The Atkascha Secret Chapter 8

Billy Clammet's Attack

By Dookie

The next morning, November 12th, was a cool winter morning. The sun was shining brightly, and the first snowfall had begun. Many people had locked themselves in their homes, but others stayed outside, awaiting King Delita's rumored visit for the day. Billy Clammet was one of them.

"Billy Clammet?" came a voice from behind Billy. He was occupied by packing his chocobo's saddle bag with goods. He was planning on heading east towards Limberry for the winter. Who was it? he wondered.

He turned around. "Yeah?" he said before he got a good look at the man's face. It was a knight.

"I've been sent on orders by King Delita to request your presence in his castle."

"W-why?" Billy asked. He was scared. Did King Delita know he knew and was going to murder him?

"King Delita requests your presence to discuss your wares. You are a famous merchant, he figured you would have the rare remedy he needed." The knight was telling Billy all he knew. He had no idea that once he escorted Billy back to the castle Delita would slit his throat, place a dagger in his hand and have him brought back to his home.

"Oh..!" Billy said, believing him. "All right, let me grab my bags." he took the saddles off the chocobo, threw it over his back and followed the knight to a chocobo. He was going to get big bucks from the king. What kind of remedy did he want?

When they arrived at Delita's castle, Billy was immediately escorted to a room where he would be alone. With Delita.

"Ah, Billy Clammet." Said Delita, turning from a window. He looked to a knight telling him it was okay to leave. The knight took the signal and left. "I've heard of you."

Billy began to get a little nervous again. Delita had a knife in his hand. It was an old rusted one though, not like the royal knife from before. "Y-yeah? I... I'm surprised... And flattered that you've heard of me.. Sir."

"You know why you are here, Billy. It's not because I need an herb. You've come because I've heard of the rumors."

"They aren't 'rumors'!" Billy shouted. "I saw you. You murdered the Queen." Billy was clasping his hands on a dagger to his side.

"You're going to attack me, are you?" Delita had asked looking him over pitifully. What a weak man, he thought.

Billy faltered as he unsheathed the dagger. He would kill Delita if need be. Soon enough Delita had said exactly what he thought.

"Go ahead. Kill me and you'll be searched for your whole life."

"Queen Ovelia will be avenged though, I will be doing right. I will know it no matter what happens to me."

"Then go ahead. If you don't kill me, I'll kill you..." he said, remembering the words he had said to Balmafula. He had only ended up injuring her, but he would have to kill Billy.

Billy charged at Delita, and almost too easily stabbed him in the stomach. Delita smirked. That was his plan. Billy would stab him, and then Delita would kill Billy, making it look like Billy had attacked him. He had planned on slitting his throat and putting him in his home, but that would bring too many questions from his knights on why Billy was dead in the first place, and eventually the knights would deliberately or not spread word to Gariland Delita had really killed Billy.

Unsheathing his sword, Delita stabbed a sword through Billy's stomach, thrusting it upwards. Yes, this was why he killed. To see the look of their faces just before they died. This helped satisfy all the anger he had gotten for Teta's death and his life as a street rat. Wouldn't Algus's jaw drop to see him now? A King... Delita's only regret was not killing Algus himself. Ramza had taken that pleasure away from him, along with many other's he could of had... Some friend, he thought.

Billy's eyes slowly closed. Blood dripping to the floor, the last thing he had seen was Delita's feet as he fell to the ground. The last thing he heard was Delita's voice "Guards!". He shouldn't of come... He was gullible, and because of that, Billy Clammet was dead.


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