The Atkascha Secret Chapter 1

King Delita, Ovelia's Murderer?

By Dookie

"King Delita?" Came the voice of a guard who awaited outside room Delita was sitting in.

Delita was standing before a large window in the room he had last spoken to Ovelia before she ran off, which happened to be the room he threatened Olan in. He ignored the knight who awaited for him outside, thinking over the recent events. The land was peaceful now, but despite this he couldn't get rid of his thoughts on Ovelia. She was his wife afterall, he realized more and more after she was gone that he loved her.

It chilled him to think he had murdered the only woman he had cared about other than Teta. He tried to shrug it off, he was the King, and he only cared about using to get to the top, did Ovelia really mean something to him? Either way, no one would know that it had been his dagger that had caused her death, as far as they were concerned, he loved his wife. Very much.

"King Delita...?" the knight's voice sounded again.

"Enter." Delita spoke irritatedly.

A knight slowly entered the room, detecting the hint of irritation in his voice. "King Delita," he began. "Some rumors are spreading widely from Gariland. A merchant who had traveled near Zeltennia's Church claims they saw you murder Queen Ovelia."

"What?!" Delita turned around, his face flushed with anger. "Why would I kill my own wife?! I loved her. Damn it!" Guilt was now surging through him. He was about to state he swore on Teta's grave... He felt it unbearable enough to have dishonored Teta so much, let alone say it aloud, it seemed all the more harsh.

"Sir, I suggest you make an appearance yourself to Gariland, get things straitened up."

"I don't need your suggestions. You may leave." Delita turned to the window. The knight had a point. Maybe that's what he would do. He felt like killing the knight just for delivering the news.

As Delita thought back, he had heard a chocobo wark when he was there, he figured it was a wild one. Could that have been this merchant's chocobo? Was he really foolish enough to take her life when he knew there was a possibility of someone being there? That wasn't likely though, as Delita thought, it was probably just a wild chocobo. A merchant had seen him though, and whether it was his chocobo or not, the merchant was there nonetheless.

One thing was for certain, this merchant had to be taken out of the picutre. If he had any real evidence or perhaps saw where Delita hid the royal knife he had taken Ovelia's life with, that could mean the ruining of Delita's reputation, while he would still be the king, he would lose many followers, people were very fond of Ovelia. If they found out their king was responsible, rebellious groups would be formed and he would lose his allies.

Yes, that was what he would do, find out who this merchant was and kill him, as far as the people of Gariland were concerned, King Delita had gone to Gariland to clear things up and speak to the merchant, but he was found dead before the king got the chance.


Chapter 2

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