The Atkascha Secret Chapter 7

The Mercenary Naomi

By Dookie

Skylar had been waiting at the top of her fortress that night. Where was Naomi? she wondered. Wherever she was, she must be close. It was getting later by the minute and they had expected her to be there tonight.

Standing up from her couch, she walked to a small desk by a window. She opened a drawer and took out a small pouch which had the exact money Naomi would be awarded for succesfully completing her mission. Her last mission was to find out who was taking control of Limberry now that Marquis Elmdor was gone. She was sure someone would take over such a well developed kingdom.

A dark mist appeared in Skylar's room, after the mist vannished a woman who was hidden in a gray cloak and only had her eyes visible through a wrapping appeared. She had her arms tucked insid of her cloak and stood up straight.

"Ah, Naomi." Skylar spoke, showing her the bag of gill.

"I have completed your last request. Limberry is being taken over by Olan Durai. He has intentions of turning things around, he is Orlandu's step son, he should prove to be a worthy successor to Limberry." her voice was almost a whisper.

"How on earth did Olan manage to take control over Limberry?" Skylar asked, interested.

"Apparently Queen Ovelia had some part in it. I didn't get much information on that part, but my mission was only to find who was the successor."

Skylar hesitated and then tossed her the pouch. Naomi's arm reached out from it, revealing a gray piece of armor, she caught it and withdrawled her hand inside the cloak.

"If my buisness here is done," Naomi began.

"But it isn't. Naomi, we would like you to take on another mission from us."

If Naomi's face wasn't hidden beneath a wrapping, Skylar could see the delighted smile of hers. She needed the money. "What is it?"

"We need you to find out who is supporting these rumors that TiTAnS have been the cause of Queen Ovelia's death. Whoever is damaging our reputation must be stopped. Once you find out who is the source of these awful rumors, I want a report on their allies and leader's complete background. Complete the job in full and you will be handsomely rewarded."

"Ofcourse." Naomi said with a nod. "I assume you need to know this information to find Queen Ovelia's real murderer?"

Skylar nodded. "Yes. I need to know so we can expose them and have them pay propper charges for their actions. We can't have our reputation damaged. We'd lose our only ally."

"Ally? Who's that?" Naomi asked, completely unaware they were allied with anyone.

"The Shrine Knights. Meliadoul Tingel is forming the knight's again."

"Hmm..." Naomi thought this over. "Interesting. I'll return within two days with a full report." she said and dissapeared into the night.


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