Diverging Paths Chapter 1

Important Meetings

By Link Kokori

"Well, I find this most troublesome," Gaspar said, from underneath his trenchcoat and bowler hat. "Most troublesome indeed."

"Well, what are we supposed to do about it?" Lucca asked, desperate for an answer.

"I don't quite know," Gaspar explained to her. "Lavos controlled the Black Omen.The Black Omen was a part of Lavos.When he died, it should have collapsed into the sea, washed away forever."

"Methinks thoust does not realize," Frog croaked, "that thee must return to thy Black Omen."

"You sure about that, Frog?" Crono asked, speaking for the first time after all of this had occured.

"Yes, dear Crono, I do believe I am correct."

"Well, who's willing to go with me?" Crono asked, drawing the Rainbow from it's sheath.

"I shalth go," Frog spoke up, whipping out the Masamune.

"Me go!Crono, Ayla strong, not afraid.Ayla go with Crono!" Ayla said(somewhat).

"Methinks we may need a wizard in our midsts," Frog announced.

"So, a wizard, eh?" a dark form said, seemingly from nowhere."You wish to destroy the Black Omen?" the voice asked, eerily familiar."That dreaded thing.It is nothing but trouble.A floating Ocean Palace."

The person behind the voice dropped from the sky, a black shadow.Running a hand over it's face, the form turned to that of Magus, the infamous wizard from 600 AD.

"Thy cannot trust thee completely," Frog croaked out, untrustworthy, "but thou shalt do.To Epoch, and to thy Black Omen!"

* * *

The Epoch blasted from the End Of Time, directly through to 12000 BC.

Disembarking from the "Wings Of Time", Crono, Frog and Magus stared at their surroundings...this wasn't how the Earthbound Village had been left.They had planned on getting some input from the Zeal survivors, but...what they saw in front of them now was...snow.A complete, desolate plain of snow.

"We shouldst returnth to Epoch," Frog suggested, hopping straight back into the vehicle.Magus crawled in, and Crono set himself in the cockpit of the thing.Flipping a switch, the Epoch lifted up off the ground.

"We should head into the direction of the map," Magus pointed out, flicking at the screen holding a computerized map."Right there's the Black Omen," Magus pointed at a blip on the screen, "so the Earthbound Village must be right here." he pointed near the end of the screen.Crono pushed a series of buttons, and Epoch drove itself to the destination.

"How is art doing this?" Frog croaked out a question, suprised at this sudden change in control.

"Lucca added a cruise control device where the guns were," Crono explained, 'just before we left."

As Epoch set down on a flat piece of land, Crono stepped out, and studied his surroundings.No Earthbound Village...had Black Omen destroyed it?

"Thee sees nothingness," Frog said.

"Well, it's nice to see some old friends drop by, now isn't it?" a familiar voice cackled.

"Huh?" Crono asked, dumbfounded.He drew Rainbow from it's sheath.

"Oh, it appears our little friend has gotten himself a new blade," another familiar voice stirred, and from Crono's hearing, it came from the left of the first voice.

"Now, we still have little Glenn around, do we?" an almost-feminine voice spoke up.

"We have you cornered," Magus said, from behind Frog."Come on out, buddies," Magus called to the voices.Footsteps were heard crunching the newly-dropped snow, as a plump blue figure, a tall, female figure, and a man with a sword sheath sticking to the side stepped into their view.

"Ozzie?!Flea?!And..." Frog drew off, not quite sure who the man was.

"Slash, you bumbling idiot!" Slash cried.

"What the...?We got rid of you!All three of you!"Crono exclaimed.

"Yes, you thought you did, but our good friend Magus, here, saved us from certain doom," Ozzie said."Now it's time to get rid of you."

"Black Cube!" Magus cried, and blackness overcame Frog and Crono.


Chapter 2

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