Meant To Be Epilogue

By RedGuardian

[2:15 P.M. August 12, 1000 A.D.]

Lucca sighed angrily. Where was he? "If he doesn't come soon, he's really gonna hear it!" Then she remembered where she had heard those words. I, it couldn't be. She walked outside, just in time to see Crono suddenly swallowed up by a...could it be? Yes, it was! It was a Gate.


[1:23 P.M. February 5, 12000 B.C.]

Magus was despondent. He had been searching for months. What was the use, he thought, but at the same time he knew he would never give up. Schala-? It seemed like she was sitting right there-right on that rock. He ran toward her. ?...No! Not now! A Gate formed around him, and his world spun away from him.


At the End of Time, Spekkio stirred. "Something's wrong. The Gates have reopened."

"No." Gaspar replied. "Everything is going according to the Entity's plan. The Entity believes they will succeed, especially if I tell them..."

"About Marle?"

"Yes. About Marle. It is time. Now let's see if they can deliver."

Just then Crono appeared in a pillar of light. A moment later Magus appeared out of the other.


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