Meant To Be Chapter 2

By RedGuardian

Author's Note: Marle fans, stop reading now! Unless you're intrigued...


[3:15 May 24]

Lucca finally decided to go back home. She slowly started walking. Something caught her eye-Wha--?! She saw a man in dark black robes easily holding off an injured Crono and an enraged Marle. I have to help them! Aim...and fire! Lucca's Wondershot blast tore off the man's head. The Robed One gave a gasp of surprise and his body vanished.

Marle exhaled. "Whew. It's a good thing you showed up, Lucca!"

Lucca put on a look as smug as she could manage. "Believe me, it was nothing. No problem at-" she was interrupted by a booming laugh. "Ha! Turliss will not be defeated so easily!" The robed man had rematerialized. "Lavos, destroy these insignificant worms!" Did he say, "Lavos?!"

Before Lucca could finish her thought, Turliss's body was enveloped in a white glow. A white beam headed straight for Crono. No!! Lucca could do nothing, she was too far away. But Marle wasn't. She shoved Crono out of the way and was enveloped in the beam. Marle uttered a soundless scream. Lucca watched in horror as Marle's body disintegrated. When Turliss's beam died down, there weren't even any ashes left. Lucca was frozen in shock. She was surprised to see that Crono didn't even flinch.

Turliss's composure suddenly changed. His face drained of color and he pleaded with an unseen force. "No-o! You can't leave me, master! I-I need your life energy!"

Lucca regained her composure and tried to sound confident. "So, your friend deserted you, eh Turliss?" Turliss scowled and kept fighting, but he knew he couldn't win. Twenty minutes later his body exploded due to a Luminaire.

Crono looked at an approaching Lucca. Before she spoke he answered her question. "I'm all right."

"You're sure? Marle's..." she didn't finish the sentence.

"I-I know. We...we can save her, can't we?"

"I...hope so, Crono, I hope so." Lucca said the words, but her heart knew the truth. She didn't want to tell him. Didn't want to see his spirit crushed, didn't want to see him depressed. She knew she had to tell him. Just...not now, she thought.


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