The Adventures Of Marle And Lucca Part 3

Darktime vs. Guardia

Sir T. Magus

Marle and Lucca stayed by Crono's side. Marle stroked his forehead with a wet washcloth and Lucca continued to work on an invention. Crono smiled as he gazed up at Marle's blue eyes and then fell asleep.

"Lucca, do you think he'll be alright?" Marle asked. Lucca picked up a screwdriver and twisted it, fastening a screw to a piece of metal and wires.

"I'm sure this will work!" Lucca said. "Crono will be as good as new by dusk!"

"That's what I'm afraid of. What if Emperor Exdeath and Sheex triumph and our world turns into part of Darktime?" Marle askes.

"We will triumph!" Lucca told her friend. "This device I'm working on will let me control the Goodnight Walkers and destroy Exdeath and Sheex's Goodnight Project forever! But, I don't know how to add to the Guardia army.

"Lucca, a lightbulb turned on in my head! We can travel to the year 600 A.D. and bring back the Guardia army of the past!" Marle suggested.

"Marle, that's brilliant!" Lucca cheered. "We shall do that right away!" They ran out of Guardia castle and jumped into the Epoch. Lucca set the dials to 600 A.D. and the Epoch lifted off the ground. It circled the world that they are trying to save in flash of light, they jumped into the time/space continuum. The Epoch ripped into the world of the past and landed near Guardia castle. The two heroes jumped out of the Epoch and ran into Guardia castle.

"Queen Leene, King Guardia, we have a mission to do, and we need your army," Marle said.

"Our army? Whatever for?" Queen Leene asked.

"The future, our present time will be under attack. And we don't have enough men to fight the people of Darktime! They have weapons that will destroy our world and reduce it to total darkness!" Lucca explained.

"Your army will go through the Time Gate in the mountains and meet with the army of the present future," said Marle.

"Of course!" King Guardia XXI said, standing up. "Anything to save our future!" In Darktime, Exdeath and Sheex stood up on a platform surveying the all of the people of Darktime. They were all warriors and merciless. There was a Goodnight Walker for everyone of them.

"Warriors of Darktime! We stand on the threshold of conquering the human world and all of it's inhabitants! The 'Goodnight Project' shall commense and Darktime shall grow! Now practice your powerful abilities and when we go out to their world, show no mercy!" Exdeath yelled. The soldiers cheered and then unsheathed their weapons and practiced their life taking moves.

"Well done, my master," Sheex told his highness. "The 'Goodnight Project' will be succesful!"

"Yes, Sheex. Marle and Lucca will dies painfully for they're crimes. In just a matter of hours, Crono, the, heh, Hero of History shall be dead, and it will be much easier for us to conquer their world," Exdeath replied. In the Guardia palace of the future Robo climbed into the Epoch.

"Greetings Sir Robo! We shall once again make a difference!" Frog said.

"Ayla beat Darktime! Darktime bad!" Ayla whined.

"Lucca, Marle, I will be happy to defeat evil once again!" Robo buzzed. Marle and Lucca smiled and went back to Guardia of the past. The five heroes climbed out of the Epoch and walked toward King Guardia and Queen Leene.

"Glenn, Marle, Lucca, Ayla, Robo, we're all ready to travel through time," Leene, Marle's ancestor said.

"Forward through time! To save thine land, people and once again, thine future!" Frog lectured, his favorite thing to do. The Guardia army and the heroes and king and queen marched to the mountains where the long forgotten Time Gate waited for them. Lucca raised the Gate Key to the Gate and it opened, letting the entire army slip through. Everyone in the army swept through time and space, astonished no doubt of the site and colors of the tunnel they headed through. The Gate in Leene Square opened once again and the army appeared in front of King Guardia XXXIII and the Chancellor. King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene walked through the humoungus crowd and met their descendants.

"Welcome, great grandfather and great grandmother!" King Guardia

"Friends, family, army of Guardia of present and past! We have at least and hour to train for the war of the millenia! Don't let your country down!" Marle shouted.

"Ayla train for war of millenia!" Ayla cheered, waving her arms and prepared to fight the villains of Darktime. The two armies formed one and the five heroes flew to the Guardia Castle in the Epoch, which followed them through the time/space continuum. They walked into the sickroom and joined Crono's side.

"Crono sick bad!" Ayla whined. "Ayla fight for you, Crono!"

"Aye, lassie. Thine best friend and swordsman is dying. I will avenge thee, Crono, Hero of History," Frog solemnly said.

"Crono. You and Lucca have taught me emotions and how to control them. Now I can't control this emotion, sadness," Robo crackled.

"Marle? Lucca, Ayla, Frog .... Robo?" Crono asked, squinting to see his best friends. "Thanks for being by my side. The man or men who did this to me .... knock 'em dead." Crono said and closed his eyes, sleeping.

"Oh Crono!" Marle shouted breaking into tears.

"It's okay, Marle. Cry your little eyes out," Crono mother siad.

"Marle, pull yourself, together and take this!" Lucca said and handed Marle a strange device.

"Lucca, what is it?" asked Marle.

"Remember when I typed in that code in Exdeath's Walker? That code inserted a virus into the Walker, it should spread through all the other Walkers and that remote control I gave to you can control all of the Walkers' actions!" Lucca explained.

"Yes, Lucca, I remember I gave tought that code to you," Robo said. "I knew that it would come handy one day." The two kings of Guardia and Queen Leene stepped into the sickroom.

"Marle, Lucca, Glenn, Ayla, and Robo. Are we ready to start the war?" King Guardia XXXIII asked.

"Forward to Zenan Bridge, and to Porre, the battlefield, where thine enemies shall be vanquished!" Frog quoted.

"Ayla fight evil!" Ayla yelled.

"For Guardia! For the world! For history! For Crono ...," Robo said. They walked out of the castle, bidding Crono and his mom farewell, for they shall return, at least that's what Marle said. The heroes, the two kings, two chancellors, and Queen Leene stood before five armies put together. The Guardia armies, Porre, Choras, and Medina. Marle spoke.

"People who are defending our world, we are hear to defend our existence from another world, Darktime. Emperor Exdeath and General Sheex have constructed Doomsday machines called Goodnight Walkers. They can destroy anything with a single blast of energy. But, the genius of our generation, Lucca created a device that will control the actions of the Walkers. And together, we can all remain victorious!" Marle raised her arm the entire army cheered, even the Mystics. Truce citizens ran down to their basements, Taban and Lara brought all of their important objects down with them. Fritz and everyone disappeared from sight. In Porre, the battlefield, everyone disappeared from sight, in their basements and some sailing to Medina and Choras. The army marched to Zenan Bridge, memories flooded back to Frog.

"I remember, Cyrus and I and the entire Guardia army from the year 600 A.D. marched to the same battlefield, Porre to do serious battle with Magus," Frog told Robo. "Of course that was ten years before, I was turned into this frog."

"Well, one day, Glenn, you will return to your normal form," Robo replied. The army marched on the 400 year old bridge.

Butz raised his sword in front of NeoExdeath, ready to strike down with the final blow. The sword slashed down on the power-mad tyrant. "The Power of Mu" bursted out of him, leaving him helpless. Their surroundings vanished and they were thrown into space. Butz and his comrades floated in space and then "The Four Braves of Dawn" saved them from certain death in cold space. Exdeath, now helpless in deep space floated near another planet. On Exdeath and Butz's world they believed they were the only living beings in existance. Then, power overwhelmed him, he obsorbed the darkness of space and grew powerful again. Exdeath saw the source of this, a meteor flew through space and passed him. As the meteor passed Exdeath he grew more powerful. On the planet, Azala lay there on the bridge that connected Tyrano Lair and the Tyrano's tower.

"Azala! You come with us! You die here!" Ayla shouted. Azala stared up at the prehistoric woman, then at the "Red Star".

"No, remember this fight we had," Azala said.

"Ayla, hurry!" Kino yelled. Crono and Marle watched Azala and waited for the "Red Star" to crash into the planet. Exdeath watched the meteor hurtle to the planet.

"Our future ...," Azala whispered.

"What about our future?!" Ayla asked.

"We ... have no .... future ....," Azala whispered.

"Ayla, now!" Kino screamed. The meteor entered the planet's atmosphere, gaining speed, the metoer, the "Red Star", Lavos rode on. Ayla jumped on a pterodactyl and bidded Azala farewell.

"Me remember our last battle, Azala," Ayla said and flew off. The meteor crashed down into the planet, destrying the Tyrano Lair. Exdeath watched as a huge crater formed and then he watched as the planet grew into the Dark Ages and saw Zeal and the Terra Continent under it. Exdeath cast a spell and then appeared on the planet. Then more power overwhelmed him and Lavos erputed from the earth and shot out Rains from the Heavens, smashing Zeal. It's remains fell from the sky and Lavos's power corrupted Exdeath and the evil vanished. He reappeared in a dark plane of exististance, Darktime. He created it's surroundings, people, and Sheex entered the plane of Darktime. Darkness and Lavos's power remained in Emperor Exdeath's heart.

"Now we start the beginning of the end," Exdeath said. His soldiers were all in the Goodnight Walkers. A few were on horseback, weidling swords. General Sheex stepped up to Emperor Exdeath.

"Sir, we're ready to cross into the human's world," Sheex said.

"Excellent. Soldiers, to the portal!" Exdeath yelled. The Walkers and horseback soldiers marched to the portal and entered the void.

"This is it, everyone! This is where we fight!" Lucca shouted. The army waited outside of Fiona's Forest. The portal opened and the Walkers stepped out of the void. Exdeath and Sheex emerged from the portal.

"Forward!" Exdeath yelled. The Darktime army exited the forest to meet their opponents.

"Um, sir, we have a big problem on our hands!" Sheex yelled.

"What now- GASP! What in the-?"

"Hello, Exdeath!" Marle yelled. "We've been waiting." Exdeath jumped in his Walker.

"Kill them all!" Exdeath screamed. The soldiers in the Walkers pressed a button a the levers that activated the cannons appeared.

"Marle, now!" Lucca yelled. Marle pressed a button on the remote control and the levers vanished.

"What's keeping you up?!" Exdeath asked.

"Sir, the cannon controls won't work!" a soldier yelled. Sheex jumped out of his Walker and unsheathed his sword. He stepped up to a few Guardia soldiers and slayed them in an instant.

"Where are you Marle and Lucca?!" Sheex yelled. Frog jumped in front of Sheex and unsheathed his broadsword.

"Marle and Lucca 'er a tad busy right now! You have to deal with me and thine sword!" said Frog.

"I don't know where you come from, amphibian, but I take it you're a wimp!" Sheex replied and swung at Frog. The Guardia soldier blocked the sword with his own.

"You hath potential to be a great swordsman!" Frog said. Sheex tore Frog's cape.

"I am a great swordsman!" Sheex answered. Ayla and Robo beat everything out of their enemies. Ayla dodged a sword and tripped the soldier. She kicked him three times and sent him flying into other soldiers.

"Bad guys get rears kicked!" Ayla shouted. Robo used Shock on a group of soldiers in Walkers causing them to explode. Marle and Lucca got on their horses, Paladin and Excalibur and rode around.

"Lucca, shoot their Walkers!" Marle yelled. Lucca's Wondershot went off, destroying more Walkers.

"Sir, the Guardia army is defeating our first lines of defense!" a scout yelled before he was hit by an arrow.

"Marle!" Exdeath screamed. Marle rode up to Exdeath in his walker. The emperor pushed the button that activates the cannon controls. Marle used the remote control and the lever vanished again.

"Face it, Exdeath, you're through!" Marle yelled. Exdeath saw Marle's device and cast a fire spell. A fireball shot from his hand and his Marle off Excalibur. The emperor's Walker crushed the remote control, while Marle got back up and fired an arrow at Exdeath's shoulder.

"AHHHHH!!!" Exdeath screamed. He pushed the button for the cannon controls and the lever materialized. He flipped it open fired! A black energy beam soared to a group of Guardia soldiers and sent them flying.

"Hey, lok what Emperor Exdeath did!" a soldier from Darktime yelled. "Hey, everyone! The Goodnight Cannons are operational!" The soldiers from Darktime shot the Guardia soldiers and everything in their path. Lucca went over to the kings and queen.

"King Guardias! Queen Leene, they're firing everything in their path! Get down!" Lucca screamed. She jumped for Queen Leene and they both hit the ground, out of the way of the beam.

"Thank you, Lucca!" Leene said.

"No problem!" Lucca yelled. She took out her tools and worked on something ammediately. It looked like the remote control but going to be used for a more important purpose. Robo went over to Lucca and helped her Ayla continued to demolish the Darktime soldiers. Frog and Sheex continued to engage in their sword fight. Both bleeding, they slashed at eachother's clothes and trying to finish the battle.

"Must finish thee battle now, General Sheex!" Frog yelled. Sheex swung his sword at the Guardia knight, failing to take off his head.

"The battle will be over in a second!" Sheex replied. Their swords crashed together and Sheex pushed Frog down to the ground. The general raised his sword and before it came down on Frog, Ayla grabbed Sheex and pulled something out of him and then threw the general into an empty Walker.

"I thank thee, Ayla for thy help!" Frog said.

"Me no understand thou art!" Ayla replied. "Now you have Ayla talking like Frog!" Frog jumped into the Walker to meet Sheex once more.

"Bye, froggy!" Sheex yelled. He punched Frog's jaw and then raised his sword again. Frog moved out of the way and Sheex sliced through the a part of the Walker. Frog pushed a lever all the way forward and the Walker started moving.

"Foolish amphibian!" Sheex yelled. Exdeath moved his Goodnight Walker to Zenan Bridge and started to cross it, heading toward Guardia Castle. Marle chased him on Excalibur, hot on his tail.

"Don't you ever learn to give up?!" Exdeath asked.

"Crono's life is in my hands!" Marle replied. Then Marle heard another horse coming up behind her. It was Ayla on Paladin! She handed Marle a bottle of blue liquid.

"Ayla! What is this?!" Marle asked.

"That antidote! Me grab from Sheex!" Ayla shouted. "Go get 'im!" Marle gathered more speed and caught up to Exdeath. She passed the tyrant and Guardia Castle was in view. She went inside and ran up the stairs. An explosion rocked the castle and she heard something falling and crashing to the ground. Outside, Exdeath fired the Goodnight Cannon at the castle, destroying it slowly. She finall arrived in the sickroom and saw Crono and his mom hiding under a table.

"Crono! Mrs. Crono, how is he?!" Marle asked. The castle shaked more and the ceiling started to crack.

"He's moaning and collapsing every time he talks!" Crono's mom said.

"Crono, can you hear me?!" Marle asked. Crono saw Marle through his dying, squinting eyes.

"M, Marle?!" Crono asked. Marle put the bottle in Crono's mouth and the Hero of History gulped down the liquid.

"Will it work?!" Crono's mom asked.

"I dunno!" Marle replied. The castle shook more violently. Crono's left eye opened. Then his right eye. He lifted up his hand and balled it into a fist. Crono sat up and unsheathed the Rainbow Sword.

"Crono! You're alive!" Marle cheered. She wrapped her arms around Crono and let go as the Hero of History burst through the table they hid under. He flipped through the air and landed on his feet at the threshold of the door.

"Way to go, Crono!" his mom clapped and cheered for him.

"The man responible for this shall perish!" Crono said. He ran out of the sickroom and up the highest tower to battle Exdeath. Frog and Sheex battled in the moving Goodnight Walker as Lucca worked on her device.

"Lucca, what is it?!" King Guardia XXI asked.

"It's going to solve all of our problems!" Lucca answered. A soldier kicked Lucca and King Guardia XXI out of the way and grabbed the Wondershot and device.

"Emperor Exdeath will like these toys for his collection of weapons," the soldier yelled. "Now get back before I use your own weapon against you!" Lucca, the kings, chancellors and Queen Leene backed away with their arms up. Sheex arm was cut again by Frog's broadsword.

"Believe me, Sheex! Mine Masamune sword would hath put you through an hour ago!" Frog yelled.

"Never heard such a thing!" Sheex yelled. He missed Frog.

"All of history know the Masamune, Sheex!" Frog replied. Sheex swung the sword at Frog's neck, but the knight ducked and swept his feet under Sheex, tripping him. The soldier held the device up, shaking it.

"Strange thing. What the heck is it?!" the soldier asked.

"It's a ... three speed .... blender!?" Lucca spat back. The soldier looked confused under his helmet.

"Doesn't look like one!" the soldier yelled, still shaking it.

"I wouldn't shake that if I were you!" Lucca warned.

"Why not?!" the soldier asked. Karl grabbed the Wondershot out the soldiers hand and blasted him away. The device fell into Lucca's hands.

"Karl! I knew you souldn't abandon us!" Lucca said.

"Hey, I owed you one for breaking us out of jail!" said Karl, holding up his thumb. Lucca went back to work on the invention, while Crono ran up the tower's stairs. He reached the top and saw Exdeath two feet away from the tower hovering in the air.

"Alright, you're highness! This is where you fall off you're royal rocker!" Crono yelled. Exdeath stared at Crono and then his eyes widened.

"What?! Crono! How are you alive and well?!" Exdeath asked.

"Does the name Marle ring a bell to you?" Crono yelled back taunting Exdeath. The emperor of Darktime charged up his Walker's cannon, ready to blow Crono away.

"Now I'll kill you for sure!" Exdeath yelled.

"Bring it on!" Crono yelled. Exdeath's cannon went off and Crono jumped out of the way. He ran to the Walker and sliced it with the powerful Rainbow Sword. Exdeath just laughed and fired at Crono with the cannon, this time hitting him. Crono slid to the edge of the tower and got up. He ran and jumped into the air. His sword went into the Goodnight Walker again. Exdeath blasted Crono again and got back up on his feet. He rised from the ground and cast Luminare. The Goodnight Walker was damaged much more.

"You know magic?!" Exdeath asked.

"More than you'll ever know!" Crono spat back. Exdeath blew Crono away again. He blasted Crono with the Goodnight Cannon several more times. He picked up his Rainbow Sword and ran to Exdeath. He jumped up in the air and smashed down on Exdeath's Walker. Lucca finished her device and Sheex and Frog battled more, bleeding more.

"I shall never forget this fight!" Frog yelled.

"You won't remember anything once I'm done with you!" Sheex replied. Their swords clashed together and they both struggled to get out of their embrace.

"Lucca, what will that device do?" asked Queen Leene.

"This is the second part of my virus' affect!" Lucca said. She pushed the button on the invention and the Walkers approaching them exploded in red fire. Frog wipped out his tongue and grabbed Sheex's sword. He threw the sword a mile away and then ponted his broadsword at Sheex's neck. Sheex shivered and beads of sweat and blood dripped all over. Frog felt the same way.

"Now, now, Frog! It's not the code of justice to take someone's life away! Think of your hard earned reputation! Even I know, knights of Guardia aren't supposed to be vicous and cruel! Now, will you kill me?!" Sheex shivered. Frog saw the fear in his eyes and heard the beating of frantic heart.

"No, it will nost be thy warrior way. But, Sheex, if I see your hide once again in this land, I swear I shall slit thou art's throat!" Frog threatened and jumped out of the Goodnight Walker. Then the Walker started to sprout electricity and Sheex knew what was happening.

"Frog!!!!!!!!!!" Sheex screamed and the Goodnight Walker he stood in exploded, sending debris all over the battlefield. General Sheex was dead. All of the Walkers were destroyed, while Crono and Exdeath's battle to the death came to it's peak, the sun seetting behind them. Crono staggered arpound, being blasted by Exdeath's light of death and destruction. The tower and most of the castle's structures were devestated and would take weeks of repair. Crono dropped his Rainbow Sword and it fell to the tower's surface with a clang! Exdeath charged up his cannon and fired Crono sending him to the tower's surface, next to his sword.

"And now, Crono ... Hero of History ... you shall feel the coldness and complete lonliness I felt when I died once," said Emperor Exdeath. "All of the pains of the cosmos will attack and you and rip your sorry soul apart. You will be lucky if anyone finds your body and if anyone, or anything rejuvinates it! And now, little one, you shall meet your demise and then shake hands with the Reaper and his friend Death!" As he started to press down on the button that triggers the cannon an arrow pierced Exdeath's armor and a wail of pain covered Guardia.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Exdeath cried and saw Marle standing next to the powered up Crono.

"If Crono dies than you're going too!" Marle exclaimed. Exdeath pulled the arrow out of his flesh and crumbled it into dust.

"Then both of you will go!" Exdeath yelled. "May hell's fire consume you in pain!!!!!!!!" Then a message appeared on a monitor in Exdeath's goodnight Walker. It said this: "Exdeath, you're Goodnight Project's all washed up! Enjoy the trip! Toodles! Sincerely Marle & Lucca!" Then his Walker was enveloped in electricity and tiny flames poopped out.

"How can this be?!" Exdeath asked, frustrated.

"Nighty-night, Exdeath," Crono remarked.

"Marle and Lucca, MARLE AND LUCCA!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and Exdeath's Goodnight Walker exploded sending fireballs and debris, the massive explosion demolished the tower and Crono and Marle fell from the destruction.

"Crono!!" Marle cried.

"Marle!!!" Crono cried. As they hurtled to the earth they held hands and then a flash of light appeared in front of them. Lucca, in the Epoch flew down from the sky and caught Crono and Marle, safe in the Epoch's cockpit.

"Lucca!" Crono and Marle both cheered in unison.

"The Darktime army is destroyed and the portal that links our two worlds is wiped from existance!" Lucca yelled.

"Woohoo!" Crono cheered. The Epoch returned to Porre, while all of the citizens of the world came out of hiding and greeted the night. The Epoch hovered over the remaining men and Marle, Lucca and Crono stepped on to the left wing of the Epoch.

"Attention, survivors of the battle! We have emerged victorious! Emperor Exdeath and General Sheex have joined the dead and Crono has been cured!" Marle yelled. Crono stepped on the edge of the wing so everyone could see him. The entire army cheered and clapped. Ayla, Frog and Robo stared up at the Hero of History and jumped up yelling and smiling.

"And now let us get a well deserved rest, from this war!!" said Marle. They got back in the Epoch and flew around Porre and the army. The fires vanished and all the dead bodies evaporated. They flew over Medina and the Mystics clapped and cheered. Choras shot up fireworks and it's people danced and singed under the shadow of the Epoch. They returned to Truce and landed in front of Leene Square. The Guardia army and the heroes approached the Time Gate.

"I think that it is time for us to return our own times," King Guardia XXI suggested. Frog, King Guardia XXI, Queen Leene and the remaining soldiers from 600 A.D. walked up to the Time Gate.

"Marle, Lucca, thank you for everything you done," Leene said and vanished in the Gate. king Guardia thanked them and went in after his wife. Frog, bleeding from the battle with the ruthless Sheex stepped up to the Gate.

"Marle, Lucca, thank thee. And Crono, may you always be well," Frog said and jumped into the Time Gate, traveling to the past. Ayla and Robo went up to the Gate.

"War fun! We should do that more!" Ayla cheered. "Marle and Lucca strong!" She jumped into the Gate and Robo went up.

"Marle, Lucca, Crono, thank you for making another difference in history," said Robo. "Crono, thank you for coming back." The robot stepped into the Time Gate and traveled into the future.

"Marle, Lucca, what were all those thank yous about?" Crono asked. Marle and Lucca giggled.

"It's a long story," Lucca laughed.

"Yes, Marle, Crono and I need a lot of explaining," King Guardia XXXIII frowned. They went back to the almost destroyed castle and the night thickened.

They went to their own rooms in Guardia Castle and that night, Crono went into Marle's room. He stood on the threshold and watched as marle wrote in her diary. She finished a sentence and looked up.

"Hi, Crono. Why are you still up?" Marle asked. Crono smiled and remembered the end of the battle how everyone was stepping into the Time Gate.

"Oh, just want to say thank you," Crono thanked Marle. The princess smiled and pulled up her covers. She snuffed out the candle next to her bed and lay down, her head in her pillow. Marle looked at the threshold and Crono leaned on the wall. She smiled and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Marle."

"Goodnight, Crono."



The world that had Guardia atop it floated in a perfect orbit around their sun. The planet neared another one, similar to it. That planet also had humans and animals and monsters. It was the World of Balance. On it, an astronomer atop Figaro Castle's highest tower stared through a powerful telescope. He saw a bright star and charted it on a map. Then he looked in the telescope again. He noticed something strange and saw green on it. Then blue and white.

"By the Goddesses! That is not a star!" the astonomer gasped. "That is a planet!"




And there you have it! "The Adventures of Marle and Lucca" has ended and the beginning of my new story has been unveiled! And in this is installment you have found out how Exdeath entered the world of Chrono Trigger. Are you wondering what the heck my epilogue is talking about? Use your imagination and find out what I'm doing! It's going to be obvious to most people and a blank spot to other people. Here's a hint:

"Who the heck are you?!" Locke asked. Celes got closer to Locke she saw the warrior's sword.

"The name's Crono, you thief!" Crono replied.

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