Meant To Be Chapter 3

By RedGuardian

[8:30 A.M. May 25]

"Crono, Marle is dead." No, too blunt.

"Crono, I have a theory...I don't think Marle can be saved. Too insubstantial. I know she's dead.

"Crono, I'm sorry, but Marle is...gone." Man, none of these are-

"What!" Crono exclaimed. "W-what did you say?"

Lucca spun around quick. "What are you doing here?"

"I woke up early. For me. I came seeking some comfort...but instead..." He paused for a moment. "She can't be saved?"

Lucca was confused. What do I say? "Well, no...she can't. Crono, I'm sorry. She just isn't...important in the Timestream anymore. And the Gates are gone. Epoch is destroyed. There's nothing I-or you-can do."

Crono let her words sink in. "So she's really gone?" Lucca nodded slowly. "Lucca? I don't know what to do anymore. Promise me you'll be there when I need you. I really need a friend right now." He fell to his knees and put his head in his hands.

"Crono, I'll be there." Lucca went up to her room and cried. It was only nine in the morning but she fell asleep.

Lucca awoke in a hut. "Where am I-Crono...?" Zeal had fallen. "Crono?" Lavos had killed him. "Crono?" He was gone. Marle lay next to her, crying. " pendant. The one Crono had..."

She started to cry out. "Crono! Crono..."

"Crono! Oh!" When Lucca woke up, she was drenched in sweat. Then she remembered what had happened. "Marle..." [11:45 P.M. May 26]

The funeral had been long. Lucca gave a heartfelt eulogy. Crono didn't care. Nothing mattered now. Throughout the funeral, he'd sat there, paralyzed with grief. He angrily glared at the guests who gave looks of pity, scowling. He was angry. Angry at himself. He should have died. Angry at Marle. Why did she die? Angry at Lucca. She could have done more. Why should he keep living? Maybe if just died... NO. Don't ever think that, Crono. Think of your mother, of Lucca, how would they feel? What about Marle?

At the end, Lucca walked up to him. "You all right?"

He gave a little smile. "Sure."

"You sure?"

He paused. "No. I miss her, Lucca."

Lucca nodded. "So do I. Marle will never laugh, or cry...or get angry. But we can't dwell on it. We have to move on."

Crono glared at her. "You don't know, Lucca. You've never lost anyone that you loved with your entire mind, your entire heart, you're entire soul. You don't know."

Lucca stared at him. Her eyes welled with tears. "You're wrong. Crono, I did lose someone like that. I...lost you.

Crono blinked in surprise. Lucca continued. "I'd always loved a friend. But when you...died, it became so much more. I thought I could never have you, but..." She embraced him. "Maybe it was meant to be."


The End.


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