Hidden Pasts Chapter 4

By Katie Herdman

            “Who was that man?” asked Vincent.

They were back at the Garden. Seifer and his posse had come with them. 

“You mean YOU don’t know,” shrieked Selphie.

“It was Leraikhe, my brother,” muttered Andria, the memory too painful to think about.

“What!? Andria, why did you never tell us,” said Sia, hurt a little by her friends’ secret, “we’re supposed to be your friends.”

“I know. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t.” Then Andria ran out of the room. She didn’t want to see anyone at the moment. Her own brother had killed someone, someone she needed.

                Then to top it all off Seifer spoke up, “Picked a great girl there Squall. She’s supposed to help you. What a basket case”

“Shut up,” Zell growled. “Chicken-wuss is ordering me about,” Seifer said, smirking at his success to get a rise out of Zell. “I told not to…” Zell shouted, his voice getting louder. Quistis then quickly intervened, “Both of you, pack it in.”


            Andria walked round the garden, not really caring. They didn’t understand what had happened. The running and the hiding in case he found them, her own brother trying to kill her.  In a way, he had succeeded.

            “Andria,” a familiar voice cried out. “Edea, wow, you seem pleased to see me.”

“Well usually I wouldn’t be, but this is too much for them to understand, or cope with.”

The former sorceress sighed and continued, “ one thing though, don’t try to make Squall remember, last time you left he was heartbroken, I don’t want it to happen again.”

“Maybe it would…” Andria trailed off as Edea shook her head.

“I don’t like you here at all, but we need your help. After that you can go on your way, and they can forget about you again.”

“Well it’s nice to see you welcome me,” Andria remarked as Edea walked off.


            Squall was looking for Sis, but she was no where to be found. As he came to the front of the Orphanage, he saw a tall woman talking to Matron and there was a small girl hiding behind the woman. She peeked out to look at him, but then quickly hid again when she saw him looking at her.

Curiosity got the better of her and she looked round again.

“Hi,” she said faintly, then ducked back.

Squall walked round the back of the woman and got the fright of his life when she screamed and ran away.

“What’s her name,” he asked Matron.

“Andria,” replied the stranger, smiling. Around her neck was an odd necklace. It seemed to dance in the fading sunlight. A flash of light then made him close his eyes.


            He awoke with a start. For a second he didn’t know where he was and then he realised that he was in his own bed and it was the middle of the night. He couldn’t stay in bed any longer, he had to get up.


            Walking round the Garden usually relaxed Squall, but tonight there was something else there, evil and unseen. There were too many things buzzing around in Squalls head. Questions, without answers. Why was he dreaming about Andria at the orphanage, she hadn’t even been there.

            A strange sound woke Squall up from his thinking. Footsteps, in front of him. There was someone there, trying not to be heard. Squall silently reached for his gunblade and quietly walked after the sound.

            Along the 2F corridor and up the stairs Squall followed the sound. Because it was dark here, Squall couldn’t see the person in front of him. The figure opened the door leading up to the balcony and stepped through. Keeping his gunblade in front of him, Squall followed and opened the door, ready in case of combat.

            “Hello Squall.”

The silent person turned out to be Seifer.

“What are you doing out this late?” asked Squall carefully.

“Well you know I decided that I would join the other team and become evil again as I was so good at it the last time.”

A look from Squall made him shut up.

“Really Squall, I couldn’t sleep any more and I got up for a walk. Seeing you made me want to pull a joke on you,” Seifer said, although there was something he was holding back.

            Seifer then turned and looked at the sea. They were riding over it. Squall prepared to retreat when Seifer said something that made him freeze, “You like Andria, don’t you. There’s something about the way that you look at her, like you know her really well.”

                “Shut up Seifer,” said Squall, then turned to leave.

                “Be careful Squall, you don’t want to hurt anyone.”

                Squall ignored him and left.


“Everything is in order, soon the light will fall,” Leraikhe said, “the traitor is dead as you willed.”

“Yes, but I desire the stone of Viviah. She must have it. The ritual cannot be completed without it.”

The voice answering Leraikhe was deep and raspy. That voice sounded out the screams of a thousand tortured souls begging for salvation.

“As you wish,” replied Leraikhe, “how many do you wish dead for me to get to it, I could destroy all her forces, if you wished.”

“Only kill who you must, but leave her alone, we need her alive.”

“It shall be done,” said Leraikhe.

The stone was the most important thing to his master, along with his sister. For as long as there is good, there shall be evil. One cannot live without the other.


Walking towards the cafeteria Ling was only thinking of one thing, coffee. She hadn’t slept well in the SeeD’s beds, probably because she didn’t sleep well wherever she was.

“Morning Ling, come and sit down.” Andria pointed to a chair next to her.

Picking up a cup Ling sat next to her.

“Ling are you okay? You look really tired,” Andria said.

“I’m fine,” she replied, brushing off her friends concern, “you know how well I sleep, or rather don’t.”

Rinoa then entered the cafeteria. She looked at Ling and Andria, then turned and walked to a table at the other end of the room.

“She really doesn’t like you,” said Ling.

Andria smiled slightly and nodded.

“She was wrong about Purson. It’s always hard for a person to admit that they’re wrong.”

“How? It was never hard for me” asked Ling.

A scream made them abandon their coffee.


                Drew had been walking to the Quad for some fresh air when someone grabbed him from behind. Something cold held onto his neck.

He screamed, it was the only thing he could do as terror had invaded his body. He closed his eyes, wanting to shrink away from the feeling. A voice suddenly made him open them.

 “Leraikhe, let him go.”

Andria saw Drew look at her weakly. Leraikhe was gripping his throat tightly, not wanting to let go.

“Andria, I will kill him unless you give me the stone.”

“What stone?” asked Ling.

Andria just swallowed.

“How does it feel sister, to be helpless all of a sudden, to have to make a hard choice. You always act so tough and carefree. What shall you do now.”

                “I don’t have it,” she said.

Leraikhe laughed bitterly, “Your lies will not save you his time.”

Andria grew whiter. She could not give up the stone. It had enough power to destroy the world, and Andria knew that Leraikhe knew that.

                “Your call,” he said and so he snapped back Drew’s head.

Drew’s lifeless body slumped to the floor. With a laugh, Leraikhe disappeared.  Andria and Ling rushed to Drew, but it was too late, he had died. His cold eyes rested on Andria. A tear dropped on his forehead from Andria. Crying, she closed his eyes.

Behind her and Ling, Rinoa looked on. She shivered for a cold breeze came over her. Evil had invaded their Garden once more. There was a puzzle here, but Rinoa didn’t know how to solve it.


Later Drew’s body was lowered to the ground. As both Andria’s and Squall’s group gathered round Andria turned to them all.

“Drew was never meant to die now. Because of this I will not stop fighting. I will rid this world of evil, or if I can’t then I will die trying. I ask you all now, will you help me?”

Ling, Vincent and Sia nodded.

Andria then looked at Squall, “ How about it, wanna save the world again.”

A yes shouted out from Irvine, Selphie and Zell.

Squall glanced at them and then at Rinoa, it looked like she didn’t want to. Rinoa read his mind and said, “I will help.”

Quistis nodded and Squall turned to Andria, “We will help.”

            “What about us,” asked Seifer, “puberty boy’s group gets to help.”

“Didn’t think you wanted to help save the world, last time you helped try to destroy it,” muttered Zell.

Seifer was about to respond when Andria stepped in, “ Seifer, I would greatly apreciate your help.”

            “Not again,” moaned Raijin.


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