Redemption Prologue

By Katie Herdman

The wind whipped up leaves and rubbish lying on the pavement. The stars twinkled in the eternal night sky of Deling City.

No one was outside at this late hour; it was a time for all things of evil to make their rounds, taking the foolish traveller who dared to wander their streets.

A vampire suddenly flew out of a nearby alley, its landing made it explode into dust, the ashes scattered in the wind. A shadow moved from the alley, dressed entirely in black, so to hide better. The face was last to show in the glare of the nearby street lamp, the only light source.

Ling picked up her fallen crossbow from the fight and disappeared back into the shadows of the city, a figment of the imagination for anyone who had seen her.

From an alcove across the street, someone watched her leave, knowing she was real, knowing it was soon time.


Quistis Trepe walked the lonely beaches of Balamb, the walk she took was the only comfort she got now. Everyone was busy getting on with his or her own lives, new missions. Squall and Rinoa had gotten back together about eight weeks ago, but they were still timid around each other. Squall was quieter than ever, he never wanted to open up at all. Rinoa also seemed hidden inside a shell.

Quistis knew that he went the Andria’s grave sometimes, he still had feelings for her that only Quistis saw, and he would never admit it.

Zell was going out with a girl; she was called Alisha or something like that. Irvine was still after Selphie, although he still hadn’t told her how he felt, it was sort of an on, off relationship, nothing serious had happened. Somewhere in this life, Quistis had been left behind.

Now walking up the hill, Quistis came to Andria’s memorial plaque and sat down beside it. It had been a year since she had died, and two months since Seifer, his gang and Vincent, Sia and Ling had gone. They had left during the night sometime. They had not been seen at all afterwards, it was like they had vanished, but no one could do that.

“At least it’s easy for you now,” she whispered to the wind, hoping Andria would hear her. Andria, who had sacrificed her life for them all.

Quistis wished she could go back and say sorry, even after it had all come out about her and Squall. If she could willingly give up her life for them, after all that had been said, then she was okay.

Quistis stood up and turned to go. It was time to get back to Garden; they would be wondering where she was.

Chapter 1

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