Currents of the Heart Chapter 1


By Nightingale

Genre: Suikoden 2/Suikogaiden

Notes: New and original characters are to be added. I have sketches and drawings of Lyra if anyone wants to see… Just drop me an email. I also have a rough sketch (colored) of Seed’s new outfit. I’m sorry this took so long, but time and motivation were hard to come by. ^_^ This is sort of my Suikogaiden Vol. 3: The battle of the Celestial Runes idea… that’s gonna be my theme from here on out. Complaint or comment? AIM: SumeragiShuurin

Disclaimer: The character by Konami are not my own and I will not claim them. Consider them borrowed without permission for the sheer sake of entertainment. And sadly... I’m broke so suing won’t help you… *sweatdrops*

It felt so warm and yet so foreign. He couldn’t tell where he was, and the sky held something different about it. Looking up with heavy eyes, he scanned the area with a hint of curiosity. It was dark, and the air spoke of winter even though he knew it was the fall. Arching a brow, his eyes soon fell upon a small homestead in the middle of a tree filled valley. In one yard he made out two small figures running and prancing about a small fire. He was sure they were children. What surprised him the most was that he could hear them just as though they were not even ten feet from him.

The sound of childish laughter filled his ears and brought a smile to his face. Nostalgic memories were surfacing and bringing a warm feeling to his body. Looking more closely, he saw a couple standing against the lighted doorway in each other’s arms. It was sweet. It nearly made him long for that sort of love, but he knew he still didn’t know what that kind of love was.

It was a dream. He was aware of that much, but it was far too peaceful for his liking. Quite blatantly, he knew it was a calm before the storm. And from the looks of it, it would be a terrible storm. Closing his eyes, he tried desperately to shut the vision out, but it was useless, for in dreams you don’t need your eyes. The sound of thundering hooves caught his attention, and he saw the herald of disaster.

Hastily he tried to call out to the tiny family, but it was to no avail. It seemed as though he was trapped in soundless space, and his words died away before even escaping his lips. In horror he watched the Cavalry of horses’ approach and could do nothing about it. He didn’t want to know how it would end. Fortunately, someone knew exactly what he wanted.


“Hey! Harmonia boy…” One aqua eye opened slowly as he felt someone shake him slightly. Blurred vision met with the sight of crimson eyes giving him an impatient stare. “It’s about time! Do you always sleep in this late? The boat is leaving in an hour.” Backing away, Seed brushed his deep red hair from his eyes and crossed the room to the bed he had slept on.

Watching him in a daze, he wondered if Seed had woke him up on purpose. Had he been acting strangely in his sleep? As disturbing as his dreams had been, he didn’t doubt it. Nash finally sat up slowly and rubbed at his eyes persistently. No matter what he did, he could not shut out the visions he saw in his head. The dreams had started ever since he’d left Gregminster and continued until their first night in Banner village. Bracing his forehead in one hand, he swung his legs off of the bed and stared blankly at the floor.

“Are you sick?” Looking up, he met the slightly wry gaze coming from the former officer of Highland. It wasn’t really a look of ill intent, rather a look of mild concern covered by his haughty attitude.

“No… I just have a lot on my mind…”

“You have a mind?” A grin crossed the red head’s face as he turned and walked out of the room in order to pay their bill for the evening. Nash on the other hand gave him a look of disgust before rising to his feet and getting dressed. He was getting used to the comments and even though he would never admit it, he actually enjoyed the laid back friendship that they were growing.

Seed gave a small smile to the innkeeper then turned to face the room Nash was still in. He knew Nash was capable of getting up on time, but he didn’t want to leave the boy to toss and turn in agony while he sat back idly watching. It seemed to him that the younger man’s dreams were getting worse. It was really starting to aggravate him. Laying a hand on the counter top he tapped his gloved fingertips upon it thoughtfully. He’d always been a firm believer in visions, and he never took bad dreams lightly unless they were completely impossible.

Impatiently he leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms waiting for the sandy blonde to emerge from the small room not even fifteen feet from where he stood. In boredom his crimson eyes scanned the room observing the people present. The little boy, Ko wasn’t there, but his sister with red orange hair was. Other than the parents who ran the inn, there was only one other person present. It was a girl covered in a silver white cape with a hood. She was unnaturally quiet and he had not yet seen her face.

Shrugging it off, he was happy to hear the door open and Nash’s footsteps entering the room. “It’s about time.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Nash smiled lightly and crossed the room to the door following Seed. “Did you already pay?”

Giving a curt nod, Seed didn’t even bother to turn back to him. “Next time is your turn to fit the bill.” This brought a smile to Nash’s face as he gave his nod of approval.

“It’s only fair.” Before leaving the inn he turned his head slightly to gaze upon the girl cloaked in silver white. For one moment he swore he’d seen her before. Pausing, he noticed her move and peer up at him allowing the light to filter into the shadows of the hood and highlight her face. Briefly he met eyes of dark sapphire that resembled the night sky. Blinking, he turned away and hurriedly followed Seed to the boat before he could be left behind.


The breeze was gentle and held the thick humidity that could only exist when near or on a body of water. Nash loved the way that the heavy air clung to his sandy blonde hair unlike his counterpart who complained the entire time. “I hate this sticky humid air!” From the corner of his eye he saw Seed grimace as he slipped a hand through his deep red hair in disgust.

“Then don’t think about it. You know it’s unavoidable… There’s no point in complaining.” Seed looked up in order to glare at Nash in contempt.

“All right… If you’re so bright, let’s hear your idea.” Crossing his arms impatiently, he continued to glare at the other in utter vehemence.

“Well… well… we could… I don’t know, find some sort of game to preoccupy us till we reach Radat.” This elicited the slight arch of one slender brow and a look of doubt to appear in Seed’s crimson eyes. “Hey! It’s just an idea!”

“Unless the idea involves you dodging sharp objects thrown by me, I don’t even want to hear about it. Games are for children.” Giving one last look of boredom to the other, Seed turned back to the edge of the boat and thrummed his fingers on the rail. “I do like that idea though… how good are you at dodging Harmonia boy?”

“Hey! Wait just a minute! I don’t…”

“I thought you were trying to be helpful here. Go ahead and ruin my ideas… It just goes to show how much of a chicken you are.”

“There’s no need for name calling! I just don’t think…”

“That it’s not safe? Come now, we’re grown men that know perfectly well how to fight. If you can’t dodge something as insignificant as a knife… you have no right to even be considered a warrior of any kind.” Seed gave a sadistic smile as he turned to gaze upon the flustered blonde. “Wouldn’t you agree Latkje?”

“Must everything be violent to you???” Glaring at Seed, Nash turned and began to walk toward the cabin when something swiped past the side of his head and lodged itself into the wooden planks just ahead of him. With wide eyes of aqua, he turned his head in order to glare once more at the smirking red head. “It’s not funny! You could’ve taken my hair or even my ear off!”

Seed merely laughed and shrugged his shoulders as he slipped a hand through his bangs again. “You’re pathetic Harmonia boy. To think the men used to say I was serious. You’re worse than a woman.” Instantly Nash grabbed the knife and drew back ready to throw it when a man grabbed his wrist and scowled at him in dismay.

“There will be no killing on my boat lad! And if you can’t hold off till you get off the boat, I’ll separate the two of you. And then if that doesn’t work, I’ll have both of you tossed over board!” The sun-tanned sailor glared steadily from one swordsman to the other before wrenching the knife out of Nash’s grip.

“Hey! He threw it first…”

“Passing the blame, eh? That’s it, you go to the back of the boat and you go to the front. If either of you move, I’ll toss the both of you into the river.” Wilting visibly, Nash scowled at the wooden floor beneath his feet.

“Why does he get to go to the front of the boat? He doesn’t even like the humid air…” The sailor arched a brow at him then looked at Seed questioningly.

Seed merely smiled and began to walk to the front with an arrogant stride. “You know Nash, I think I’ll take the front.”

“HEY! You are just doing that cause…”

Cutting him off in mid rant, the sailor shoved him slightly in the other direction. “Get going and stop complaining. We still have a ways to go before we reach Radat and I don’t want to deal with you two. Kids these days…” Reluctantly, Nash headed to the spot designated and glared down at the water angrily. How was it that every time Seed did something bad he got blamed for it?



Silently she had watched as the odd duo left the small village of Banner with a mixture of disinterest and interest alike. Pale lips only curved into a tired smile as they bickered the entire way to the boat. In a way, they seemed like close friends, and in another they were bitter enemies. A contradiction she found rather odd yet entertaining to say the least. Giving a soft sigh, she then turned gracefully toward the inn and reopened the door gently. Stepping through the doorway she made a path to the innkeeper and gave him an amiable smile from beneath the hood of silver white. “Checking out finally milady?”

Nodding once slowly, the young lady then put her payment onto the counter before turning on her heel. “Thank you for your hospitality. I’d like to visit again sometime if you don’t mind…”

“You’re always welcome here lady Lyra. Have a safe trip… By the by, may I ask where you’re headed off to now?” The man gave her a questioning look, which she returned with a light smile, which she sent to him over her shoulder.

“Back to Harmonia. It’s been a while and I’m sure he’s greatly worried by now…”

“’He’ milady?”

“Mm… Some one I made a promise to. I’d give you a name but it’s not a good idea. Forgive me…”

“I see… He must be important. Good travels to you then. Until the day our paths cross again.”

“Until then sir…” With that, Lyra slipped from the small building and steadily headed her way to the small pier not far from the inn. Glancing over the small lake it protruded upon, her eyes became heavy as they met their match on the silvery reflective surface. Breathing in deeply, her tense shoulders were slowly forced to relax as the sparkling orbs retreated behind her pale eyelids. “Let’s not over do it.”

Smiling once more, her left hand slid out from beneath the silken fabric of her cloak where she held it palm down before her. After a moment white light began to swirl about it then fall like a drop of water to the wooden surface instantly liquefying it. Rippling surreally beneath her feet, her lithe form then slipped out of view leaving the area exactly as it had been previously.


“So… back in Radat again.” Seed frowned deeply as he stepped slowly down the wooden plank and onto the southern dock of Radat. It had been a while since he’d last set foot here, and he wasn’t looking forward to it now.

“You sound worried.” Nash spoke distractedly over his shoulder as he gave one last apology to the ship tenants that unfortunately still seemed very displeased with the both of them. “We should probably look into getting you some different clothing as well. You stand out really bad in what you’re wearing now…”

“Look whose talking…” Grumbling under his breath, the red head fought the urge to deck the blonde right that moment. It wasn’t really the younger man’s fault, but he was so edgy by that point in time that ‘who’ no longer really matter to him.

“Did you say something Seed?” Nash sent a cautious look over only to meet with troubled orbs of crimson as the older just shook his head in exasperation. Blinking at this a few times, the Harmonian then shrugged his shoulders and started toward the main road not truly heeding where he was going. “Will we be crossing the lake or are we trying to stay land bound?”

“I really don’t care Harmonia boy. But could we avoid cities that were formerly part of the Highland kingdom?”

“Sure, it’s not a problem. We’ll just head to Tinto then I’m sure we can make it to Zexen from there. Then travel through the grasslands should be easy enough.” It was obvious to all but Nash that he was deep enough in thought to not see where he was going, yet still he trudged forward talking as he went. “Caleria would be a good idea before we actually enter Harmonia.”

“Sounds good. But… you really should… ooo…” Wincing slightly, Seed wasn’t surprised to see Nash running head first into another person only to send the both of them tumbling backward to the unrelenting ground. “That must’ve hurt…” Sighing softly, the red head then stepped forward giving the blonde a wry smile as he offered a hand. Helping the sandy blonde to his feet, Seed then smirked to himself rather amused by the whole ordeal.

Giving Seed a look mixed with frustration and gratefulness, Nash then turned to find out who had been the victim of his carelessness. Finally meeting up with the sight of the dark haired man upon the ground, aqua oculars widened upon the realization of ‘who’ it really was. “You’re… I’m sorry!”

The ebony haired man then rubbed his head gently before looking up to Nash quietly and taking the offered gloved hand. Dark colored eyes drank in the Harmonian carefully before he finally spoke in a calm tone. “It’s quite all right really. May I ask what you were so occupied with?”

“Oh, my friend and I were discussing which way we should be traveling and I wasn’t paying attention. Please forgive me. Are… Are you Lord Shu?”

“That would be correct… Though I don’t recall ever meeting you I’m afraid.” Trailing his thorough gaze over to Seed his dark eyes widened only momentarily. “Is it wise to be here for you?”

Moving a bit uncomfortably as he was addressed, the general then looked away in order to avoid the piercing gaze of the strategist. “More than likely not.”

“Hn…” Looking back to Nash placidly, Shu then gave him a thoughtful frown. “He really should look into a new attire.” Skillfully ignoring the roll of Seed’s eyes, he continued on. “Who might you be by the way?”

“Oh! I’m sorry… it’s Nash.” Smiling brightly they then shook hands in the action of courtesy known well to the higher class. It made Seed shudder uncomfortably as his mind began to wander. Who was Nash? At the rate they were going, he’d probably never know.

“It’s a pleasure. Why don’t you come to my place for a while? Otherwise your friend here might cause a few problems.” Shu looked rather bemused over the whole ordeal as he rechecked the surroundings in hopes that no one knew what he now knew. Having a former Highland General in town just didn’t seem like a good idea, and where he didn’t care for Seed, he also didn’t care to see any more blood shed.

Nodding in agreement, the two suddenly felt the icy chill of fear craw up their spines as they also searched their surroundings. It really hadn’t occurred to Nash previously. He knew that Seed wouldn’t be well liked in the Jowston area, but he hadn’t really thought out the consequences or reactions that he would inflict. Glancing in Seed’s direction he couldn’t help but notice how the red head averted his eyes to the ground as he buried himself deep in thought. In a way, the blonde knew well that Seed regretted the blood on his hands, even if he didn’t regret his reasons. It was easy for a warrior to believe so strongly in their country. This is especially true when a knight as loyal as Seed was the case at hand.

They followed in silence as the former strategist led the way, silence that is until another young man with dark hair stood in their path stopping them cold. Menacingly the man glared down at the red headed former general as his baritone voice shattered the former silence and sent a shiver down Nash’s spine. “You’re that general… aren’t you?”

Drawing his gaze upward in order to meet the glare head on, Seed refused to flinch under the pressure being pinned on him. Though before he was able to reply, Shu rested a hand onto the distraught man’s shoulder and gave him a reproving look. “Not now Amada. Let it go.”

Undaunted Amada continued to glare at the lithe Highlander who still remained unmoved and stood erect ready to take whatever would be thrown his way. “So he is. This little stick figure is the flame general that helped that dog Luca kill so many innocent people! What normal DECENT human being could just let that go Lord Shu?”

By this time, a crowd had grown around them drastically in the few moments this conversation had spanned over and the unfriendliness was wafting in large waves off of the people. “This is the flame general? That monster” Nash flinched at the icy comments being thrown at his silent companion that only seemed to bounce off of the stern red head easily, though the blonde knew better. “Somebody put that dog out of OUR misery!” He didn’t know when it happened, but as the shriek of metal being drawn reached his keen hearing, all of his reflexes forced him into action. And with a reason that reason didn’t understand, Nash moved quickly into the line of danger with one thought in mind. The action was faster than even he realized as the scene slowly began to seep into their eyes causing the noise to suddenly die.

How, he wasn’t quite sure of, but somehow the blow meant for the former general had been parried by the hilt of Schwarz, leaving the glistening blade of the sword sheathed. The knowledge of what the sword was capable of never left his conscious thought, but reflex and habit had caused him to make a grab for the cursed sword. The only thought was that a sheathed sword was better than none at all, and it became the simple yet dangerous solution. Narrowing oculars of clear aqua at the on lookers, they bore into the people causing them to fidget nervously. In one smooth wave of his hand he pushed the blunt old sword off of his own elegant handled sword before breaking the silence with a voice edged in ice. “What right have you?” He too, knew the pain of persecution when it came to defending his country and the sheer sight of them put the blonde swordsman in a fit of barely controlled rage. Silence prevailed the moment as he finally continued on forcing them to hear what he had to say. “Can you truly tell me who was right and who was wrong? You fought for that which you believed in… so did he.” Slowly in one graceful movement, the black handled sword found it’s way back to his side as his blue-green eyes slid closed. Giving a soft sigh in frustration he then ended with the shake of his head that sent out a wave of golden threads.

During this time, the young red head stood silently watching as the blonde acted before him. Crimson eyes were found locked on Nash’s back as he finally regained his composure and blinked. This was nothing he had expected from the Harmonian. Nash had always done all in his capable power never to be noticed by others and yet now, he threw that away in order to defend his honor. Finally shaking his head at this, he then tried to reach out an armor-clad arm to stop the blonde only to fall short of his shoulder as Shu’s voice broke the moment like a glass hitting a stone floor. “Enough. That time has now long past us. He’s no longer a threat to any of you and means no harm. All now, please disperse… there is nothing left for you here.” Sending a sharp look over those present, he then turned sending a piercing stare at each of them causing them to one by one leave. In time they had all left, and in that moment, Shu swiftly turned on his heel and started away while idly waving them to follow. As he walked away, Amada frowned deeply before calling after the strategist.

“I hope you know what you’re doing Lord Shu…” Reluctantly then, the tall ebony haired man headed back to the docks leaving the blonde and red head to follow the former strategist back to his home. At first he moved to speak again, but finally the large man merely shook his head and turned away. As his back slowly retreated from view, Nash let out the breath he’d been holding and quickly took off in order to catch up with the gentleman leading them to his home.

One could only ‘safely’ push the strategist so far without coming to any harm and it was obvious that Amada knew this. It didn’t take long for Seed to follow in Nash’s footsteps as the blonde sunk deep into his thoughts. The Harmonia could only wonder why he’d stood up for a man he’d once dueled with… Perhaps it was their common ground, for not many cared for the Kingdom of Harmonia. And in a way, Harmonians didn’t care for him as well. For both he and Seed it was a no win situation. Distractedly running a thumb over the hilt of Schwarz, he winced. It had been short notice, granted, but sheathed or not, he shouldn’t have taken the risk of using it. “Harmonia boy…”

Cocking his head slightly to the side, long strands of blonde slowly shifted into his aqua colored eyes while he scrunched his nose in distaste. “I have a name Seed…”

“Sure… anyway… Thanks.” The red head didn’t look at the other as he spoke; much less allow even a shred of emotion to touch his smooth porcelain features. Though, had Nash been allowed to know the truth, he would have realized that Seed had been afraid. Not for his life, rather for what he might have done should he have lost control of his temperament. He no longer wanted to hurt anyone… it was a promise he’d made. A promise to Culgan… Highland was dead just as Culgan had said.

“Don’t worry about it… What are friends for, ne?” Smiling lightly, Nash suddenly blinked as the rustle of feathers reached his ears preceding the sudden lightweight that gently touched down on his shoulder. “And where have you been?” Turning to the pile of brown feathers he called Dominguez, he pinned the nasal bird with a dark foreboding glare.

Innocently fluffing his feathers, Dominguez merely cooed before turning his back on his master only infuriating the blonde further. Seed could only blink as the two bickered before he finally allowed a smile to curl his pale lips. As odd as the blonde was to him, he had to admit at least one thing. The time he’d spent with him so far had to have been the most fun he’d ever had in his entire lifetime.


“Dominguez! I need that money!” The blonde ran frantically in pursuit of the bird as it made a noise akin to laughter and flew just out of its master’s desperate reach. Final payment and the last of his money from the Southern Frontier Defense Force was now in the clutches of a certain nasal bird that had a history of making his master over work for whatever he brought to him. The red head merely laughed softly at the comical sight as he shook his head slowly when the Harmonian sprinted by once again with clear signs of growing tired. Drawing his gaze away for a moment, they then found a resting place upon the lake just a few yards beyond the inn in Kuskus. It seemed Nash had decided on taking another boat to the town of Lake West that wasn’t far from the city of Two Rivers. He really had to wonder how far that would go. After the experience in Radat he was beyond the idea of timidity.

Granted he did look different after Shu invested in to his new set of clothing. Now instead of the vibrant red and white uniform, he now fashioned black and red in a simple manner. Buckles and a shoulder guard that also served as his belt, which held his katana, held the long black coat that covered his red turtleneck. Idly picking a fleck of dust from the dark fabric he let out a sigh that was soon cut short. Looking up his eyes instantly locked on a familiar figure cloaked in white. The girl paused beside him a moment turning to look at him with a quiet gaze that filtered out from the shadows of her hood. “A new outfit?” He watched a small smile touch her pale lips as her dark midnight eyes sparkled in what seemed like interest.

“Yes…” Pausing a moment, he then moved uncomfortably before continuing on. “You’re the one I saw in Banner… correct?”

“Aa… I am.” Biting her lip in contemplation, she then lifted a slender hand in order to push back the smooth white hood that caused a flood of languid silvery white hair to fall over her shoulders and rest upon the pool of fabric. “I wondered if you remembered.” Pushing wayward strands of pearl behind her ears she then smiled at the former general.

To him, she seemed to be around twenty, but something in her eyes told him he was wrong. A band of braided white hair crowned her head elegantly allowing the rest to lie softly on her shoulders. In some way, it faintly caused him to think of starlight, but the thought was quickly pushed away as he forced himself to respond instead of stare at the beautiful girl that watched him with barely a hint of emotion in her midnight blue eyes. “I’m very attentive to details.”

“Perhaps so…” A light smirk touched her lips that soon faded into a tired smile before she finally turned toward the door leading into the town’s inn. “The look… it suits you…” With those softly spoken words, she then disappeared through the open door leaving Seed to continue to stare.

At first his impulse was to follow, but as he began to move, a heavy weight clapped down onto his shoulder as the sound of heavy breathing reached his ear. Jumping at this, he then turned his gaze toward the hunched over blonde that now desperately clung to his shoulder with one hand and used the other to hold the distraught brown bird as he tried with all his might to catch his breath. “Finally caught the nuisance I see… For heaven’s sake Harmonia boy, get a new bird that isn’t such a godforsaken pain.”

Puffing softly, he barely managed to shake his head while forcing forth-breathless words. “T-too…a… attached…”

“You just like things the hard way don’t you? Honestly Latkje…” Rolling his eyes of deep crimson, both paused as the inn door closed with a soft click. There the girl in the white cape stood motionless as her tired eyes took in the two men before her. For the most part the expression was blank, but her eyes seemed to spark with keen interest as they came to rest first on Nash’s blonde hair, then the aqua blue eyes. “That was quick lady…”

Arching an elegant silvery brow, she then gave a soft sigh before casting a weary smile in Seed’s direction. “There are no vacancies I’m afraid… By the way, did I hear you say Latkje? As in the head of the people’s sect within the government of Holy Harmonia?” Her voice was soft though the color of interest tainted its tone as she skillfully ignored the curses coming from the red head on account of the full inn.

On the other hand, Nash looked somewhere between awe and shock as his eyes locked on hers for a brief moment. Biting his lower lip as he looked away, he felt something crawl up his spine merely due to the way she stared at him so calmly with unrivaled patience. Finally he shook his head as he met the gaze head on with a gentle smile gracing his lips. “It’s debatable really… Do you know much about Harmonia?”

This caused her to shift uncomfortably as her dark eyes narrowed and looked away while silently contemplating a careful answer to the question. “That which I know is out of date I’m sure.” Turning her eyes back to him, they studied his form as a slow sweet smile began to etch across her face before adding softly. “Though, by that blonde hair and stunning blue eyes… I’d wager that you are a first class citizen…”

Caught between a blush and going pale, he instantly looked away from her, as Seed seemed to suddenly calm down completely and look to the woman with wide eyes. “Harmonia boy a first class citizen? That would explain all of that ridiculous mannerism he practices…” Tilting his head in Nash’s direction, he then smirked as he nodded thoughtfully. “Why are you so afraid to go back? Or is she wrong?”

Looking between the two carefully, Nash could only open his mouth then close it a few times before huffing in extreme frustration. “If he’s a Latkje, he’s a first class citizen…” Her voice became thoughtful though a bit bored in tone as the subject became tedious to her.

“Why do you throw out such information so easily?” The sudden outburst by the blonde brought two sets of shocked orbs to fall upon him silently causing his cheeks to turn a deep red. It was true though, citizenship and politics were generally ONLY discussed in Crystal Valley amongst Harmonians alone. And if he was correct, she didn’t look Harmonian, unless she was a second or third class citizen.

“Truly, forgive my rudeness… I realize my error and that Harmonians do not usually speak so freely on such matters.” A pleasant smile was presented to him as she then dipped in a formal apology. “I assume something happened that you do not wish to discuss. Thus I have over stepped my bounds.”

“You’re too polite like Harmonia boy, it makes me sick…” Seed grumbled slightly as the girl laughed in response causing Nash to turned red. “What’s your name anyway?”

Glancing to him carefully, she then turned from him quickly tilting her gaze to the ground for a moment in thought. “Starcross…” Surely… Surely they wouldn’t know. “Lyra Starcross. Just call me Lyra.”

“Well, good to meet you Lyra… Hey blondie, what do we do now that the inn is full? No ship will leave port until morning…” Turning to Nash, Seed noted that he seemed to gaze at Lyra with wide thoughtful eyes, then the blonde finally blinked as he looked to Seed.

“What are your plans Ms. Starcross?” That name…

“I’ll be moving on.” Looking away from them, her eyes grew heavy as they lay to rest upon the late day horizon. It was time to move on.

“What does it matter what she plans to do?” Seed looked to him impatiently but he only smiled sheepishly in return.

“I thought maybe if she moved on, we could travel together. She… shouldn’t be traveling alone this late. Maybe we could be of some help to one another?” Fidgeting, the blonde effectively avoided the surprised sets of midnight and crimson eyes.

“That’s very kind of you sir, but I assure you I’m quite used to it…” Lyra spoke softly looking down at her white cape as her finger suddenly began to twist in the fabric. Since when did I become so easily embarrassed? “Besides, I’m heading toward the north.”

“That’s great! So are we!” Smiling brightly, Nash then lifted the still struggling Dominguez as he pointed at the item shop. “Let me go buy some supplies then we can be on our way! Wait here you two!” Taking off, the blonde then disappeared into the store leaving Lyra and Seed to stand gaping after him.


“This… isn’t a good idea…”

“One never knows with Harmonia boy…” Seed gave a light sigh as he laced his black-gloved fingers into the strands of deep red.

“May I ask your name?”


Nodding to this slowly, Lyra never pulled her eyes from the door, which Nash slipped through. “Is he really that nice? Or is he perhaps a playboy of sorts?”

Blinking in slight surprise, Seed looked at her from the corner of his eyes as an eyebrow curved upward. “He has a good heart. I really don’t know him that well, so that’s all I can really tell you.”

“I trust very few Harmonians…”

“You can trust him…”

“I believe you.”


“Its not like I did it on purpose…” Seed’s grumble broke the silence around Nash causing him to look up in order to see the red head and Lyra return from the nearby brook. The darkness had finally overcome the day leading the trio to finally stake camp. Blinking a few times, Nash finally caught sight of the dripping white fabric of Lyra’s cape, as it lay crumpled in her grasp.

“What happened?” The Harmonian looked to Seed then to the girl who looked a hair away from strangling the red head. He really hadn’t seen her without the cape before, but as his eyes took in the clothes she wore, he understood why. Lyra wore an ultramarine blue top that was sleeveless trimmed in white and silver. The lack of sleeves made him fully understand, for the weather may not have been freezing, but it was still cold, especially at night.

Quietly hanging the once white cloak from a low limb, the girl merely closed her eyes as a sigh escaped her pale colored lips. With deft hands, she then removed the sheathed sword from her belt and rested the hilt against the trunk of the tree. Slipping thin fingertips over the wooden hilt and golden bat wings, her attention then returned to Nash as he sat by the fire looking confused. “It’s not of importance…”

At this the former general blinked a few times at her response before looking to his blonde friend. “I accidentally knocked her cape into the water…”

Eyes of blue aqua then rolled as a sigh escaped the blonde and his head shook almost sorrowfully. “I don’t even want to know how you did that…” At this he turned his back to them once again focusing his attention on starting the fire for the trio. For one thing, the atmosphere was quiet between them, and he knew it to be because of Lyra. To him she was pleasant, calm, and for some reason always looking over her shoulder as though something or some one was following her.

Lyra exhaled lightly causing a light mist to escape her as warm air melted into the night chill. Wrapping her arms about herself in a tight hug, slender hands then tried to rub warmth back into the now bare arms as solemn eyes of blue took in her two companions without a single sound. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust them, or even that she didn’t enjoy their company, she just didn’t know how to act. It had been many years since she’d tried to travel with anyone. Having friends just wasn’t a luxury she’d been able to have. Blinking as she emerged from her thoughts, she caught them bickering and began to wonder just how they’d stayed so close in friendship when they hardly ever partook in any normal conversation. Shaking her head slowly, she allowed her eyes to drift away and rest upon the darkened woods surrounding them. Biting her lip lightly she felt a shiver run up her spine as she finally shook her head and allowed her eyes to close.

“Lyra… why don’t you come closer? It’s obvious your cold.” Opening one deep blue eye slowly, the orb then looked on the red head thoughtfully before the other opened as well. Contemplating the matter for only a moment, she then shook her head and looked away. “Suit yourself… Night you two.” Shifting into a far more comfortable position, the former general gave one last sigh before attempting to fall into the arms of sleep.

Nash on the other hand turned to smile at her gently as his aqua eyes shone in full concern. “You’ll get sick if you stay cold like that…” At this, Lyra smiled softly then slid down to sit before the tree with her knees drawn close to her chest never once looking to him or returning his gaze. “You won’t come closer to the fire then?” Upon the shake of her head, a sigh was given as he rose to his feet. Watching her close her eyes again, he then began to close the gap between them all the while slipping off his heavy black jacket. Bending down then, he gently draped the fabric over her before smiling and turning back to the fire.

In an instant her eyes flickered open and rested in surprise on his jacket. Looking up to him with wide eyes, they widened to the brim as she realized that he too wore sleeveless attire causing her gaze to suddenly soften. With a slow intake of breath, she felt her mind slipping into the warmth he’d left on the article of clothing, then break down the unique scent it gave off. Shaking her head at the revelry, she then pushed herself to her feet and carefully slipped her arms into the oversized sleeves before taking light steps in his direction. Settling to the ground beside him she self-consciously tugged the fabric closer to her form before forcing herself to speak softly. “You shouldn’t have done that… now you’re in the same predicament I was in…”

Glancing at up at her with a gentle smile, the Harmonian then turned his attention back to the flickering flames. “I can’t allow a lovely young lady to remain cold when it’s possible to do something about it. Also, my friend brought about your predicament even if it wasn’t intentional. So, I feel somewhat responsible.”

“You shouldn’t… I’m sorry. I haven’t been much of a traveling companion myself, I must be holding you two down.” Lyra followed his gaze slowly then sighed as her eyes traced over the dancing flames.

“No, it’s fine really. I mean we are strangers after all. I can’t expect you to just act as though we’ve known each other forever…” Pausing a moment, he then slipped a hand through his silken bangs before continuing. “Where are you heading that’s north? By your clothing I’m left with four possible guesses…”

Laughing softly at this, Lyra then tilted her head to the side allowing silvery white locks to spill over her shoulder. “Please do proceed, this should prove to be fun…”

A light blush touched his cheeks as he carefully threw a few more sticks into the fire. “Well, first I considered the Matilda Knightdom…” At the shake of her head he let out a sigh before trying once again. “Zexen?”

“Not really…”

“This is a long shot… Karaya?”

This brought about another bout of soft laughter as she finally shook her head in response. “To be truthful, I’ve used all of those styles in my design, but I’m not from any of those places. Shall I hear your final guess my lord?”

Smiling a bit nervously he then scratched the back of his head with a touch of unsure-ness. “Please don’t address me so formally… But… I was wondering and I’m probably wrong… Harmonia?”

This time she didn’t answer as her once sparkling midnight eyes became a dull shade of dark blue. “Yes… that’s where I planned on going, though to be honest, that’s not my origin either.”

“A second class citizen?” Tilting his head curiously, he watched her, as she remained motionless. “Was your country defeated by Harmonia?”

Looking up sharply, her eyes narrowed as she met his gaze with a dangerous glint. “My home… doesn’t exist… not anymore and it had no ties then or now with Harmonia…”

“I… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to upset you.” Giving her a nervous look, his eyes widened in apology then relief as she soon dropped her gaze to the ground. Continuing on softly, a light smile touched his lips. “In any case… it seems we have not only a common destination in mind but also a complex past that we dare not share.” Merely continuing to smile he felt his heart jump as she smiled in return.

“Perhaps… But I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for us to travel together…”

“Do you not trust me?”

“Do you trust anyone?”

Jumping slightly in surprise, Nash then blinked before giving her a wide-eyed expression. “I do some people…” He didn’t quite understand, but it seemed as though Lyra could read him like an open book. “ I didn’t used to be like that though…”

“I can count on one hand how many I’ve given my trust to… And I can take a couple of them away for being disappointed…” Smiling ever so gently, she then gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “I believe you to be trustworthy… I can even see that you’ve been hurt badly in the past, but everyone has their own tragic tale…”

“It’s sad, isn’t it?”

“Life is sad… but there will always be something to live for. There’s always a reason to survive… Even if it’s painful for us.” Blinking suddenly, her eyes widened a moment as she shook her head. “Forgive me for my rambling. You should get some rest.”

“No, no… I’m fine really.” The pleasant smile returned to his face but remained unconvincing as the tired light in his sparkling blue eyes grew.

With a slow shake of her head, she allowed a soft laugh to barely emit from her throat. “Truly you are in denial Nash…”

“That may very well be milady…” Giving her a quick wink, he then turned the once jovial expression back to the flames where it took on a feel of melancholy.

“You’re worried…”

“I am…”

“Would I be far out of line by asking why my lord?”

Wincing a bit at the title, he then smiled to himself in a sad manner. “I don’t know what I’m going back to…”

Reaching out, Lyra gently then brushed the long golden threads from his visage as her midnight eyes studied his countenance. “You have a good friend with you… and should we still be traveling together by then… Just know you aren’t alone.” As he slowly turned to meet her gaze, he saw something flicker in her eyes before she turned away quickly.

Nash could only blink a few times as he watched her dip her head downward causing a cascade of platinum white hair to curtain her face blocking it from view. “Thank you… You know it’s funny. I feel as though we’ve met before.” The smile was small but true as he then looked away from her finally. “Get some sleep, ne? We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”

“Aa… good night.” Rising to her feet once more, she tried not to glance at him again as she made her way back to the tree where her sword lie at rest. Sinking down beside it, she permitted an outstretched hand to gently caress the cold metal of the bat wing hilt before allowing the hand to drop limply away. She didn’t look back at the Harmonian even though she felt the urge to do so. One thing rang through her mind as her eyes fell closed… Is this really a good idea? With that in her mind, her thoughts then slowly began to slip from her grasp as she was lured into a deep sleep. A sleep she hadn’t experienced in years.


A gentle rain swept over the dusty streets bringing about a slight haze that made visibility nearly zero to the human eye. At that time, most retreated into their fancy homes for fear of being caught up in the innocent yet pestilent train. All except one, that is. A small child of around eight ran clumsily through the haze, tripping now and again as the raindrops seeped heavily into his golden hair.

All of a sudden a shrill yelp escaped from the small figure rising above the incessant sound of rain falling around him. Though the quick exclamation wasn’t without merit, for at that moment his foot slipped and he fell to the ground in the midst of a large puddle. Wide pools of wavering aquamarine now watched in slight horror as the fabric of his fine clothing quickly darkened as it absorbed the dirty water. It was too late now for him to hurry out of the rain for the damage had already been done. Dipping his head downward, the child bit his trembling lower lip as strands of dripping gold fell into his visage.

It wasn’t known to him how long he’d remained in that position, nor when the tears began to fall in heated tracks down his cheeks. But even still he didn’t move. He was afraid to return home now and face his parents after he’d been told to stay clean and close to home. Now he was lost and covered in rain and mud. It wasn’t until the sound of footsteps that his attention finally shifted taking his eyes upward once more. There aqua oculars found a lithe shape cloaked in white stopping before him in order to kneel to his level. “Are you all right?”

The child’s mouth gaped slightly as the truly feminine voice reached his ears about the same moment her slender hand managed to wipe away the tears. It was too hazy to make her out clearly, but to him it really didn’t matter; he was so distantly thrown into a state of awe. ”Are you an angel?”

At the gentle yet inquisitive voice, the woman laughed softly as her hand gently pushed his damp blonde hair out of his face. “An angel? If I am an angel young master, I fear that I have lost my wings…”

“Could I catch you and help you find them milady?” This caused her to freeze and fall quiet a moment in response. Finally moving again, he watched her shift ever so slightly and then quickly wrapped him into the warmth of silken white fabric that was her cape as she pulled him to his feet.

“Sweet charming little prince… That’s very kind of you, but it is yet to be seen. Ask me again should we meet another time in the future. For now you need to get home…” He barely made out her sad smile as she then turned from him and pointed in a different direction. “Try heading that way… hurry home…” And before he could respond, the woman disappeared in a flash of white light.

Everything then started to fade and twist as the rain soaked streets turned into a dark forest valley. Brilliant stars of silvery white now hung in the midnight sky surrounding the pale moon. The child was gone and all that remained was the distant laughter of children nearby. It seemed to be a small town, and only one yard contained a small campfire where two small children danced and sang to one another without a care in the world. “Come on, it’s late you two…”

A lithe woman smiled lightly from the lit doorway of their home as her children laughed yet again shaking their heads in unison. Both had hair that was white as snow, but the younger of the two was a frail looking girl of about eight or nine. “A lil bit longer mother?”

The boy then grinned as well as his head bobbed. “Please mother?”

“A little longer can’t hurt can it?” A man smiled as well as his figure appeared over the woman’s shoulder only to rest his chin lightly there upon. “We’re children only once…”

“Oh… very well… Just a little longer.” Laughing softly, the lady then fell complacently into the man’s arms closing her eyes. It was so sweet, so peaceful that it almost seemed sacred and fragile. Then the sudden rumble of what sounded like thunder on the horizon shattered the scene, but as they looked, the sky remained crystal clear and the sound was incessant. Quickly the man pulled away from his wife and ran to the yard pushing his children into their home. As he did so, an explosion of fire lit up a bordering home as shrill screams of pain and terror filled the once peaceful air.

The sound had been hooves, but the realization came too late. A small army now invaded their homes slaying families as they burned down each house in their path. They were getting closer and the sound of carnage seemed to deafen out and destroy any hope of escape.

Nash awoke with a start attempting to sit up until he found that something was holding him back. Wide eyes of blue flashed down to the black clothed arms that held him and oddly enough, calmed him from the fear that had plagued his dreams. Bracing a hand over his eyes for a moment, he then tilted his head upward to see the platinum blonde half dozing over him a concerned frown painting over her smooth features. Something about that eased him even though the quivers of fear still wracked his form. “What if… it wasn’t just a dream?” The first part had been his memory, a treasured one at that, but the second was too terrifying even to him.

“It’s possible… are you all right?” Looking up to Lyra quickly, he saw the worried look in the pools of deep blue as she peered down at him tiredly. “You were tossing so much that I was concerned… I’m sorry if I frightened you…”

“It… was just a bad dream…” Looking away from her slowly, his eyes rested up on the slowly lightening eastern horizon. “I woke you then?”

“Yes… but that’s all right. I was just worried. I know that dreams can be a trap that hurts us deeply with their hold…” Brushing wayward strands of pearl from her eyes, she then sighed before relaxing her tense shoulders.

“Truly…” Nash’s eyes grew heavy with sadness and confusion when he finally sat up and his hands tightened into fists of frustrations, but the moment was short lived as Lyra gently slipped his jacket over his shoulders.

“My cape seems to be dry. Thank you…” Smiling warmly, she then stood to her feet and drifted back to her spot and gracefully threw the glistening white fabric over her shoulders before replacing her sword at her side. “You should wake up Seed. We have a long way to go…”


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Chapter 2

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