Diverging Paths Prologue

By Link Kokori

Lavos screached with pain and terror.Crono, Marle and Lucca stood, dumbfounded, as the whole area around them started to waste away, the time periods flashing by as Lavos's death throes became the only capable sound in the whole area.

In a flash of light, Lavos disappeared.The core was gone.They had saved the world and time.

"Is it over?" Marle whispered, not sure if Lavos would suddenly reappear and destroy them in one fell swoop.

"It would appear so," Lucca said, holstering her gun.The core had gone quiet, almost to the point of nothingness.

"Well, let's leave, then," Marle suggested.

As they raced out of Lavos's empty shell, they sprinted to the Epoch.Hopping inside, Lucca pulled and pushed levers, and pushed down more buttons than Crono could comprehend.As the Epoch slowly started to waver above the ground, the Lavos shell was beginning to blast out streaks of energy.Flipping a switch on the panel, the Epoch blasted straight off, flying over the ocean just as Lavos exploded.

"Uh oh," Lucca said, looking wearily up in the sky.

"What?" Marle asked, and Lucca pointed in the sky.

Up, high above, the Black Omen fortress still floated, awaiting them.It's strokes of twisted architecture gleaming in the morning sun, blocking out the Sun Cave.

"Regroup at the End Of Time," Lucca said suddenly, and flipped the Time Dial.The Epoch roared off, and in a flash of combustible light, it disappeared.


Chapter 1

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