Sins of the Past Book 1, Chapter 7


By Citadel

Madhi left Vector in a hurry; he had many trips to make that night, or day depending on the planet. He rose higher and higher into the sky, and in a blast of subatomic energy he rocketed through the atmosphere into deep space. He manned the controls with years of expertise. He flew out past the underdeveloped planet toward another planet. It had no name to Madhi, no planet did. His superior race simply classified planets as numbers, unless they were advanced enough to be recognized by name.

The planet he steered toward was within the same solar system, SR-990. The people there were very low on the technology scale, not even mastering electricity yet. He put the ship in a higher speed and blasted off toward the new planet.

Earlier that week the queen had assigned him the job of excavating the new planet. It was supposed to have some powerful forces at work there. He grudgingly went with what she said. He didn't want to cause any attention to himself, he wanted to save Gestahl's planet as a secret. He had never been in favor with the queen, although he was very high ranking. The queen hadn't ever given him the power she had to other generals, he believed this to be because she hated him. She never had a reason to hate him, maybe she just didn't like the way he looked.

He had named the planet SR-380 but never reported the planet in his searches. She would be mad at him for keeping a secret, but she'd find favor in him again if he showed her the unmeasurable power of the planet. The life force was thriving there, she might even relocate her throne just to tap into the power. He had noticed lower levels of this same energy radiating from SR-990. This troubled him, if they came to this planet just for this low level power, the jig would be up. He hoped against hope there would be a way to keep them away for the moment.

Madhi slowed his ship as he neared the atmosphere, rocketing into a planet's atmosphere at 56,000 miles an hour would tear the ship apart. He flew down into the night of the planet and rested on a tall mountain. He looked around and felt amazing power.

"This amount of power should be detectable form at least a light year away, why isn't it?" Madhi wondered. There was amazing life energy all around him, but it seemed to be drained by something. "Let me see if it knows I'm here..." Madhi closed his eyes and began to glow faintly. A sphere of green power surrounded him and pulsated. "What's down there, huh? Tell me who you are," he murmured. He probed the power of the planet as he scanned its power. Finally he searched within the planet to the core. "Are you down there?" he asked. The life forces began to seem stronger the deeper he probed with his mind. "What the hell?" The further down he went the more incredible the power became. "What the hell is this?" The green glow became blindingly bright in the remote mountain of Denadoro. In the year one-thousand few people inhabited anywhere around it. Madhi finally scanned the center of the planet. He found something that disturbed him. "Oh, Lavos, what a pleasant surprise." He received a familiar roar as his response. "Yes, I know our people are at peace right now, I won't be staying long. I have one question though, how'd you get this far out in the galaxy? I thought your kind stayed near the center of the galaxy." Another roar. "You got lost? How'd you manage that?" A series of roars. "I understand," Madhi secretly thought moron but didn't say it, "look, I'll leave you to do your business here. We wouldn't want any wars started up again." Lavos roared back something along the lines of "Damn right! Now get out!" The green glow faded from Madhi and he returned to his space craft.

He fired up the rockets and shot off back to space. About that time a machine called the Epoch shot across the skies.

"What was that?" Marle asked.

"Another Epoch?" Lucca offered.

"Nah, probly' a UFO" Crono sarcastically chimed.

"Very funny," Lucca responded flatly.

"Something to do with Lavos?" Marle asked.

"I dunno," Crono answered, "but it doesn't matter. Now we have to go find that damned moonstone. Could it be in that house lighting up the hole town?"

"Maybe," Lucca responded. They headed down to the house not thinking again about what they had just seen. They'd stay in an inn that night for some much needed sleep, and in the morning see about the stone.


Madhi immediately contacted the closest space station near him.

"...yes, you heard me right, there is a Lavos in the outskirts of the milky way!"

"On SR-990?"

"Yes, now relay that info to the queen ASAP."

"Yes, sir," the captain of the ship sounded. Madhi looked back at the planet, he despised Lavos's; they had killed millions in the great galactic wars, but now one had just saved his plan. He saluted the planet as he sped off again back into the black abyss of space.


Madhi pulled up some documents on his ship's computer. He wanted to research some more on soul power. His whole race thrived on it. Nobody knew where it came from, or how to give it to other civilizations. Not that they'd ever want to, it was too powerful of a thing to be placed in the wrong hands.

Ever sinse anybody could remember there was soul power. Nobody was sure how it worked scientifically, but they all loved it.

"Soul Power," the computer said flatly, "The symbiotic force between organism and planet. The organism draws energy from a planet and the planet feeds off of it. They both get stronger. The organism doing the feeding though will gain immense strength from the planet, and his life is rejuvenated. Thus, making an immortal of sorts." The computer shut up as Madhi pressed the mute. He knew all that stuff. He guessed they hadn't updated the computers lately.

Madhi glanced back at SR-380. It thrived with so much power, when he drained from that planet he felt he could destroy a whole planet. Unlike other places, the force was so strong he could use the life force without even standing on the planet. The power made him tremble. He was truly immortal when he was near that planet. When he left the planet the power still stayed with him, that was unlike any other power he'd ever come across. He knew the queen would love this. He just couldn't tell her yet, he had to make sure everything was perfectly okay.

The armies he'd deployed were secret from the queen. She wouldn't like it, but she'd get over it after she felt this planet's power. He smiled and thought of Gestahl. He was a weak fool, but smart. Not to be underestimated. Madhi knew that Gestahl would double cross him at any chance. That didn't sit well with Madhi, but who else could he use? He was a king, and they were pretty influential.

He rubbed his eyes and yawned. It had been a pretty long day. He leaned back in his seat. he pressed a button on the side and it flattened out and sank to the ground. It cushioned itself up. Madhi sat up and put the shields up on the ship while he slept, old habit form the wars. He laid down and relaxed.


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