The Atkascha Secret Chapter 5

The Atkascha Secret

By Dookie

Delita had made his preperations to take his leave to Gariland. Whoever this merchant was, he had only hours left of his life. The TiTAnS would be an easily enough target to blame Ovelia's death on.

Something had been bothering Delita though, something he couldn't make out. It was Ovelia, something she had mentioned to him when they were in bed one night. Just what was it..? It's not that he wasn't listening, he was just tired. That was the night Ovelia had told him she truely loved him.... After that night though, they seemed to be slipping away. She began to question his intentions. She had good reason to as well, Delita knew that their marriage became more of Delita's intimidation towards Ovelia for her to do anything.

Then... Then Ovelia must have had enough when she heard about the other's deaths. Agrias, Ramza. Everyone. "She blamed it all on me," he thought aloud.

He thought back to that night. She had told him this after they made love for the first time. Yes! That was it! She mentioned that if she were to be the end of the Atkascha line without bearing a child before her death, then she would come back.. Same with all of the Atkascha's after her... so the family line would never end... Did that mean Ovelia was coming back..? But how? he wondered.

As he thought it over he decided that was ridiculous. She wasn't really of Atkascha's blood. She was a substitute. She wouldn't come back... But she did posess the pendant. Would Ovelia come back? Only time would tell.

It was night and Delita decided to sleep. He was already sitting on his bed, stripping his clothes he thought of the big day he had tomorrow. Tomorrow he was going to murder the Merchant who he had recently found named Billy Clammet.


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