Currents of the Heart Chapter 2


By Nightingale

Notes: Here it is! The long in the making chapter two. Granted three is going to take much longer since I'm a horridly busy college student and working girl. >.< It's really a shame I assure you all. Anyway, this chapter entails alot of history and friendship building. As I stated in Chapter Two, I have a few sketches to accompany this story all you need do is email and ask me for them. ^_^ Now some facts in this are a tad off from the real Suikoden facts. Such as Luc being two years younger than Sasarai. That was done for the pure necessity for this story and not to be factual. And as for Hikusaak, I have NO clue the truth for his back ground, but I've had a great deal of fun writing my own version of his past. If you have any questions, comments or complaints feel free to ask! Please enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: None of the Suikoden characters belong to me. The story plot may be mine and the original characters as well, but that's all.

Years before, perhaps decades had passed since the last she held any like that. True, a child was easily and innocently cared for when in the grips of a terrible dream, but a grown man? Shaking her head slowly at the thought, Lyra couldn’t help but feel her heart sink. So many years of careful guarding and distancing, had suddenly been thrown aside. Drawing her eyes to the blonde walking ahead of her, she found that her teeth were clenched and the pulse within her chest began to increase. But what was it for? A defiant look swiftly swept over her face as she once more looked away deep in thought. When had been the last time she’d been so openly affectionate? Dare she even remember such a thing…? Hikusaak…

Eyes of deep sapphire slowly slid closed as the simple name rolled through her mind as both a curse and a fond memory. It was a name so old that it literally frightened her to think just how old she really was. It had taken every ounce of her will not to laugh when Nash called her a young lady. Sighing softly, she drifted off into her memories with a soft smile on her lips.

~ The gentle afternoon breeze swept over the grassy meadow gently tugging at the clothing of two unmoving figures hiding in the shade of a large oak tree. A look of worry was clearly placed on her pale features as timid hands gently swept away dark blonde strands from the others face. He’d been tossing in his sleep, and it had drawn her from her thoughts as well as her careful vigil. Yet, as soon as his voice cried out in fear, she’d swiftly moved to his aide lifting his head into her lap. At first she wanted to wake him, but as she moved a hand to do so, eyes of deep emerald slowly opened and tried to focus on her face.

As the thought occurred to him, he suddenly blinked and sat up quickly his pale cheeks turning a dark crimson as he presented a disbelieving look. In the same manner, she fell back a hand lightly placed over her lips and a deep blush coloring her cheeks. “I… I’m sorry!”

The young man seemed to breathe deeply as he then allowed a light smile to cross his lips. “It’s quite all right…. Mm… Ms. Lyra… I was just… surprised. It was no fault of your own.” Still blushing a deep red, he visibly relaxed and shuffled himself until he sat within a pool of blue and black fabric that consisted of his elegant coat. “Did… did I fall asleep?”

Nodding in silence, Lyra quickly brushed her pearl white hair from her vision before turning away from him completely hiding the bright red that still lay in her cheeks. “Y-yes… I was just watching over you… till you woke up. You’ve been working so hard lately…. I thought you deserved to get some rest… then you started crying out and I was going to try to help you… I’m very sorry Lord Hikusaak…”

For a moment he remained silent causing her to worry. Drawing her dark sapphire eyes to him, she saw a look of sadness playing over his features. Though, as she reached out to inquire on his well-being, he spoke in a tired and pained voice. “This war… Is it really worth it? So many are following me so blindly… the stars of destiny… you…” Looking up to her with wide eyes, he didn’t realize that his cheeks were turning red once again. “Wouldn’t… wouldn’t it be better if everyone just stopped this nonsense? Isn’t there an easier way to live in peace… and harmony?”

Blinking at his words, her gaze finally softened and she then moved in order to sit at his side. Smiling gently she then rested her forehead against his shoulder closing her eyes. “I believe in you Lord Hikusaak… and so does everyone else… At first I hated the idea of helping anything dealing with destiny. I always feared that just maybe… my whole life was planned out just so I could serve destiny’s purpose. And the thought of my parents and brother dying as they did for that reason alone, horrifies me… But you… Just knowing you Lord Hikusaak… I have a feeling it could be different and that my life might not have been so useless.”

Almost without a sound, Hikusaak could only breathe her name lightly. “L-Lyra…” ~

Dipping her head lower, Lyra felt a foreboding feeling wash over her. It was the thought of how that had turned out. How something so sweet and innocent turned into something so horrible. Unfortunately, all of her memories of the creator of Harmonia weren’t good. And further more, most were so deeply scarring that she dared not think of them. But as she felt her mind slipping into another memory, she heard Seed’s somewhat hushed voice as he spoke to Nash. “What was that this morning?”

Turning his head to face the former general, Nash furrowed his brow in innocent confusion. “What was what?”

Shaking his head, the red head then pressed his long fingertips to his temples. “Look Harmonia boy… You don’t even know her… and I wake up to see you two all close… What makes you think being so close to a complete stranger will do any good for either of us. I don’t like how she’s so quiet and dark and almost always looking over her shoulder…”

The Harmonian then opened his mouth before closing it with a soft click. Turning away from Seed a moment, Nash continued to keep his brow furrowed in deep thought. “I don’t know… I just feel as though I know her. It didn’t even strike me as strange that she tried to help me.” A soft sigh left his lips as he shook his head finally giving Seed a side ways glance. “Could she really be so dangerous?”

Rolling his eyes, he then threw his hands up in the air in frustration, but whatever he said was lost to Lyra as she tuned them out. He’s right you know… you trust me too much. The platinum blonde gave a soft sigh as she looked to the woods surrounding them. Taking in the lush green, she merely smiled as she realized which way they were heading. They’d already passed through the city of Two Rivers, and now Nash had begged them to make a detour to Greenhill. Smiling a bit more, she lifted her right hand and gave it a fond look as the rune that lie within its grasp throbbed warmly. It was a living force that always spoke to her in gentle warm whispers that only she could hear, and now it was excited. It knew that it’s sister rune was close by.

It would be good to see a familiar face again… Laughing softly under her breath, she suddenly felt the hairs on her neck stand on end. Stopping in mid stride, she spun on one heel to face the dark wood with narrowed eyes. The familiar thrum of fear pulsed from her hand and into her veins setting her nerve endings a fire. “No… not now…” Shaking her head as she whispered, she didn’t even realize that Seed and Nash had ceased their bickering in order to look to her in confusion. Vaguely she registered their concerned voices, but what was said she didn’t know, for on a whim her right hand flew to her sword and drew it in the blink of an eye. “Linger not in the shadows, for darkness is not your guiding star…”

Both Seed and Nash had to blink at her darkly spoken words as she sliced the air before her elegantly in a style of swordsmanship unknown to either of them. For a long time they remained completely still as if waiting for something to answer the beautiful girl standing so still before them. Yet, when they did start to turn, they heard the rustle of brush then the inhuman footsteps as a golden creature made its way out of the shadows. “What the…” Eyes of wide crimson were the first to see the odd shaped animal that somewhat resembled a centaur completely colored in several tones of gold.

Narrowing her deep indigo eyes upon it’s full appearance, Lyra then stepped forward lightly, sword sweeping upward slowly until the right hand holding it nearly lay upon her heart. A soft spark emitted from the hand that then grew into a silvery glow brightening with each step she took. Moving unsteadily, the creature tilted its head and stepped backward in contemplation until it’s restlessness suddenly caused it to lurch forward like a horse in full run. Likewise the platinum blonde leapt like a cat in full attack causing the both to collide in a dazzling display of iridescent light. Nash felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of might and magic courting one another in a dangerous display before them not truly knowing what should be done. “S-seed… what’s… going on?”

The red head mutely shook his head as he reflexively rested his hand on his sword wondering if they too should join the fray. “I’ve never seen anything like that monster… not in all my life.”

As the words barely left his lips, the light began to fade to reveal the creature leaping back then as soon as it’s hooves hit the ground; it sprung sideways thoughtfully as it glanced between the unscathed Lyra and the two men gaping at the battle. Pawing at the ground as a low growl escaped, the man like face seemed to grin almost eerily as it then rose a copper toned hand gathering golden light in its palm. “Little Starcross… traveling with friends after all these years… my master bids you greeting.”

At his voice her skin began to crawl as her memories flooded forth of just what this could mean. “I haven’t used it in nary two decade… How could you…”

“Even the strongest of celestial bearers cannot withstand such prolonged silence. Thus my master bade me say, now the present I bring for you.” Just as the cryptic words left his golden lips the creature then spun with lightning speed and dashed on toward the two men the sparkling light in his palm sizzling in their ears. Crying out the arm drew back then threw forward releasing a hail of pointed light in the former general and Harmonian’s direction.

Gasping at the sight, she then launched into a full sprint clinging to her sword with all her might. To use the rune she bore would be like lighting a flare for the entire world to see giving her few if any choices left to spare. “DON’T JUST STAND THERE!”

Startled by her words, Seed was the first to blink and tense as his eyes focused on the beams coming toward them at lightning speed. “DO SOMETHING HARMONIA BOY! I CAN’T BLOCK THAT WITH A FLOWING RUNE!!!”

“WHAT??? I’M NOT MAGICALLY INCLINED!” Almost shrieking in response, the two glared at one another before noticing the flash of bluish light before them causing them to blink. As it then slowly faded, they barely made out the petite figure before them, her right hand raised almost in a bored manner collecting the golden rays into her palm. As the beams disappeared one by one, the small girlish figure then lifted her left hand and placed it over her lips as she yawned demurely.

“Nash… I knew you were incorrigible… but I didn’t realize you were helpless.” Turning her head slowly, the girl smiled revealing the small points of her fangs, crimson eyes sparkling. “Good thing I was able to save you again, am I right?”

“SI—SIERRA???” Nash nearly choked on the name as the mistress of the coven bowed in slight mockery before turning back to the creature that hadn’t stopped in its charge.

“Could you do something about this thing Lyra? It’s rather distasteful I must say and I highly disapprove.” Contorting her expression into one of distaste, the blue-eyed girl almost laughed as she nodded her head and leapt into the air. Twirling the sword in her hand elegantly, the point of the blade shifted earthward as she plummeted onto the animal’s back burying the metal blade into the base of its shoulders.

“Go to the shadows where your master cannot reach! Finger of death!” At her cry, threads of black mist emerged from the swords hilt and instantly weaved a cocoon around its golden form as it cried out in immense pain. What seemed like an eternity lasted mere seconds as the soul and body of the animal was drawn into the abyss that was the symbol of darkness on the blade just above the hilt. Standing to her feet slowly, she then swiped her sword upward then cleanly slid it back into its sheathe. “It’s good to see you Sempai…”

“What would you ever do with out me really Lyra?” Sierra smiled lightly as she haughtily nodded her head in acknowledgement to the girl in blue. Laughing in a bored tone, she then peered at the two stone still men behind her before arching a silvery brow. “How did you pick up these worthless humans?”

Laughing at this, Lyra stopped just before the shorter girlish vampire as she smiled with brightness neither Seed nor Nash had seen before. “Obviously they aren’t too worthless, being that you know one of them… And that is a feat within itself Sempai… That you call him by his first name that is.”

“Yes well… some mortals are better than others.” Covering her mouth as she laughs once again, she then turned her full attention to Seed with an interested gaze. “I know Nash… now tell me who you are young man? You have a striking resemblance to the general from Highland, could that man and you be one and the same?”

Almost blushing at her words, Seed gave a shallow bow before answering a tad graciously knowing that this woman had just saved both his and Nash’s life. “It all depends my lady on how you will react.”

“Then you must be him. You are Seed, am I right? I don’t mind either way to tell the truth, and it helps that Nash seems to trust you. And most of all, Lyra seems to trust you as well. I could ask for nothing more in the bounds of where trust is concerned.” Sierra nodded her head curtly before turning back to Lyra with a half smile. “You’ve gotten better I see… but the edge is gone. I’m glad we could meet again, I wish to discuss something with you…”

“I know… I’m far overdue. Please forgive me sempai.” Bowing slightly, the two looked to one another closely before nodding and simultaneously turning to head in the direction of Greenhill. “I’m glad you came… I couldn’t protect them…”

“Yes… and I now understand why. Lyra, you were lucky I felt both presences. But we mustn’t discuss this here. The woods have ears as do the shadows, and in this case, even the light of the sun.” The solemn tone that Sierra used made it well known that the conversation was finished. This surprised the blonde Harmonian as he and Seed followed in sheer confusion.

Looking to Nash he quietly addressed him his eyes glancing now and again on the lady vampire before them. “Who is she Nash? I mean… she acts as though I should bowing and groveling before her…”

Smirking at this lightly, Nash merely sighed at the nostalgic thoughts before returning a smile to Seed’s confusion. “This is Lady Sierra, the mistress of the coven. The original vampire that is almost a thousand years in age holding the true moon rune… That’s why she thinks she deserves respect, and why I do my best to give it to her. Granted, that isn’t an easy task. Not in the least…”

Seed could only blink at this as he let the information sink in. This trip was getting interesting indeed. For one thing, he almost ate the words he’d spoken about Lyra before. Shaking his head slowly, he then looked up to the two platinum blonde women before tilting his head to the side in thought. If Sierra was the holder of a true rune, and was that old, then why did she talk to Lyra almost as though they were equals? This was all very strange indeed.


The group of four slowly entered the gates of Greenhill late that day as the sun hung low in the western skies. The trip had gone by silently with the only exchange of words being far and few between. Sierra was the first to approach the gatekeeper as she smiled haughtily and arched a brow in expectation. “You’re returning Lady Sierra? It’s nice to have you back, are these friends of yours?”

“They are… could you send some one to tell Klaus that I’ve returned? I want to set them up at the inn before I seek him out myself. Tell him if he wishes to see me sooner to find me there.” The man nodded his consent as she then lazily beckoned the three to follow her.

The streets of Greenhill had barely changed in all the time that had passed. Even the torrents of war had not truly scarred the peaceful streets, and the trees still stood proudly above reminding them of the many blessings they should be thankful for. Nash remembered just how beautiful it had been, and was rather thankful that it still was. Though, his thoughts were short lived as he caught the worried glance on Seed’s face. It was quite like the look he’d worn when they’d met Master McDohl, but this time, the expression was far graver. “Seed?”

“Hn?” Not really answering the blonde, the former general continued to dwell in his thoughts until it finally struck him that he’d been addressed. Looking to Nash with a far off look, he then arched a red brow. “What is it?”

“I was meaning to ask you that question first…”

“Oh… Klaus… he’s Highland’s former strategist… that turned mid war to join the side of Jowston. I don’t think he’ll be all too thrilled to see me.” Sighing softly, he saw the understanding in Nash’s eyes and nearly felt comforted by it. “Don’t worry about it though. It’s something that needs to be dealt with.”

Nodding in understanding, Nash almost smiled to himself as he realized that Seed had opened up to him rather easily without objection. Turning his gaze to Lyra, he then blinked as he saw her deep sapphire eyes glaze over in some unvoiced pain. Equally so, he noted that Sierra looked rather unnerved as well, eyes almost closed as she seemed to be delving into some foreign memory as well. Truly they were a remorseful group full of problems.

It didn’t take long to reach the inn. Soon they were all standing in the main hall entry as Sierra spoke softly to the lady at the counter. Nash took that opportunity to turn to Lyra and give her a look of concern. “Are you all right? It was really amazing what you did back in the woods… Thank you… It was as if something had been holding me down so I couldn’t move…”

Lyra smiled softly at him as he spoke before shaking her head. “You probably couldn’t have moved… the power that you were up against was that of a true rune. It was likely that if Sierra hadn’t appeared you would have been gravely wounded. You should thank her… I failed you miserably because I hadn’t the foresight to see what was going on…”

He was about to answer, tell her she was wrong, but in that moment he saw a shadow appear on the floor beside his own as the only warning to the swift grasping of his arm. “SIR NASH!!! You came back! I knew you’d return to me! I just knew it!” Wide eyes of aqua fell then on the girl tightly clinging to his right arm very much squeezing the life out of it. Blonde curls bounced airily as she then looked up with angry green eyes to the platinum blonde that stood gaping before her. “YOU! You should be ashamed of yourself you old hag! You were trying to take Sir Nash away from me!”

At this her mouth gaped widely as she could only blink in reply. Lyra didn’t know what to say to this at all. I’ve never even thought of him that way… I never will… But the words were lost from her throat as the shorter girl continued to glare angrily in her direction. “N-Nina! You shouldn’t…”

Nina blinked and quickly smiled up at Nash as she gave him another bubbly smile. “Sir Nash! Don’t be deceived by this foul and evil temptress!”

“That’s quite enough Nina…” All eyes rose instantly to rest upon the smaller girl with crimson eyes as she narrowed them dangerously at the young blonde. “Take your silly childish antics elsewhere…”

“YOU!” Pointing a small hand in Sierra’s direction, Nina was met by a sneer from the vampire. “Sir Nash, listen not to that evil old witch! She’s put Sir Klaus under a spell…” Before she could finish though, the room filled with a bright flash and Nina could be heard screeching as she fell to the floor with a thud.

“There… Did I not tell you to take your antics elsewhere? One could get hurt if they aren’t careful…” Smirking slightly, one fang lay bare as her pale lips curved.

Wailing from the ground, Nina instantly turned to Nash for support but all she received was a deep frown. “You shouldn’t say such things about Lady Sierra or Lady Starcross. Its rather inappropriate.” At his words, her eyes began to tear up and she swiftly ran from the inn sobbing loudly causing him to wince in something akin to regret.

“Rubbish! They’re nothing but crocodile tears… that foolish girl. Her fancy sways so easily… Besides…” The smirk then returned to her face as she smiled in Nash’s direction. “Lyra has far more than that girl could ever hope for… Not even mentioning myself…” As she began to laugh, the door opened once again as a man with mahogany hair entered smiling serenely at the group causing the vampire to suddenly blush lightly.

“Forgive me for making you wait Lady Sierra… Who are your friends?” Glancing first to Lyra, who seemed to be blushing, he smiled lightly before turning to Nash then Seed only to stop cold. “S-Seed!”

Instantly the red head froze and gave the young strategist a wary look. “Hello Klaus… It’s been a while. I didn’t know you’d move here of all places…”

Nodding his head slowly, Klaus dropped his eyes to the floor in thought before letting out a gusty sigh. “I thought you died back in Highland…”

“Sadly I didn’t…”

“And Culgan?” Klaus looked up slowly giving the former general a sad and weary look, which was returned in equal if, not more weight.

“He’s taken up residence in Zexen…” As the two talked, Nash idly noted that Sierra was now edging closer to Lyra and whispering something under her breath. Nodding in response to whatever statement that was made, the two then slipped from the room and out into the oncoming night.

“I see… I must say I’m glad to know you made it out alive.” The strategist smiled softly then at the red head that looked slightly surprised.

“You’ve always amazed me Klaus. I’m glad that you escaped the brutality of Luca Blight… One with such a pure heart like your own should never have to endure a man like him.” The two men merely smiled at one another as a sudden comfortable silence grew between them.


“When did you plan to tell me?” Sierra looked to Lyra with sharp eyes as they slowly sat down on the high rooftop of the main school building. Resting a pale hand on the peaked roof, the mistress of the coven then sighed shaking her head. “You’ve always been so stubborn. About everything!”

Lyra smiled weakly as she folded her hands in her lap shaking her head in a calm manner. “I didn’t want to worry you about it.”

“You let that stupid story go to your head! It’s not like the star revolves around the moon! You’re almost as dense as Nash!” The words were spat vehemently into the twilight air that surrounded them causing her small shoulders to suddenly quake.

“Forever the Sun will covet the star and the moon… but because the moon must thrive on the light of the sun in order to shine, the star is forever destine to protect it from greed’s grasp. Beware the feint of heart, for the celestial runes are the enemies of your heart.” Giving a soft sigh, the girl with midnight blue eyes then dropped her head lowly allowing threads of pearl to veil her face. “The Cindar pounded that into my head for years… I was ecstatic when I finally met you…”

“You were such a child… But you were strong. You still are… but you must tell me! Why does the Star Rune feel so weak in comparison to thirty years ago? I remember the night as though it was yesterday…” The vampire turned her head in order to stare at Lyra calmly surprised to see the taller girl tremble in emotional pain.

“Hi-Hikusaak… I… For centuries…” So close she came to tears, yet none would fall as she closed her eyes tightly with unwillingness.

“That man… Lyra… tell me… tell me what happened over four hundred years ago… I thought he meant a great deal to you…” Reaching out a hand, Sierra gently let it rest upon the trembling shoulder only to have Lyra collapse into her arms quivering. “It’s all right… um… you know you can talk to me.”

“Ever a sister to me till the end Sierra… but as close as he was to me, my heart would not fall. I have steeled my resolve against any such thing. I will never love anyone, and sometimes I wonder… if that is why he allowed the Circle Rune to devour him…” Lyra shook her head almost violently as she clung to Sierra as though she were the last thing in life.

Brushing a small hand through her hair lightly, Sierra smiled almost maternally at the rune bearer in her embrace. “That isn’t your fault… he knew what burden you were forced to carry.”

He did, and Lyra knew he did, but that didn’t stop the blame. Didn’t stop how much it hurt when she thought of the cruelty he presented to her when he’d lost all of his sanity. “It was the end of the war…” Thus her story began and the memories came rushing like a flood knocking her deep into despair.

~ The lingering smell of war and death seemed to linger on the tangible air as a lone duo stood upon the rocky edge of a high cliff. Torrential winds ripped at their shadowed forms as the reddened sun dipped down below the western horizon. Moments of silence passed as neither moved and merely gazed at the blood-drenched ground below. Some smaller figures could be seen attending the dead and wounded while others remained bent and weeping. “Chaos… how is it that anything could ever be built from this? The stench of blood and death… it’s so thick I can taste it and wish to throw up because of it.” Turning her head slowly to her companion, long strands of pearl ripped about her face hiding an expression of pure disgust.

“Everything great has always had its beginnings within force. You should realize that Lyra, just as I have. I see this morbid scene as my blank canvas for the future…” The ashen blonde smirked ever so slightly as dark shadowed emerald orbs moved to glance at her. “I’ll begin a country of pure harmony. There will be a perfect balance with a strong religious sect that will protect the weaker classes…”

“You’re being a dreamer… No such thing could ever exist. Just because you’re now a true rune bearer, doesn’t make you a God… You’re not invincible.” A snarl partially contorted her lips as she finally turned to face him fully.

Smiling ever so faintly, he also turned to face her as a dangerous glint filled his eyes. “If… If I had ALL of them… then I could be. If you only helped me… together…”

“Together?” The lady scoffed at his words before she shook her head vehemently. “You’re ideas are pure ludicrous… and I want no part of them. I’m beginning to wonder if helping you in this war was even a good idea…”

“You had to… You were one of MY one hundred and eight stars. You were bound by destiny.”

As shot by a dart tainted with poison, she could only stare at him with wide eyes of midnight. “How dare you… has all of the power granted to you gone to your head? You’re not the man I agreed to help anymore. What you say to me now is nothing but poison and nonsense.” Glaring darkly, her eyes then narrowed angrily in his direction. “The you I see before me now, is not worth my time Lord Hikusaak.”

Growling lowly in his throat, Hikusaak gritted his teeth together momentarily before relaxing once again. Shrugging his shoulders, he then smiled at her smoothly before speaking in a gentle tone. “I’ll forget that… just remember… You’ll always be one of my highest standing citizens. I only wish you’d reconsider being a priestess at my side…”

A moment of thought was easing its way over her as her body slowly relaxed. Arching a silvery white brow, she finally turned away from him with a deep melancholic sigh. “Call me whatever you like Lord Hikusaak. I have no where to call home, so why not this country of yours?” Shaking her head slowly, she then brushed her hair out of her vision. “But mainly I’m doing this… to make sure you don’t get out of hand…” ~

Sierra only sighed as Lyra finally fell silent. “I never realized he changed so much. Before you spoke so highly of him… Yet still… I know not why the rune has weakened…”

“That’s because… it wasn’t till thirty years ago did I realize just how far he’d gone with his insanity. His greatest blessing and curse was his great intelligence with both science and magic.” Drifting off, she finally managed to stop shaking as Sierra stared forlornly up at the moon as she idly messed with Lyra’s hair.

“Then tell me… what happened to cause you to lose all of your faith in him?”

“It was actually thirty-two years ago that I first started to doubt him… It was then that he cut me deeply for the first time…”

~ “You’re sick!” Lyra snarled in disgust as the man before her smiled within his pride. Hikusaak merely dropped his head back in his throne like chair and looked with his deep green eyes to the floating crystal orb before him.

Clasping his hands together in a pleased manner, the lord and ruler of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia then turned slowly in order to beam at the older rune bearer with silver white hair. “Sick? I find myself purely ingenious.” A content sigh washed over him as he then gave her a warm and wanton look. “Beautiful Lyra… bearer of one of the twenty-seven true runes and the last heir of the Starcross clan. You’ve stayed by my side for over four hundred years and yet you still show no inkling of care for me. Yet ever faithful to me you’ve stayed even though you travel continuously. You always return to me…” Trailing off, the man’s eyes became distant and unfocused. “Lady Lyra… even more beautiful than the star you represent. But never to be tamed… Lyra… remember what I said those many years ago? About the true runes?”

“Yes… why?” Keeping leery watch over the man, her slender form couldn’t help but sway nervously at the conversation at hand. Even at his peak of power, he couldn’t touch her… but that didn’t keep her from being worried all the same. “A person can only carry one true rune though.”

“Yes… but I’ve learned how to remedy that.” A contorted laugh left his dry lips as a maniacal smile twisted them. Moving one slender hand from his lap, he idly waved at the orb fondly calling it to his hand. “My ‘children’… will bear them for me.”

“You can’t play God!” Jumping forward, the blue-eyed girl froze as they made out the figures floating in the gel like substance contained in the orb. Flesh… an eye… the beginnings of a human being. It was evident now to her, just how much she had let go by without intervention.

A heavy curtain of silence cloaked the room as the ash blonde smiled at her even more. The reaction to him was extremely pleasing. “Guards…”

At his raised voice, two men clothed in the blue and silver armor of Harmonia opened the door emanating fear from their eyes. “Yes, my lord?”

“Bring the prisoner in…” The two nodded hesitantly then motioned to some unseen men that soon shoved a small child into the room before once more exiting quickly. The door was slammed with a loud bang as the child yelped in fear and tried to escape. “Watch and learn my dear… This here is the inheritor of the true earth rune. Too young to fight much… But I’ll soon relieve him of his burden.” Slowly rising to his feet, Hikusaak brushed off the elegant Blue, silver, and white long coat before walking over to the small figure. Stopping just before the child, he then smiled and waved the crystal once again to his side. “Just close your eyes little one. It will only hurt for a little bit.”

Before she could find her voice, the child had already begun to scream out in pain as the eruption of yellow light filled the room. Crumpling to the floor in a lifeless manner, the child was soon unconscious and Hikusaak could only grin as he marveled at his orb. There in its crystal bounds lay the true rune glimmering softly and pulsing in a sort of confusion. “How could you?!”

Looking up suddenly at her outburst, the surprised look faded and he crossed the room to her. “Could I what, my dear? The child isn’t dead. Take a look…” Caressing her cheek idly, Hikusaak then raised his hand presenting the crystalline orb to her. “Soon my son will be born, and I want you to raise him for me…”

Trembling in a mixture of anger and disbelief, Lyra then glared at him before yanking away from his touch in repulsion. “What you’re doing is wrong!”

“Lyra… Lyra… silly girl. I won’t do it again if you promised to care for him.” Smiling in a smooth manner he then continued on in a purring tone. “I want a son of my own Lyra… and one that I can be with forever… surely you can understand that…”

There was wickedness in his orbs of emerald that told her he was lying, but her heart yearned to believe in him just once more. And to her amazement, the yearning won over her own cruel logic. “Very well… I’ll teach him… ONLY on the promise that you won’t do this EVER again…”

“Fine… Please…” Moving the orb into her possession, he then grinned to himself. “Take care of little Sasarai…”

Hesitantly taking the rune, she could only shiver as she let its power wash over her. “I swear Hikusaak… I’ll keep you to that… and should you break your word… I’ll make you pay.”

“But of course my dear…” Smiling a bit sadistically, he then turned completely away from her in a swirl of blue and white. ~

“Dear god! What kind of a man is he?” Sierra almost jumped from her spot on the roof accidentally knocking Lyra from her embrace in her swift action of anger. “How dare he be so cruel! Why did you let him get away with this?”

Lyra sat with her shoulders hunched a moment before turning her head to look at Sierra with forlorn midnight eyes. “I did… but only for two years…”

“That was when…” The mistress of the coven drifted off as she then slowly covered her mouth gently with her hand, crimson eyes widening to the brim. “Lyra… What did you do? That was when the Star Rune weakened… when you weakened.”

“You see… he called me again to laugh in my face as he presented the true Wind Rune to me in another orb. He thought because I’d been so passive all these centuries that I surely wouldn’t hold to my word. But as I held the wind rune in my hand and he kept calling it by name, I began to tremble in uncontrollable anger. Then before I could catch myself I had already summoned all of my strength and that of the Star Rune to weave a spell on him and the Circle Rune in order to lock them both in suspension…” Fidgeting slightly, she began to shiver as the now evening wind washed over her willowy form not quite able to go on.

“You didn’t kill him…”

Almost indignantly Lyra looked up at Sierra with wide eyes. “No! I couldn’t… he’s still the man I almost fell for. One I held in such high regards that when he did change he forever dealt a blow on my heart that would scar me until the day I die. I merely put he and the rune into a deep sleep.”

“The wind rune… that’s…”


“But he was raised by the seer and holder of the close gate rune, Leknaat.” Blinking in slight surprise, the female vampire felt her heart ache for the younger girl at her side.

“For five years I raised Luc together with his brother Sasarai…and for the first time in my life I stayed in one place for them. I never left their sides… But one night Luc was kidnapped from the Circle Palace and I couldn’t find him.” Shaking her head sadly, Lyra began to speak again slowly straying from the topic. “You know… Hikusaak named him I think Doric, but I was the one that changed it to Luc. I swore I’d never tell him or Sasarai about their beginnings, but that witch of a seer knows, and I’m sure she’ll break his heart. What hurts me now is… was I more so in the wrong to let them be born than if I had ended their lives before they even started? Even now I don’t know… All I know is that I couldn’t imagine my life with out them… How selfish I am…”

“You’ve been lonely for over six hundred years Lyra… I don’t think you’re selfish.” Sierra spoke softly as she gave her friend and charge a gentle and worrisome smile. “I’m sorry I scolded you… you were right to do that to Hikusaak. That man was vile to do such a thing. But do tell me… you did find Luc again did you not?”

Smiling ever so softly, Lyra managed to nod her head as she glanced up at the stars in the sky before looking away again. “Yes… I found him in the Toran Republic nine years after he’d disappeared… but I won’t bore you with that story.”

“Another day then… that brat isn’t really my top priority, but I think he would have turned out better had you raised him. All the same… he’ll be a fine young man.”

“Thank you sempai…”

“You’re welcome Lyra… I’m glad we were able to talk again…”

“As am I… we’d better get back before you’re Klaus gets worried.” A smiled etched her features as she watched a soft blush suddenly wash over Sierra’s cheeks unbidden.


It was well past midnight when they returned, but even then the men hadn’t really been that aware of their absence. That in truth didn’t bother Lyra, but it seemed that Sierra looked hurt when Klaus had smiled at her and casually asked when she had left. All the rune bearer could do was laugh as her close friend sat and almost pouted as the young strategist pleaded to know what was wrong.

Shaking her head slowly, she noticed that Nash was somehow absent from the group and searched the room with wide eyes until she felt a heavy hand rest on her shoulder. From the corner of her eye she saw the deep red hair causing a small smile to creep across her lips. “Is something the matter Seed?”

“I was about to inquire the same about you… If you’re looking for Harmonia boy, he said he needed to seek someone out.” Shrugging his shoulders lightly, the former general then smiled as he turned his gaze fully to the girl with platinum hair. “Could you do me the honor of taking a walk with me? Granted it’s late, and I won’t argue if you say no.”

Laughing softly, the swordswoman turned to face him arching a brow almost comically at the normally brash young knight. “Such manners… How could I possibly say no to them? I’d be honored to take a walk with you Sir knight…”

Scrunching his nose at her address, he then gave a frustrated sigh as he offered her his left arm in a gentlemanly manner. “If you are going to tease me on such matters then I may as well carry through, am I correct milady?” Shaking her head with a light laugh, she then graciously looped her arm into his slowly walking alongside him as he left the inn and the distraught odd couple. For a long time nothing was said as they walked down the moon washed stone paths of Greenhill where the only unnatural sound was the sound of their heels gently clicking. “It’s been a long time since I’ve slowed down in order to really feel how beautiful the world can be…” Pausing, Seed slowly turned his head to the girl beside him only to find her smiling serenely his way.

“We often find it hard to see something that is there all of the time and tend to take it for granted. It’s unfortunately human nature my lord.” Smiling still, the girl with platinum hair then looked to the scenery that was painted in moonlight giving it a monochrome sensation. “What is it that you wish to speak with me about? You are not one for idle words or pleasantries, though I will admit your company is appreciated.”

“You seem to know me well already then.” Dropping away from her side lightly, he then scratched the back of his head as he took a few steps into the center courtyard just in front of some unknown shop. Looking up to the sky, his face was then flooded over by the full light of the moon causing his skin to look even paler than it did it the light of day. “How much will you answer? Or what can I ask you? I find I will believe anything after the war… and especially now since I’ve become friends with my former enemy.”

“Quick and to the point I see. Instead of questions let me tell you what I can about myself… I am Lyra Starcross… my name is no lie and I’ve never truly bothered with giving myself any other title. I am a bearer of a true rune, but I dare not speak its name. Lady Sierra Mikain is both my mentor and my sister rune bearer… and I come up short only by a tad over 300 years.”

Eyes widening slightly, Seed then dropped his gaze to her and blinked a few times in surprise. “Nash says that Lady Sierra is nearly a thousand years old…”

“That makes me a little over six hundred I fear…” A gentle look of apology washed over her porcelain features as she then turned to look down the empty street with a sigh. “Is that enough for now I pray?”

Nodding slowly, the red head then smiled as he shook his head and shrugged. “It’s more than enough… I’m sorry that I pried. Tell me milady, has anyone told you that you look like the pure embodiment of a star? You remind me that the night isn’t as dangerous as I believed it to be… and reminded me of its beauty as well.” Laughing softly as the girl instantly gasped at his words, Seed then rested a hand on his hip as he smirked almost playfully.

“You’re words are flattery my lord and far exceed me.” Laughing as well, she then turned to give him a light smile before adding on. “I’m glad that we’ve met Seed. I would be honored to call you a friend and gladly watch your back in any combat.”

“Likewise Lyra… Can I assume that we both trust one another now?” At her nod he then smiled a bit more and looked back to the star filled sky with a lofty sigh as he then muttered words meant mostly for himself. “And maybe someday… I’ll find my rest and someone that will be at my side always…”

“I’m sure your future will be bright… unlike my own.” Melancholy touched her face, as she then looked to the ground unwilling to follow his gaze to the sky.

“A rune bearer is destined to live a lonely life I hear… but I believe that a person creates their own destiny…” Turning to see her look of surprise he almost laughed. “You should live as you see fit… not as another sees fit. Look at Klaus… He’s living his days peacefully with a thousand year old vampire as happy as can be. You can’t tell me that you couldn’t someday find that rest as well unless you yourself deny it. Happiness is what you make it Lady Starcross… No one can find it for you nor live it for you.”

“Truly you are wise for one so young Lord Seed. But the path I tread is that of loneliness and if I should stray in search of my own happiness, then the person I succumb to will live a life of pain. I must even question if it’s wise for me to travel with your lordship and Lord Latkje… After today…”

“We’re strong milady… You need not worry so. And if a person truly loves you milady… then the pain they experience will be seen as worth it. At least that is what I believe. It is what I hope for… For any that could learn to love me, would have to be so strong at heart to look past the bloodied life I led.” Lifting his hands slowly, heavy crimson eyes then locked on them for a long mournful moment. “But I wish you would travel with us Lyra… for your presence and wisdom alone for some reason comfort me. I’m sorry now that I ever doubted you.”

A smile of thankfulness overtook her as she suddenly moved to close the gap between them. Resting a hand on his shoulder she then shook her head lightly. “I’ll stay with you two as long as I can… I must admit that I’ve been rather lonely and I may be of some help to you.” Dropping off suddenly at the sound of footsteps, both raised their eyes in order to blink at the dark figure emerging from the distant shadows. It wasn’t long before they could finally exhale the breath they held as the moonlight suddenly highlighted the unmistakable form of Nash whom stopped in surprise at seeing them.

“Lady Lyra… Seed… Did I miss something?” Blinking a few times between the two, his gaze suddenly rested on the sight of her hand on the former general’s shoulder causing him to unexpectedly frown. He didn’t know why it had suddenly killed his light mood, but it did so efficiently, that he didn’t even wait for their answer as he shoved past them in the direction of the inn. “Is it just me or is it really cold tonight?” His flat monotone hit them hard as both jumped at the sound. “I’ll see you at the inn later.”

At this, his back retreated into the night and suddenly out of their sight. A pale hand suddenly moved to cover her mouth lightly as she bit her lower lip. Truly she didn’t understand why his words cut her so much. It didn’t seem natural coming from the blonde, and it made her heart quiver in pain. “I wonder what’s eating him…” Looking up at Seed’s concerned words, she saw him shake his head slowly before speaking in a dismal voice. “The nightmares must be getting to him… When we first met it hadn’t been such a big deal… Once in a while he’d have them, but after a week they started coming on a nightly basis. I hope they aren’t causing any mental damage…”

Shifting her gaze back to where Nash had disappeared, a look of curiosity suddenly swept over her features as she tilted her head to the side. “Has he mentioned what they are about?”

“No… The first one was about his sister… He told me that much… but when I asked if it was the same dream, he said it wasn’t. That it was something else entirely and not even apart of his life… I found it strange and dropped it due to his reluctance. We try not to pry…” Letting out a long breath, Seed then scratched the back of his head before looking to her one last time. “Let’s call it a night… I have a feeling we need to leave in the morning…”

“Yes… You’re right.” Still deep in thought, the two then made their way back to the inn in silence. Lyra felt almost smothered with the sudden pile on of information, and she was sure Seed felt the same. It wasn’t everyday he met a rune bearer that was six centuries in age, and she didn’t often go out of her way to make new friends if she could help it at all. For some reason everything was moving too fast for her liking, and she was sure it wouldn’t work out for the better. In all her life, she couldn’t think of even one time where that could be true. But frightfully so, the wheels of fate were once again turning, and she only prayed that Nash and Seed weren’t going to be the new victims in the game of cat and mouse she’d forever played.


“Is everything ready?” Looking up with inquiring crimson eyes, they then came to rest on Lyra’s back as she stood before a kitchen counter. Sitting perched on the opposite counter edge, Sierra allowed her feet to dangle before her almost in a child like manner.

Shrugging her shoulders lightly, Lyra then glanced over her shoulder with a look of slight amusement dancing over her face. “All except for the fact that they aren’t awake yet…”

Laughing softly at this, Sierra then placed a hand over her mouth as a smirk painted her lips. “It was easy to wake before Nash even when we traveled together. I’m lucky that Klaus is an early riser like myself…”

Arching a brow at this, Lyra then crossed the room to the iron stove where she gingerly began her work of making breakfast for her still slumbering companions. “About Sir Klaus… he’s very handsome and polite. I think you’ve chosen well.”

Turning a bright shade of red, the vampire instantly looked away scowling as she did so. “I can’t help that such a handsome lord such as Klaus caught my fancy. Even Nash caught my attention briefly. Could that be why you’re traveling with him?”

Choking at this, Lyra then spun about to wave a spatula menacingly in Sierra’s direction not at all pleased to see the smirk on the girlish face. “That’s not it! He was nice and so was Seed… I couldn’t very well let them gallivant off into the dark wilderness alone!”

“I assure you Lyra… they’re big enough to take care of themselves.” Still looking quite pleased with herself, she then leapt from the counter surface onto the ground lightly before crossing the room to the taller platinum haired girl. The blush that colored Lyra’s cheeks only caused her to giggle again as she peered around her at the batter that she seemed to be mixing. “Mm…” Taking a deep breath, the vampire smiled and her eyes began to sparkle. “I do love your cooking… you’d make such a lovely wife.” At the sound of Lyra choking again, Sierra nearly giggled more. “I’ll go wake your little makeshift entourage then…”

As the mistress of the coven then sauntered from the room, Lyra nearly fainted from the breath she’d been holding the whole time. It was getting harder to hide her reactions, especially when such an old friend was the cause of the discontent. Sighing softly, she didn’t even hear the door open or the light footsteps that slowly crossed the kitchen floor. “Good morning milady. Are you cooking this morning? It smells divine…”

The shock was too much to handle as she then jumped dropping the spatula to the ground with a series of clicks on the hard floor. Sighing in dismay, she then reached for it only to stop at the sight of her new companion retrieving the item first. Handing it to her gently, Klaus sent her a warm smile that she couldn’t help but smile for. “Th-thank you Sir Klaus…”

Nodding his head slightly, he then gently brushed his mahogany hair from his eyes before glancing at the food on the stove. “Pancakes? Oh please tell me there’s enough to share milady.” Laughing softly, he then tilted his head to the side sending her a wink.

“Of course… I couldn’t very well agree to feed Sierra without keeping you in mind as well Sir Klaus.” Smiling brightly, Lyra then turned back to her work not even flinching as she heard the yelp then thud coming from over head. “Speaking of which… I think Sierra has finally gotten them out of bed.”

Both began to laugh at this as she finally shook her head. Sierra was truly impossible and she had far too much fun driving Nash crazy. “Lady Sierra is truly something…” Klaus then sighed fondly as he then looked to her again. “May I help you with anything?”

“No… I’ve got it. Thank you though for your offer.” They didn’t wait long for the unkempt duo to enter with an ever smiling Sierra drifting in their wake. Shaking her head at the disheveled sight before her, Lyra then arched a silvery white brow. “Eh… good morning?”

Seed seemed to roll his eyes before rubbing at them and his tangled mass of hair. “What’s good about it?”

Trying hard not to laugh, Lyra then looked to Nash whom seemed totally engrossed in rubbing the back of his head as he scowled. “What the matter Nash?”

Though, before he could respond, a light sing song laughter filled the air and Sierra easily pushed past them smiling in her own private glee. “Oh… he had a little fall this morning. He’ll be just fine though.” Skipping then past Lyra, she stopped before Klaus and suddenly smiled at him brightly. “Good morning Klaus. Did you sleep well?”

Mumbling at this, Seed sent the small vampire a glare. “I did until you woke me up…” Glancing up at Lyra calmly, he then inhaled deeply before chuckling. “Please tell me that’s for us…”

“Yes… it is.” Lyra seemed uninterested as she answered him; too busy getting things ready to really pay any of them too much attention.

“Oh yes, you two should feel honored! I don’t like mortal food, but I will actually eat hers.” Sierra stated rather proudly as she hovered as close to Klaus as she could without making the poor strategist too uncomfortable.

“Well then, I suppose we’re in for a treat.” Seed then clapped his hands together before plopping down in a chair at the kitchen table.

Placing her hands on her hips, Sierra then marched over to Seed glaring at him imperiously. “You egotistical male, get up and offer to help her like a gentleman!” Thus the fighting began, and all Lyra and Klaus could do was give the two quarreling a nervous glance.

“Well… we may not be eating this morning if this keeps up…” Lyra almost sighed at the sight as she held the plate of pancakes in her hand shaking her head.

“Just go about things as though it’s normal.” Smiling at her brightly for the first time that morning, a disheveled Nash easily took the plate from her hands and headed for the table. Blinking at him in surprise, she watched as he casually sat the plate at the center of the table before starting a venture about the kitchen to find plates and silver ware completely oblivious to the two fighting.

Klaus only laughed at this before nodding his head and busying. “He’s right, once they realize that we’re eating without them, they’ll come to their senses.” With that said, he then went to find the milk and some glasses leaving Lyra to blink spatula still in hand.

Finally shaking her head, she began to laugh softly to herself as she picked up the butter and syrup on her way to the table with the others. Setting them down gently, she then removed the apron she’d donned for her cooking before taking the empty seat between Nash and Klaus. “Let’s begin then.” And almost as if on cue, both Seed and Sierra blinked and instantly turned red at the sight before them.

A time passed where all were silent until Seed finally grinned as he looked to Lyra. “Wow… this is really good.”

“I’m glad you approve Seed.” Laughing softly at the sight of Nash nodding in agreement, Lyra felt her gaze soften to a point it hadn’t since she’d last seen her charge Sasarai or even Luc. “I didn’t want you to venture out today without eating. While you slept in I prepared for our departure. We need to leave early in order to reach the border town to Tinto.”

“Well… at least one of us is organized.” Smiling softly, Nash then idly tapped his fork on his plate before looking up to Lyra. “Does that mean you’ll be traveling on with us? I was afraid you’d…”

“Leave you two?” Sending him a quick smile, she then shook her head slowly. “Didn’t I promise I’d travel with you? I won’t break a promise. Besides, sempai would go nuts if I stayed here and bothered her for too long.”

“Really. Please! Take her! She truly needs to lighten up.” Nodding haughtily, the pale features then turned into a smirk. “I don’t need to listen to her whine anymore, she’s making me lose my touch.”


“She had a touch?” At this Seed suddenly jolted away from Sierra as she sent him a dark look of warning. “Eh heh… sorry Lady Mikain…”

Breaking the tension there, Klaus then cleared his throat before smiling at them all. “I wish you all a safe journey. And should you pass through again, please stop by.” All nodded and once more settled back into a serene mood making Nash feel a tad uncomfortable. It was another feeling, a feeling that this was just the calm before the storm. Just like in his recurring nightmare…


TBC in Chapter Three...

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