The Atkascha Secret Chapter 2

The Gariland Merchant

By Dookie

Billy Clammet, a well known merchant in the town of Gariland was on his way to try his luck selling wares at Zeltennia. Everyone in Ivalice knew him and bought from him regularly, but lately people have been finding his prices too high. Hopefully Zeltennia would be another successful town.

He hopped on his chocobo, who his daughter had name Sparky. He charged off to the east, the cool air whipping past his face like knives. It was getting cooler outside, soon to snow, he had hoped to get to Zeltennia and back before the first snowfall, which seemed very likely.

After hours of traveling straight, he stopped at a small rain puddle to let his chocobo get a drink and catch his breath. He hopped off his chocobo and checked out where he was on his map. He was right by Zeltennia Church, but... Where was it?

Deciding it must be beyond the trees he signaled his chocobo to stay as he walked up to the trees, brushing branches to the side. What he saw shocked him. Was that Queen Ovelia?! He had never expected to meet her personally, excitement rushed through his body. Would he go and introduce himself? Was there guards around the area, ready to attack him?

"Here you are... Everyone's been looking for you, but I knew you would be here." came a males voice. Billy tilted his head to the side. It was King Delita. He knew that if he was caught he would probably be executed for "stalking royalty". He was too interested right now though, he had to keep watching.

Sparky let out a soft wark, meaning "Hey! I'm done! Let's go!" Billy jumped a little and waved his hand at the chocobo, signaling "shush".

He had missed part of the conversation and turned to look. Queen Ovelia was crying and rushed to King Delita. She was attacking him....King Delita grabbed hold of her wrist and stopped her from slashing him. He took out a fancy knife and stabbed her.

What was going on?! He couldn't interfere though, he'd be killed for sure. He'd go back and deliver the news to Gariland. People would pay him handsomely to hear the tale.

Gariland was flooded with people, not very usual for the part of the town he lived in. People had already been talking about the rumors of Queen Ovelia being found dead. The sun's last rays of light were setting, but people were still up and about, gossiping. The information had already been traveled? Billy thought.

All the better for Billy, while the issue was at it's peak of interest he would deliver his tale. Would people believe him? he wondered. Shrugging, it was worth a try, he stepped into the pub. People would definitely be interested in there, besides the bartender was always good for another tale.


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