Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 9

Inner Child

By Citadel

Derrik listened to the door of Celes's room. There was a lot of noise coming from that room. He had a feeling the little twerp was with his woman. Derrik snarled at the thought. He shook his head and left. He wouldn't bother them this night, but soon. Soon he would stake his claim. He turned and walked down the hallways to Cid's room.

The room was so neat and tidy, Cid didn't even have the luxury of maids. Cid actually cleaned his room. This surprised Derrik, but also made his job all the funner.

He walked over to his bed and overturned it. He pulled his sword form its scabbard and stabbed it through the bed. Feathers went everywhere, soon the world was white with flying feathers. Derrik leaned back and began sneezing violently. He was allergic to feathers.

He shook his head and walked to the book shelves. He got beside it and pulled with all his might. The bookshelf teetered, and finally fell over. As it fell, hundreds of books came loose and fell from the shelf as it toppled to the ground. He leaned back over and pulled the bookshelf back up and leaned it against the wall.

Derrik flipped off the electric light in the room and walked over to the lantern which stood on the bedstand. The lantern let loose a hollow crash as it shattered on the floor.

"Whoops," Derrik sarcastically muttered. "Guess the gas from it is leaking." He picked up the remains of it, making sure no gas fell out, and placed it on the books. From his pocket he drew a match and stared at it. He loved fire, it was his favorite thing in the world, right behind women. Now he was using fore to get to a woman; he couldn't be happier. He lifted up his boot and struck to match on the side of it. The flame erupted quickly, and then simmered down to a normal size. Mesmerized by the flame he turned the match in his hand, examining the blue as it turned to red, to orange, and finally to a bright yellow that hurt his eyes. "Bookworm," was the last thing to exit his malice filled mouth as he dropped it to the broken lantern.

As soon as it hit the kerosene it burst into flames, immediately flowing out of the boundaries of the lantern. The books caught fire and smoke permeated the air. Derrik coughed and exited the room, but not before closing the door. Smoke crept out the cracks of the metallic door. Derrik hated to miss a burning, especially a book burning, but t there were more pressing matters to be dealt with.

Derrik strolled down the halls in his usual "I'm better than you," promenade, and smiled. He smiled an insidious grin that normal people aren't humanly capable of smiling.


Celes looked out the window. She had a glow about her she'd never had before, she felt like heaven. She glanced back once at Cid, asleep on the bed. "Hmmmm," she sighed. She stood up and walked across the room. Her hair bothered her eyes, so she brushed it out. She opened the sliding glass door and stepped outside onto the small balcony. The city was beautiful that night. The slight glowing of all the houses, people sitting by fires. For the first time in years she felt like a normal woman. She was a new woman, and she felt good. Cid, she knew, was the only man for her. She felt so much love for him. He was so sweet, so compassionate. Little did she know that this would be the most difficult relationship of her life.


Gestahl had just gone to sleep. His dreams had been piss-poor lately. He was almost afraid to sleep. The nightmares gripped him like an icy death. Gestahl let himself slip off into the dream world anyway, letting the nightmares come, embracing them. He'd struck an evil deal with Madhi, if he could do that he could do anything.

Devin was alone in a room. Brick walls closed in on everyside of him. They were perfectly layered, without one flaw in any of them. They were gray, and the cement matched perfectly. He looked around and realized he was alone. All alone. He wished his friends, or someone was there.

"Maybe your family too? Or have you forgotten them too you dirty rotten scoundrel." Devin's head snapped over to the direction of the voice. He saw a little boy, no more than nine, and Devin knew at whom he was staring. "Damn right you know who you're staring at, it's me Devin. It's you."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at me--er you-- about four years ago. I am you, four years ago, before all this happened. Before Dad and Mom were killed, before your heart turned as black as the midnight. You disappoint me Devin."

"What? How?" Devin asked, puzzled. Then shook his head. "No, why should I care about a damn thing you think? Your thoughts don't concern me. I don't need to be bothered with anything you have to say."

"Oh no? Tell me this, Devin, how come you dreamt me up? Huh? I am you, you are me. You want me to be here."

Devin turned away, "No I don't. I don't want you here. I hate you, you're weak, sniveling, and quite annoying."

"Well," young Devin responded, "then leave. Leave. Go ahead." Nothing happened. "That's right, you might think you want to leave, but why did your mind place us in a bricked off room with no flaws? Huh? Think about it. I am what you suppress. The bricks mean you think life was almost perfect when I was still around. The bricks mean you really want to see me. Also, you want to see where you placed me, your conscience."

"You speak lies you stupid kid. I know more than you."

"Damnit! Haven't you been listening? I am YOU! I am as smart as you because I am you! Duh! I am your subconscious. I am what you wish you still were. You must realize this."

"I don't want to," Devin sighed. He sank to his knees and held his head in his hands. His shoulders sagged. "Tell me, how can I be happy again?" Devin begged.

"I don't know if you can." Young Devin began to quiver and fade, "Remember, don't deny me, I may be your only hope." Devin called to his older alterego.

Real Devin woke up in his bed and looked to his right. There sat the blueprints Madhi gave him. He smiled.


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