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Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction
Legacy of Hearts- I'm a big Final Fantsy Freak and have been doing sketches of the charactors for a long time until I stumbled upon After looking over a ton of fan pics and fics I came up with an idea for using certain events in some of the games to kind of explore possible explainations for the newest addition to the Final Fantasy Family: "Kingdom Hearts". For those of you who have played both KH and FF have probably been wondering why KH could even possibly make sence. Well I can't tell you, but I think I've found the first pieces of the puzzle, enjoy.
Chapter 1: SeeDs of the Sky - August 18th, 2003, revised October 22nd, 2003
Chapter 2: Aftermath - October 22nd, 2003
Chapter 3: Door in the Stars - August 7th, 2005

Kingdom Hearts Fanfic