ground.

"We're free!" Karl cheered. "The portal is in the town square, let's go!" Lucca saw Excalibur waiting for Marle inside the palace.

"Karl, I'll catch up to you, Marle's inside!" Lucca said. She picked up a heavy stick that fell from a branch and ran inside with it.

"Marle, you are a pathetic weakling!" Exdeath yelled as he zaped Marle with a bolt of lightning. "After Crono dies, the 'Goodnight Project' shall be initiated! And once our machines of destruction are completed your world shall be reduced to darkness, a monument to me! So that I will rule both Darktime and your world!" Exdeath electrocuted Marle with more bolts of electricity. Sheex watched Marle suffer behind her, laughing, while Lucca walked up to him.

"This is for locking me up for galloping on greener grass, some law that is! This is for having me dig through dirt and slime, just for getting out of jail! This is for having me go back in your scary palace! This is for letting Emperor Exdeath mercilessly electrocute my friend!" Lucca yelled, bashing Sheex with the club-like stick she found outside. She grabbed her Wondershot out of Sheex's hand and blasted Sheex and Exdeath up the stairs.

"Come on, Marle!" Lucca shouted. She grabbed Marle's hand and they darted out the palace. Lucca found Paladin hiding in the bushes, from earlier, when Lucca was arrested. She hopped on the horse and Marle climbed up on to Excalibur.

"Marle, catch this mid tonic," Lucca said and tossed the bottle of the mid tonic to Marle. The princess gulped the energy recovering water and they both galloped to the town square. They arrived to the Leene Square opposite of Darktime and the portal opened.

"Lucca, wait! The antidote for Crono! We don't have it! We have to go back," Marle suggested.

"You're not going anywhere!" Exdeath yelled. "Sheex, dispatch of these felons!" Sheex ordered his strongest soldiers to attack them. They weilded balls and chains and ran toward Marle and Lucca. Lucca fired her Wondershot at a ball and chain and the spiked ball went flying off the chain, into another soldier.

"Marle, fire one!" Lucca yelled. The princess shot an ice-encased arrow at the weaponless soldier and it froze in it's steps, crumbling to the ground. Lucca shot another round at two other soldiers. All of the men were gone except Sheex and Emperor Exdeath.

"Now let's see if you can withstand a part of the 'Goodnight Project'!" Exdeath laughed and a strange metallic object walked forward. He hopped into the strange robotic creature and used levers by his hands, which controlled the thing's movement.

"With this weapon of destruction, your world is mine!" Exdeath yelled. Lucca rolled her eyes at Exdeath.

"Your highness, you could do nothing with only one of those ... things!" Lucca told the emperor of Darktime.

"Vwahahahahaha! Foolish female! I have exactly two thousand of these! Surely, your army will be a cinch! As will, Choras and Porre. Medina shall be at my command with a simple spell and hand gesture!" Exdeath explained. He pressed a button and another lever materialized out of thin air. He flipped the top of the lever open and pushed the button that was revealed there. A strange shapped cannon-like object poped out of the machine and fired a ray of magic and technology put together. It hit Lucca off her horse and then moved to Marle, knocking her to the ground.

"That was only a preview to come! It can hit with much more power!" Exdeath laughed.

"Well done, sir!" Sheex yelled. Marle cast and Ice spell on them and they were encased in blocks of ice. Lucca jumped into the machine and started typing into some kind of keyboard. She typed in a code that Robo taught her and then jumped back out of the machine.

"Come on, Marle. Good work! The antidote will come to us!" Lucca said.

"Yes! Alright, Lucca! Now, let's get back to Guardia Castle! We need some sleep!" Marle whined. They rode galloped into the portal and it closed behind them. The blocks of ice melted away and Exdeath and Sheex revived.

"They escaped sir!" Sheex yelled.

"It does not matter, Sheex! We shall start the 'Goodnight Project' as soon as we get back to the palace! After the Goodnight Walkers connect and charge their power we shall cross into the other world!" Exdeath explained. He jumped into his walker and they both went back to the palace. Exdeath drove the walker into a huge room with other Goodnight Walkers and hooked it up to the others. He blew out the candles and the room went into total darkness.

To be continued ...


"The Adventures of Marle and Lucca: Enter Darktime" shall be concluded in "The Adventures of Marle and Lucca: Darktime vs. Guardia". All of the questions that you have for this part will be answered in the next and last part of "The Adventures of Marle and Lucca"! How will Guardia ever fight the forces of Darktime with weapons like the Goodnight Walkers? What did Lucca do at the keyboard in Exdeath's walker? Are Marle and Lucca the only heroes in this story? Find out in "The Adventures of Marle and Lucca: Darktime vs. Guardia"!


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