The Atkascha Secret Chapter 3

Agrias Oaks, A Legend

By Dookie

After the events with the Zodiac Stones, Agrias lost contact with all of her companions, who were all likely dead. She had only met one other survivor. Meliadoul. She had only spotted Meliadoul once which was when she was heading to Gariland from Riovanes. Meliadoul was dressed in her same outfit, she must not have been worried about concealing her identity. They talked for a little while, and Meliadoul mentioned she was going to try and start a new formation of the Shrine Knights and their original purpose before her father corrupted it.

Meliadoul had offered Agrias a position as a general. Meliadoul knew that Agrias was a good fighter, and she could use her help. Agrias had left to Gariland, telling Meliadoul she would think about it, but for right now she didn't want anyone to know she was still alive. Ovelia might try and seek her out, all though Agrias trusted Ovelia, she wouldn't be able to work under Delita's orders. Ovelia may have married him, but Agrias never found him trustworthy.

So here Agrias was, in a run down cottage hidden behind a small cliff in the Lenalia Plateau's. She had put away her armor and sword in a cabinet, disguising herself as an ordinary civilian without a lot of money. She tried not to socialize too much so people wouldn't begin to question where she lived and about her past, but she had to get out sometimes. She would go crazy if she didn't.

Placing a nice gray cloak over her, wrapping her hair up into an elegant knot, Agrias made her way out to Gariland. She would talk in a bar for a little while, she had begun to make friends with some people there. On her way back she would grab some bread for dinner tonight.

When she arrived in Gariland, the town was in uproar. Everyone was running around and talking. What was going on? she wondered. Her eyes set upon a merchant. He had a loud voice, he was telling someone about... about Ovelia? If she heard right, that's who he was talking about. She leaned behind a house, listening intently on what he was saying.

"Then I saw her. Queen Ovelia was standing in Zeltennia's Church ruins. She looked sad, then King Delita came up behind her. Next thing I saw was Ovelia running at him and King Delita stabbed her. That's how she died, I'm telling you. Whatever these stories about bandits are, they are not true."

Was this guy telling the truth?! Ovelia was dead?! Agrias pondered this over. First she thought of poor Ovelia. She had never done anything to deserve this. Next her thoughts trailed on Delita. That scum! She thought. I'll have his head! Ovelia, you will be avenged!

Her thoughts on Ovelia. They were never really "friends" but Agrias had liked Ovelia. She was a very sweet and caring Princess... Why her? Why? She walked absent mindedly into the bar. She ordered a glass of wine and leaned over the bar, talking to Jim, the bartender.

"Did you hear, Saria?" the bartender asked Agrias. He only knew Agrias as Saria. "Queen Ovelia was murdered. They say by a group of bandits, but word has been around lately that King Delita himself was responsible. What do you think?"

"... I wouldn't put it past him." she said with some disgust.

Jim's eyes widened a bit, glancing to Agrias as he wiped off a wine glass. "Why do you say that? King Delita seems like a great man!"

"I have my reasons." Agrias stated.

"Hah... That's typical of you, Saria. Always mysterious . No one even knows where you come from. When are you planning on telling us?"

She smirked a little. "Oh, you'll find out eventually Jim." She took another sip of her wine. "Well Jim," she said tossing some money up on the bar. "I got to get goin'." she spoke in her new "accent". It did disguise her very well, but sometimes she slipped and began talking how she used to.

"Ah, I'll see you around." he said, taking the Gill and nodding to Agrias as she left.

It was too late to grab her bread now, Agrias was going to head home and prepare for the identity she had at night. How she made her money, which she never thought she'd find herself stoop to such ways. She was different now though, the world was different. It was her only source of money, and had some pretty good pay too.


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