The Atkascha Secret Chapter 4


By Dookie

Skylar McKellar, an orphan since she was two years old had escaped from the orphanage when she was only fourteen. She learned the ways of fighting through battles and many other hardships. She was very well dependant on her own and had vowed to effect the world. To change it to a better place. That's why, when she was sixteen she had formed the bandit groups Titans. Which, after some long debating became TiTAnS, spelled in the strange way to try and state their individuality.

Skylar had never expected to make as good of a group that she has. Now, one year later she has her own fort and a group of elite bandits with a small number of forty-two members. She had decided to put a limit to 42 members when the 40th came. She would only allow the best of the best fighters into her group of bandits, and if more wished to join, they would have to battle the farthest back in rank to make it in.

It was more like a tournament sport than anything else, many people had enjoyed it. If anyone wished to advance in ranks, they would have to challenge the member ahead of them. Keep on advancing that way. This kept a clean amount of elite fighters in her bandits, and people seemed more keen to get in knowing that it was challenging then if anyone could join.

Skylar herself had had only two challenges. She kept her top rank since the beginning of it. She was fair, if someone beat her, they could take over the guild, but as long as she was on top, things remained how she wanted it to. It impressed many people that a 17 year old had kept her status, and a girl nonetheless.

She was a beautiful 17 year old. She had fairly long thin winter wheat hair that she kept combed neatly to her head. It was shorter bangs infront that was around the side of her face and curled slightly at the chin. Her emerald green eyes had a warmth in them that made many people comfortable around her, and found her easy to talk to. Her white out fit was tight up to her chest, making her breast appear larger then they probably were. The shirt showed her belly in front, but came down in the back, tucking into her white nylon pants that came down to her calves.

The outfit was topped off by a short white cape that ended at her thighs. She wanted to appear sexy and not very well armed. This had thrown many people off the actual skill she had in fighting. Many people saw her as a cadet who tried to look intimidating, but could never make it in a battle.

On one side of her waist she had a long black whip curled and buckled on to it, on the other a small sheath for her favorite "Lucky Dagger". On her back she had a Save The Queen sheathed, mostly hidden behind her cape. Topping off her set of weaponry, she had two Kobudo knives that she used only when needed — one sheathed on each boot.

She sat in the top floor of her fort. The whole top floor was smaller than the rest of the fort, but had an outer walkway so you could see the outter world. The top floor was her room, and only those foolish would enter without knocking and addressing themselves first. Skylar was a very nice person, but had a thing for privacy.

Her emerald green eyes set on the fire, dazed by it memories coming back to her when she was in the orphanage. She was teased a lot there... She hated it. The memories shattered with the knock of her door.

"Lady Skylar? It is me, Rune. Can I enter?"

Skylar bit her lower lip. Rune, hmm? She really liked Rune, which everyone knew, but they also knew it had nothing to do with him being third in rank. Sheik was the man who was second, right below Skylar. He was very trustworthy and mysterious at the same time.

She stood up from her couch and opened the door. He stepped in, looking about the empty room. Nothing had changed since the last time he was here. Nothing ever did.

"M'lady, I-" he was cut off by Skylar's giggle.

"Rune, you know you can call me Skylar."

"Right..... Skylar, I have some urgent news."

"Yes?" said Skylar, interested. She was checking Rune out. His dark brown hair was unkempt, which she found to be in an attractive manner. His silver armor reflected off the flames in her fire stove. His blue eyes were looking to hers, curious what she was looking at.

"W-well." He began, feeling a bit awkward. "Queen Ovelia's death, which I'm sure you know about... People claim it was our doing."

"What?! Why would we stoop to such acts?" Skylar asked, irritated.

"I know, people have the wrong picture of us." Rune said. "But there have been rumors in Gariland. People claim King Delita murdered her. A merchant said he witnessed it."

"What's this merchant's name?" Skylar asked, worried about him.

"I heard it's Billy Clammet from our lower rankers." they called them lower rankers, as they were all top fighters and didn't prefer the use of Cadets or simple titles like that.

Skylar nodded. "Yeah, who hasnt' heard of him who's been to Ivalice? We have to find him. If King Delita really is her murderer, then Billy is in danger of the king. Wouldn't he want to take him out? That's what any stuck up royal man would do. Anything to clear their name."

Rune nodded. "Ofcourse, that's what everyone has been discussing below."

"When do we expect Naomi to be back?" Skylar asked. Naomi was a mercenary they often did buisness with. She had done a lot of jobs successfully for them, they could always count on her.

"Naomi should return this evening. We expected a report on the last job tonight."

"Good, we'll discuss more about Billy Clammet then." Skylar stated.

Skylar knew they had to get Billy safe as soon as possible. King Delita would do anything to clear himself. He'd probably stage it as a suicide.


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