Legacy of Hearts Chapter 2


By Multiverser

The smell of blood and sweat dominates the rooms as nurses and doctors hurried through the makeshift infirmary. She keeps running for hours bringing needed supplies as fast as she can to doctors and offers her skills of magical healing to those whom needed it. Moans and screams of pain came from most of the beds as people struggle to stay alive. She make her way to the brig to tend to the captured wounded that would allow her. The captured soldiers fight to be released from their captors save one too hurt to move. He sits on the cold floor asking for help. Dr. Kadowaki summons some orderlies and a stretcher to move the soldier to a table. She grabs a pair of shears and cuts away the uniform around the wound. It took all her strength to not break down and cry on the spot. As the pressure of the tight uniform was lifted and the wound opened fully spilling blood onto the floor in a sickening splash. The soldier is dead, and he knows it. She tries desperately to close and heal the wound with her best magic, yet the attempt is in vain. And they all know it. Tiers roll down her cheeks as she listens to the man's final words. He thanks her for her efforts in an quiet voice. He prays a little and tries to comfort her and tell her that he accepts his fate. She summons all her strength to give him a small smile. He removes his ring from his finger and holds it out to her, The cross upon it almost glows as she accepts it. He tells her to take what he has in thanks for helping him. He lays back and relaxes his body. His breathing shallows, his heart slows, and he falls into sleep eternal. She grippes the ring tightly making her knuckles white and asks the doctor for leave to go. With a nod she quickly leaves to her dorm on the other side of the garden, and cries herself to sleep.

"...Sorsha?" Voices in the darkness.

"Who got her out of there?"

"That's what we need to talk about Headmaster..."

"What do you mean..." Voices trail off...one remains.

"Sorsha...tell me your alright honey..."

(I'm okay mom)

"She'll be fine..." another voice.

(Who...) A guiding light.

"How do you...oh." The light brightens and Sorsha blinked to see the blurred images of her mother and aunt.

"I told her..."Sorsha whispered weakly.

"Oh!" Rinoa smiled then turned to Ellone, "You meanies! I'm supposed to be the first to know, yet somehow I'm still second!" she shouted softly.

Ellone put her hand over her smile and laughed softly, "Sorry, I just can't help it sometimes."

Rinoa turned back to Sorsha and sat on the edge of the bed next to her, "How are you doing sweetie?"

Sorsha smiled, "I'm fine, where's..."

Rinoa suddenly jerked up as she realized," Squall...SQUALL!" she yelled.

A man's voice was heard outside the curtains, "Wha..."

"Mrs. Leonheart," Dr. Kadowaki mumbled outside," This is a quiet zone..."

"Squall get in here!" whispered loudly.

The curtain drew back and Squall stood in the opening, a smile across his face, "How's the old blade?"

Sorsha looked up to him and smiled,"The action needs some oil but the old piece of junk can still kick some ass...oof." Rinoa nudged her in the ribs.

"You need to stop hanging around Zell so much." Rinoa teased.

"Yeah, bad influence on a kid," Squall remarked with a smirk.

"Any wonder why I hang out with him?" Sorsha laughed tiredly. Everyone grinned. Sorsha looked around at all of the familiar faces. She knew they loved her and she was doing her best to make them proud, "Well it looks like every one's here except..."

From out side they heard a crash, Squall turned as if to check out what had happened, then stopped and buried his face in his hand. The girls giggled knowing what was about to happen. A slightly frenzied, sleep deprived, and ragged Laguna stumbled into the infirmary profusely apologizing to a nurse he ran into. "That man is a wreck," Squall mumbled,"Laguna, over here!"

Laguna stopped and slid back the curtain next to Squall. Seeing them side by side was always something. Laguna, president of Esthar, and Squall former SeeD Commander of Balamb Garden and Headmaster of Trabia Garden. Father and son.

Sorsha looked at all the faces surrounding her, then noticed something, "Where's Nida? I wanted to thank him for catching us."

No one said anything, room grew colder as expressions slowly changed from happiness to sorrow.


Yensid. The most powerful sorcerer in the world. Master of the elemental and arcane arts. The wise former master of the king himself..


(And the loudest snorer this side of the world) Gadget thought to herself as she tightened the screw on the new water pump. The old wizard wouldn't have to deal with drawing his water so much any more by the bucket full. She smiled a bit looking at man asleep and leaning on and old tomb. She had been coming to assist him for years now. He had never taken another apprentice, even the court wizard had to receive his training from someone else before moving into his own studies and specializing in battle ready spells. Yet the old wizard always let her into some of his knowledge of the arcane as a sort of repayment for her chores about his keep when she wasn't assisting the good doctor with his inventions.

Her tail twitched as she stepped back from her work. Everything seemed fine, but she still wanted to test it out before she left for home. She hopped off the platform and made her way to the latter at the wizards desk and began to climb. She quickly reached the top and made her way across the desk to the large book Yensid slept upon.


His snores were getting louder (and he would sooner or later wake himself up) Gadget thought. She looked around and spied the his quill. As quietly as she could, she lifted the quill from it's stand next to the ink bottle and aimed the feathered end a the Yensid's nose.


Gadget froze...A quickly tried to hide the quill behind her, which might have worked had it not been three times as tall as her. "Yes Master Yensid?"

"Would you please replace my quill and stop trying to tickle my nose with it?"

The mouse turned several shaded of red and quietly replaced the quill and climbed off the desk, "The pump is ready to test Master."

"Ah very good," The sorcerer sat up in his chair and stretched, "Proceed."

Gadget released the priming tank and flipped the switch to power up the pump. As the engine whines and came alive the room filled with the noise of the contraption. A moment later the hose produced a steady stream of water and refilled the priming tank. Gadget closed the tank and switched the pump off. "Perfect, now all you have to do is remember to fill the primer, then move the hose to what you want to fill."

"Thank you Gadget, now if I can just keep..." The hose leading from the room suddenly tugged the machine slightly, "GADGET! Where did you lay the line?!"

Gadget snapped her head around (Oh no), "The..."

A yell resounded through the halls, "AAAHHAHAHHAH!!"



"...over the..."



*BAM....BAM...BAM..BAM.BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM...WHAM!!!* The all too familiar sound of bookcases falling over one another in a domino effect sent both wizard and mouse into a state of misery as they finally heard the crashes cease and the faint moan of the keep's guard could be distantly heard, "...medic..."

Gadget sat down on the edge of the machine and hung her head in embarrassment. Yensid leaned back in irritation and put his hand over his face rubbing his forehead where an ache was forming, "Third time this month."

"Fifth if you count the study," Gadget sighed looking up, "So which book did you save from his wrath?"

The old man glanced at the book on his desk and smirked, "'The Lord of the Rings'."


"Why are they staring at us?" whispered Luke.

Radly leaned over to him, "Maybe they didn't believe us about the Iron Giant."

"But the entire team all..." One of the secretaries walked back over and both stood at full attention once more.

"Please have a seat and wait here for a moment until the instructor arrives."

Thy both took their seats and waited as instructed as they heard the secretary comment, "Can't be the same guys..."

"What do you think she's talking about?"

Radly smirked, "Perhaps our reputation precedes us."

Luke sighed, "What reputation...I mean other than both of us having screwed up every year for the past four years on our exams."

"Maybe they can't believe we passed."

"I can't believe we passed"

Zell walked into the room glancing over the roster as he approached the two students. He looked up and took a sip of coffee the secretary provided him, "Gonna be a long day." He glanced at the two in question and then looked again, "Have we met?" he said puzzled.

Radly and Luke stood at attention.

"Don't think so, sir," Radly piped up, "We're out of Esthar Garden."

Zell thought a moment, "Why are you back here in Balamb?"

This time Luke spoke, "Our leader was injured, she's in the infirmary here, the rest of our squad was called home."

"Ah... you were on Sorsha's team, great job!"

They both straitened with pride, "Thank you, Sir" They said in unison.




Zell turn over his sheets to the Esthar roster, "Don't see ya..."

"Oh try Raddison."


"Oh, you boys go by nicknames, okay, but what I need are you last names." Zell took a nice long drink of coffee.

They both looked a little embarrassed, "Oh right, Biggs."

Zell stopped.

"And Wedge"


Zell spat coffee all over the papers as the secretaries in the back cried out in laughter. Luke and Radly exchanged glances, confused.


"The order to evacuated was given at oh-nine-hundred hours on the grounds that a concentrated amount of time-space anomalies present within the structure were endangering the students. The frequency of these 'shimmers' were far beyond normal suggesting the possibility of artificial creation. Mission aborted, twelve wounded, three critical, and..." Squall sighed heavily, "...one...missing."

Cid leaned back in his chair, "Has his family been notified?"

"Yes Sir."

Cid sighed, "One of our best and worst moments." Squall stiffened, it had been a long time since Cid had used this tone, "We have approved and graduated more students with this test than with any other test we've assigned...but we have never lost anyone before...especially not an instructor...though we've had some close calls." Cid eyed Squall.

Squall remembered his test. It had been routine until the last. It had been boring guarding the main square against attack until they followed some troops to the communication station where they encountered a pair of soldiers repairing the systems. Coincidentally, they ran into them twice more afterward in both the desert prison and the Lunatic Pandora. When the orders were given to evacuate, they were pursued by some sort of machine through the streets of Dollet (I've never ran so hard in my life). In the end, Squall made it to the ship and Quistis let lose on it with an anti-aircraft gun mounted on the SeeD transports. (Quistis...)

Squall collected his thoughts, "Has Instructor Trepe been notified as well?"

"...She knows..."

"We will get him back sir."

"I know, Squall...I know. I just wish I knew what he was thinking going down there himself."

"The Ragnorok's transmissions were being jammed at the time the order to evacuate was put in under my authority, sir. He chose what he thought was the best course of action to relay the order leaving Selphie in the pilot seat. It's my..."

"Do not finish that sentence Commander." Said a voice from behind.

Squall turned to face Quistis as she walked through the door, her eyes red from crying, "Nida did the best thing he could do for those kids. No-one is to blame for his disappearance...and I won't have anyone take the blame." She bowed here head.

Squall stepped up to her, "We won't give up on him, Quisty."

Quistis looked up, "Neither will I."

Author's notes:

For Final Fantasy fans: Who saw the Biggs and Wedge thing coming? Please raise your hands...Whoa!

For Disney fans: Guess who the guard is. I swear if you can't get it you'll probably slam your head on the keyboard when I tell you.

Okay first off, I'm sorry, but there won't be any updates for a while. I'm outta here. Gone. Cya. Off the boot camp for the Air Force. I PROMISE not the forget about this. In fact I'll be thinking about this all during boot. Once I'm out, which will be right before Halloween (YES!!) I'll get back on track and even send in some pics I've done for this story and it's characters. I went back and fixed most of my misspellings in the last chapter. Now, believe it or not I didn't introduce any new characters, Yensid is the name of the sorcerer in fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and we should all know who the apprentice is, right? If you don't I suggest you either watch Fantasia, find out from a friend, wait till it is reviled, or jump off a cliff. Which ever is the easiest for you. Also please note: YENSID DISNEY. In the future I will probably only touch on the events and character from Kingdom Hearts, so if you're are reading it to hear more about more adventures from Sora, Donald, and Goofy, you're probably in the wrong place. I want to have these characters explore different worlds, and meet different characters that were not seen in KH. So once again sorry for the upcoming wait and thanks for reading.


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