Redemption Chapter 1

By Katie Herdman

“Hey Quisty, Where have you been.”

Selphie ran up to Quistis. They were outside the entrance, “We were gonna go look for you. Are you still coming tonight?”

“Yes,” Quistis replied wearily.

They were going to have a big graduation party for some new SeeD’s. Quistis didn’t want to go, she was still thinking of a way to get out of it.

“See you round eight then.” Selphie ran off, probably looking for Irvine.

“Everyone’s got something to do but me.”

She then wondered if she should look for Squall; see if anything had happened lately. No, if he wanted her, he could find her.

Sighing, Quistis walked slowly to her dormitory; perhaps she could sleep and pretend she had forgotten about the party.


Quistis did oversleep. She woke up at eight thirty to Zell hammering on the door, asking if she was ready yet. She threw on her uniform and tidied herself up as much as possible before she emerged.

“What took you so long,” Zell asked, “they sent me here to find what you were doing.”

Dammit Zell, she thought, why couldn’t you just let me sleep.


Squall didn’t understand why he had to come to this party, so what if he was the commander, it was really boring. Rinoa had disappeared with Selphie somewhere and everyone apart from him and Quistis was having a good time. Quistis was at the other end of the ballroom, sulking in a corner, trying to pretend the world wasn’t turning.

Squall felt depressed when he looked at the party going on, Andria had been at his graduation party, but no matter how hard he pretended, she wasn’t here; she was gone, dead, flown on the wind, like Raine his mother.

Over the dancing floor Squall saw Quistis get up from her corner and walk out of the hall, she must have had enough.


That’s it, thought Quistis, I’ve had enough moping here, it’s not like I’m needed. “Quistis,” Rinoa called over, “where’re you going?”

“I need some air,” Quistis called back.

Rather than going to the balcony or to the Quad, Quistis decided to go right outside, all of a sudden the whole Garden seemed wrong to be in.

Stepping outside, the cool air hit her; it felt wonderful. She stayed there for a few minutes, feeling better.

The truth was, she was bored now, with SeeD. Since the trouble with Andria and her brother, the regular missions had been different. Everyone had been changed last year.

Seifer had commented on the same thing, just before he had left. She desperately wanted to know where he had gone, if he was up to his old tricks or if he was with Vincent. Nothing, though, he had vanished.

Quistis was getting cold now. A breeze had sprung up and the night had turned from cool to chilly. She decided that maybe it was time to call it a night. She could answer their questions about why she had left, in the morning.

Walking past the library, there seemed to be a noise coming from there. Quistis didn’t have her Save The Queen with her, she was completely defenceless, and if what was in there should attack her. It wouldn’t matter if it did kill her, it would only save her the trouble of something else, or if she died of boredom.

Walking up the corridor, she saw the light was on, but there was silence now. Advancing further Quistis stepped inside the library.

On the floor lay a strange thing, a demon, but it was dead, something had killed it. Before she could run and get Squall, something was clamped over her mouth, she couldn’t breathe. Within moments she was unconscious.


“Why did you do that?” Fujin stepped out from the shadows behind Seifer.

“I had no choice, she might have got away and informed puberty boy about us.”

Fujin shook her head and knelt down next to Quistis, “What are we gonna do with her.”

“I was thinking we could take her back, she has a boring life here in the Garden, it might be more interesting if she joined us.”

“Why do you think she’d join us?”

Seifer smirked and picked up Quistis. “I know.”

With that they left the library, the demon still lying on the floor.

Chapter 2

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