Diverging Paths Chapter 2

Let's Do The Time Warp!

By Link Kokori

High up inside the Black Omen fortress, an unconscious Crono started to stir.

"Wakey wakey," Ozzie giggled."Time for you to take a little trip."

Crono, groggy, looked around.In the corner of the cell, there was Frog.Crono, in his state, couldn't see it right now, but Frog was covered in bruises, scrapes and scratches.

* * *

Ozzie pulled Crono and Frog into the room."Magus, for Lavos's sake, could you install some elevators?" Ozzie asked, wheezing, as he dragged the heroes up to Magus's throne.

"Perhaps you should go on a diet," Magus snapped, and turned to Crono and Frog."Pity we won't be ending your misery," Magus told them, his voice dark, demanding, evil."Pity, we must be rid of you in such a way."

In some corner of the Black Omen, a warp stood, fluxuating, pulling from different realities, dimensions, and times. "So, this is how we eave our poor fools, thrown into the Black Gate?" Flea asked, obviously not happy with the current proceedings.Her(for gender reasons, I'm calling it her) foot tapped impatiently against the black steel.

The Black Gate was surrounded by a twisted monument...on the top, was a stauette of Queen Zeal, and the twisted effects Lavos has drawn surrounded the sides, curving in a perfect circle, ending at the bottom by a perfect replica of Lavos's shell, complete in all it's terrifying glory.

"Shall we be rid of them now?" Ozzie asked Magus, who stood there, his scythe out, waiting for the perfect time.

"Why can't we just kill them?" Slash asked.

"Because, there are several others, Slash," Magus explained to him. "If we simply kill these two, the others shall know, and we will be in worse trouble.There are some great magic- users in that group, Slash," Magus said, "and we don't want Spekkio to return, now do we?"

"Makes sense," Slash dumbly said.

Magus returned to the Black Gate.He stood there, still pondering, when he made a resounding yell of "Now!".Ozzie threw Crono and Frog into the Black Gate, which engulfed them like water.The Gate rippled, and closed away.

* * *

Crono fell through nothing...everything...realities...time.

No destination.All destinations.No questions to answer, yet a million to be asked.

What would happen to his friends?What would happen to him?What would happen to...


* * *

Cid Highwind checked the controls of Majestic, the newly-built airship.Far behind him, Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart sat on spare part crates, talking about something or other.Barret was sitting on the railing, grumbling about leaving Marlene with Mrs. Gainsborough.Cid chuckled at the fact of this...something that he never did before.There was no Cait Sith anymore...Reeve, the new President of Shin-Ra Inc., had taken him out of service.Damn, sometimes he missed that gambler.Yuffie Usigari was in Wutai with her father, the last time he heard.Red XIII had long since left into meditation in Cosmo Canyon.Vincent Valentine was probably hanging on the ceiling, somewhere.He definitely didn't want to look up and check.And immediately to his left, was Shera, his newly-wed wife.How the hell had she convinced me to marry her? Cid sometimes pondered during those nights inside the Majestic, tuning her up for her first voyage.

"We're ready to fly, so get any loose $#!& bundled up!" Cid called out, and pushed a lever forward.

Fans started to turn...faster and faster they went, and as they reached mazimum velocity, Cid flicked a switch, releasing the tethers, and Majestic ripped up into the air!Speeding above the clouds, Cid took the controls and did a loop-de-loop. "YEEEEEE- HAAAAAAWWWW!!!!" he cried, enjoying this with every last bit of energy he could muster.

Cid started to pull into a perfect straight flight plan...before literally pulling the stick forward and causing the Majestic to pull straight towards the water...Tifa cried out for Cid to pull up, and Cid happily obliged...at the last second, of course.Water was kicked up, splashing on the non-rust first-class steel.Pulling away from the water, Cid performed some more stunts, including a barrel roll and 360 U-turn.Content with the Majestic's flying abilities(and the fact that he didn't have any "pilot's rust"), Cid turned the airship to hover and sat down.He pulled a cigarette out, lit it, and took a deep, fufilling puff. "That kicked some serious #@#&..." he said.No one argued against it.It was all silent, until a large bump rocked the ship forward a little bit, and Cid slid down a few feet."What the %*^$* was that?!" he asked, and raced out of the main cockpit room.Sprinting up the steps, and out the door, he looked around, ready to kick whomever had bumped his ship back to the sea.He looked to the left...no one there.He looked to the right...no one there, either.Finally, he looked down, and just at his feet, there was...a kid with spiky-red hair and a tennage-sized frog?!

"Rrrrrriiiibbbbbbbbiiiiitttttttttt..." the frog groaned.It was covered in bruises and scratches.Hopping up to it's feet, it pulled out a sword that looked to be impossible for it to carry.

"Who areth thee?" the frog croak-asked, it's broad sword held right in front of it.

"Holy #%&%...a talking frog," Cid whispered.

"Cid!What the..." Cloud said as he ran onto the deck.Looking at a teenage-size frog with a broad sword in it's hands was, well, unusual.

"Crono!Thy needs thee help of thou!" the frog whispered to the spiky-haired boy.

"Uggghhh...what the heck happened?" the boy groaned.

"Crono?Thee is awake!"

Crono pulled himself up, and pulled the Rainbow out.

"Frog, who are these people?" Crono whispered to the frog.

"Thee doesn't knoweth of these people," Frog said.

"Well, then they're a threat!" Crono said, and jumped high into the air, bringing his sword down on...Ultima Weapon.A sword twice the size of his!Crono din't mind.He and Cloud danced out a fight, majestically, beautifully, with parries, blows, strikes, blocked, blocked, blocked.The two were of equal power...and equal stubborness.Neither backed down.Cid still stared at the talking frog.

This is going to get ^%#*(& confusing, Cid thought.


(Author's Note-This story will get more involved.I don't even know what's going to happen next...perhaps Aeris shall return?Or maybe Sephiroth?Perhaps...Yakra?Nah.Well, this is a cross-over...you never know for sure...)


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