Hidden Pasts Chapter 3

By Katie Herdman

Rinoa didn’t like her. The first and only thing Andria said to her was,

“So you’re a sorceress…sorry.”

Then she had walked away. There was nothing wrong with being a sorceress. Apart from some were evil and tried to take over the world, but not all were like that. Rinoa thought she was prejudiced and demanding. She made all the men, even Squall carry bags of what her friends called supplies to the ship, and when asked why, all she replied with was,

“Because I asked them to.”


When first arriving on the ship, Andria and Vincent briefed them about what they had seen and more. Andria had also been briefed about the strange goings on in the Garden.

Squall found it hard to swallow, but a lot of weird things were happening lately, most of all was the dream. He had been told by a little girl in his dream to find her and he had without knowing. The girl in his dream was Andria Perne.


Squall was shocked so he had carried the bag she asked him to carry. There were also the men that weren’t human; apparently they were demons. However the demons weren’t even closely as weird as Andria. How had he dreamt something like that? Did the strange light have something to do with it? It must have knocked him out somehow, but why or rather what killed that student.

            “Hi Squall, can I talk to you for a moment,” asked Rinoa.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“It’s about Andria. I just don’t feel comfortable with her here. Actually I don’t like her. I think she’s prejudiced and selfish.”

“So why are you telling me this Rinoa?” Squall said, more harshly than he meant.

“Because I thought you were my boyfriend,” she replied raising her voice. Why was he being like this?

“Squall, please tell me what’s wrong. Ever since the party you’ve been like this. You’re like you used to be.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” he replied softly then pulled her into an embrace.


            Irvine offered Andria a tour around the Ragnarok before they reached Timber to pick up Andria’s other comrades. Vincent went up to the bridge where Quistis and Zell were.

“That girl in blue, what’s her name?”

“Rinoa,” answered Quistis.

“Yeah. She doesn’t like Andria much, and I’m only saying this as a friend. She better be careful, Andria is nothing like anyone you ever met.”

“Thanks for telling us, we’ll keep it in mind,” said Quistis,

“Rinoa can take care of herself, she thought, she knows what she’s doing.


            “What are you humming,” asked Irvine.

“A tune my mother used to sing to me,” replied Andria.

“What was it called,” asked Irvine, pretending to be interested, he’d read somewhere that it was the best way to get a woman, pretend you wanted to know about them.

            “You’ve got no chance with me,” Andria replied smiling cheekily.

Irvine just looked at her dumbfounded, she had read his mind.

What a woman he thought, and then blushed when she smiled sweetly at him. She definitely was a girl to have fun.


When they’d finally landed outside Timber, everyone walked to the entrance. The sun was just coming up on the horizon and it looked wonderful.

“Hey, over here,” a voice shouted.

“Sia,” cried Andria, running over to hug her good friend.

“So how’s everything been,” asked Drew behind Sia, trying to catch his breath.

“Fine, but you’re out of shape,” replied Andria, smiling at her friends,

“This is Mr Squall Leonhart and his friends. They were sent here to, well, hire us. It seems they’ve had a murder and they apparently need our help.”

“Hey you’re the boy form the picture, what were you doing in Garden,” said Quistis. She then showed Drew his picture in the Quad.

“Right, ummm… I used to be enrolled in Garden,” Drew replied looking slightly uncomfortable.

“What happened,” asked Zell.

“Look it’s not important right now,” Andria said,

“Squall, you and your team wait here, we’ll be back soon.”

“No,” Squall said,

“Rinoa, Irvine, Selphie and I are coming with you. Your people stay on board”

“Fine, but Vincent comes,” answered Andria, dryly.


 “Hey I know this pub, why are we here?” asked Rinoa.

“We’ve got some business to do,” answered Vincent, “now be quiet,” he urged.

            “Purson, how are you,” grinned Andria, there was a wicked look on her face like she was enjoying herself,

“So is there anything you’d like to tell me, perhaps about Leraikhe and what he’s been up to lately.”

“No, now get lost,” he answered.

Purson was a little troll of a man. He was in about his late 30’s with fair hair, which was slightly turning grey. His clothes were simple, trousers, and a t-shirt. He was sitting at a table with another man playing triple triad, but the man had vanished as soon as he had seen Andria.

“Now that’s no way to treat your friends,” she remarked, smiling in a sly sort of way.     

“I never said I was your friend, now like I said before get lost.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. Looks like I’ll have to hit you.”

“Look I might…”

“You wouldn’t dare,” said Rinoa, butting in, “don’t tell her anything Purson.”

“Stay out of it, you have no idea what’s going on,” growled Andria,

“Continue Purson.”

Vincent started to pull Rinoa away from Andria.

“Rinoa’s right,” cried Selphie,

“How can you be so mean to that man Andria?”

“Listen, Selphie I have a job to do,” she said,

“Come on Purson, what’s he been doing. I know you know”

“I’m not gonna tell you anything.”


With that Andria turned round and punched Purson hard in the face. Everyone heard a cracking, which sounded awful. Squall and Irvine caught Andria and held her back.

“Bitch that really hurt.”

 Purson got up off the floor, but his face was different. His face had become grossly inhuman. There were ridges along his cheekbones and 2 horns on the top of his head. His face had changed colour too. Instead of being fleshy it was a dark red. His eyes blazed an evil yellow. His hands had become talons.

“Well that’s a sight that I’ve never seen before.”

Squall turned to see the person behind him. There stood Seifer, smirk and all. Behind him were his faithful companions, Fujin and Raijin.

Purson suddenly ran from where he was and sprinted out the back door of the pub.

Andria followed in hot pursuit. Out of the street and up the steps towards the T.V station. Seeing that he would get nowhere, Purson climbed over the rails and hung there precariously.

“You’re gonna die Andria, he’ll find you and kill you. There’s nowhere to run, no where to hide, he’s after you and he won’t rest till he’s found you,” he warned. Terror showed on his face.

“Listen Purson you don’t want to do this. I promise I won’t hurt you if you will just come off the rails,” Andria pleaded.

Even though he never wanted to, Purson had always helped her.

Purson then sighed and continued, “There is no way out, if I don’t do this then he’ll kill me.”

“Who’ll kill you?” asked Squall. 

Purson ignored Squall’s question.“ Listen Andria, be careful he knows you have it and he’ll do anything to find it, more than you can imagine.”

            Purson then turned around and looked over the whole of Timber. “He’s here,” he suddenly cried and from behind Raijin a figure emerged from a cloud of black dust that had appeared. The sun had hid, afraid to watch what would happen next.

            A young man with raven black hair and handsome, defined features walked up to Andria, for the moment ignoring the traitor that he had originally come for. His black cloak floated behind him. His face, twisted with evil and malice. He created an air of evil around him.

            “Hello Andria, it is a… pleasure to see you again.”

His words cut through the now icy air. The wind picked up as if obeying his every whim.

 “I gather this isn’t a social visit,” said Andria sarcasm creeping in,

“What do you want?”

“I’ve just come to collect my property,” he replied.

He then turned and looked at Purson.

A pain came over Purson, excruciating pain in his gut, like something was tearing out his insides. He clutched at his stomach, forgetting where he was. As he fell he looked up at Leraikhe and Andria. The same yet complete opposites. The pain hit him hard now. 

“Inanna,” he whispered looking at Andria again.

She did not know yet that her fate had been decided millennia ago. In those few seconds he died before he hit the ground.

“At least he died peacefully,” said Leraikhe, smiling evilly, “and my message worked, they found you Andria.”

“You contacted them! You killed that SeeD,” she spluttered.

 “All will become clear in time,” replied Leraikhe.

With that he disappeared. The whole group was in shock. Vincent finally broke the silence. “Come on every one, let’s get back,” he said. “What even him,” protested Irvine, pointing to Seifer.


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