Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 8

And Cid's Goin Up To Bat...

By Citadel

Cid took Celes home form the dinner with empty pockets and a smile on his face. The dinner had consisted of two salads, Celes had had the crab, and he'd had the steak. They both drank wine. The dinner had cost 378.09 gold pieces. He nearly choked on the complimentary mint when they hit him with the thing. Celes laughed and looked at the check, then her eyes nearly popped out of the head. They both pitched into the meal, and made it out of there without having to wash dishes for a few years.

They staggered out of the restaurant and began laughing about the dinner immediately. They went to the last remaining park in Vector.

"So, this is the last park in Vector? It's pretty nice," Celes said. The park had countless trees, with streams and rivers crisscrossing eachother. Mini bridges connected the two ends of each, with lilipads in the water. Little frogs chirped happily unknowing that they were the last of their kind to live in Vector. Banzai bushes were kept meticulously trimmed along the sides of the walkway. The moons was only a fingernail in the night's sky, but lanterns kept everywhere luminated. The stars shown like little fires in the sky. They identified constellations and other planets in the solar system.

They laid down on the grass in front of them and stared at the sky. Cid hadn't done that since he was in high school.

"This has been a truly great night Cid, I love being with you. You're so fun," Celes admitted. "We should do this more often."

"Once the paycheck comes in," Cid joked. Celes laughed and sighed, "No, I'm a spoiled rich kid, I'll treat you next time."

"Thanks," Cid replied. They looked at eachother and smiled. Cid realized that her eyes stared right into his soul. She could make all the pains of the world go away in a moment just by looking at him. They were unrelenting, she never looked away, never blinked. He hoped she loved him too. Love? Is that what this is? He mentioned that word to himself while gazing at her. He realized that for the first time in his life he had truly been in love. This was the perfect woman for him; the woman of his dreams.

Celes noticed Cid was amazing. He was so sweet, and romantic. He knew what to say when to say it, and always knew how to make her feel better. She couldn't get over him, he was the kindest man she'd ever known. He always treated her with utmost respect. He was kind to her for another reason other than just getting her clothes off. She felt like a real woman around him. His mannerisms were more genuine than other men. She deeply respected this. He treated her as every woman wanted to be treated. But did she want to be just another woman? Most men just wanted to be around her just to get her clothes off, but not Cid. Other men treated her like royalty just to impress her, he treated her like a woman ought to be treated. But still, she couldn't help but feel the want to something more in his life. She knew she desperately wanted to be with him. Always.

"Cid," Celes whispered breaking the perfect silence they had been reeling in, "you are something amazing. You have given me such a great night to remember. I'll always cherish this moment in my heart. I cannot thankyou enough."

"Aww, thanks. Thanks a lot. This has been one of the greatest nights of my life too. You really make me feel, special. Being around isn't like any other woman I've ever been around. You have something that makes you above the rest. You are truly the greatest."

"That's so sweet," Celes cooed. "I have to say that--" she suddenly stopped. "Huh, ouch!" she stood up abruptly. "OUCH!" she clawed at her back and spun around, "Cid! Ants!"

Cid suddenly felt them to, nipping and crawling all over his back. Tickling him, then biting him as hard as they can. "Hey! Owwww," he moaned. "C'mon, the lake!" he yelled. He ran to it, ants making it past his neck. In panic he ripped off his shirt, and slapped his neck as hard as he could. "Ouch, damnit ouch!" He hopped on one leg as he pulled his pants off and found them all over his body. "What the hell?" He hadn't noticed they'd all been there. Must've really been caught in the moment.

He was nearly naked except for some boxers with comical hearts on them when he slipped them off too, and dove into the lake, the ants slipping off as he slid into the cool crystal clear water.

There was a lantern in front of him, so when he looked up to Celes running naked at him all he saw was the perfect shadow of a perfect woman. She dove into the water with an elegance he hadn't had. He just got a glimpse of her lovely body as it slid in the water. His eyes went bugged as he looked at her streamline in the water right past him.

"Whoa..." was all he could manage. The pain was subsiding, and the realization that he was naked in very cool water came over him in a rush. He shivered. He looked over to where Celes bobbed, only her head protruding from the water. Her hair slicked back against her had. Cid went under the water and back up to wet his hair so he could push it back out of his eyes.

He floated over to Celes, who was blushing madly. "You weren't the first one to start ripping off clothes. If you hadn't been so fast to run by me you would've gotten a very good view. I kinda panicked."

"I noticed," and Cid then cursed his own speed. "Well, what do we do now?"

"Well, let's see, we're nude, and freezing water, and ants are in our clothes."

"I know that, I was looking for a plan."

"How bout you go get the clothes?"

"ME!? Why not you?"

"Because you only have one thing to hide, I have two."

"Yeah, right." Cid lamented. He shrugged and waded out of the water. He ran as fast as he could gathering the clothes from the ground. Cid held them in front of himself in order to hide his "manhood."

He ran back to the water's edge with it all in front of him. Celes began to giggle wildly. She then burst out laughing as hard as she could. She accidentally stood up while doing so and got a full shot at her body. His mouth dropped and so did the clothes. She looked back at him and stopped laughing. She stated at him as he at her.

"Uhh... Cid? Ya dropped the clothes." But not everything came down, she thought. She shook her head and realized her breasts were in view. She shrank back into the water.

Cid jumped in as fast as he could and tried to hide his red face.

"Cid?" Celes called.

"What?" he turned to her again.

She started laughing, "I can't believe you actually did that."

"Well, neither can I, really." He offered a nervous laugh. She joined in too. But before he could stop hers she felt lips against hers.

They kissed passionately for a minute before pulling back for air. "Wow," was al she could mange. She leaned in and felt his arms go around her waist as she was pulled closer. They kissed again. "You're a great kisser."

"And you too," Cid said soberly. Cid smiled and ran his hand through her wet hair. "My God you're beautiful," he leaned in and kissed again...


An hour later...

Cid and Celes strolled up to the castle beaming with delight. The guards let them in and they laughed all the way down the halls.

As they walked along a new corridor to Celes room they passed Derrik. Celes gave him little notice, but Cid noticed him. Derrik gave them an evil stare. The evil eye. He grinded his teeth as he thought of that sniveling geek and that fine woman ever in the same room together. Derrik wondered why they were so wet. Cid went back to paying attention to Celes. He never gave Derrik a second thought that night.

They arrived at Celes door still wet from the lake. They were still dripping on the floor, leaving a trail of water behind them.

"Well, this is your room," Cid started. He wasn't sure what to say next. "What's it like?"

"Well, you said at dinner all the rooms looked the exact--" and caught herself at the last moment. As smart as she was, sometimes she couldn't see the broad side of a barn. "Well, it's pretty interesting... You wanna look?"

"Sure," Cid smiled. He could barely keep form breathing a sigh of relief she caught the message. He almost had to ask her for some 'coffee.' The night was good for Cid and Celes. And on that night their lives took a different path altogether.


"Vivian, Vivian, my God I'm not a machine!" Philip Banks talking in his sleep.


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