The Atkascha Secret Chapter 6

Request To Orbonne

By Dookie

Ramza Beoulve had been leaning on a tree. Alma was asleep, only a fire kept them warm that night. Ramza yawned a little and decided that while he had the privacy because of Alma's sleep, he walked down behind a brush of trees to a warm springs. The water was clear enough to drink, he was going to bath in it.

He took off his breast plate and a shirt he had beneath it. He rolled his shoulders, they were sore froom climbing trees all day to check where they were. They were travelling as far out in the middle of nowhere possible to build a shack. Ramza had known these parts, and occasionally hunters came out here. He wanted to be far away from it all.

Looking at the clear springs he could see his reflection, when he was completely nude he took a step into the springs, but something strange happened. Looking at his reflection, he realized it slowly began to whither away. Colors were changing and it finally formed... Ovelia.

Startled by this, he jumped backwards covering himself with his arms. "Q-Queen Ovelia?"

Ovelia bit her lower lip, the reflection was fading and she was clearly a little embarrassed for spotting Ramza at a time like this. "Ramza! I'm so sorry..." Her reflection flickered a bit more. "I-I just sensed you were here. I need to speak with you, Ramza."

She began to flicker more, Ramza looked at her slowly, for a quick second of revealing himself, he grabbed a small branch of the brush and covered his area. "What kind of sorcerry is this?"

"Ramza." her voice becoming softer. Farther away. "I'll explain more to you. I need you to travel to Orbonne Monastery, we can speak more there..."

"Queen Ovelia...! Wait!" she was gone. Ramza soon after questioned why he wanted her to wait while he was nude. He figured she must have been gone and wasn't going to pass up in his opportunity to bath. Stepping into the water, allowing it to slide up to his shoulders, he began to float.

How did she just do that? What was she up to? Why would she want him to meet him, and how did she know he was alive? He thought things over as he soaked. Was it safe to leave to Orbonne?


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