The Second Coming Prologue

By Citadel

From the report given by Samus Aran:

I was hired by the Galactic Federation about a month ago to find the metroids on Zebes and eradicate the thing leading the space pirates. I went into the planet the federation called Zebes and found a way into the underground mazes where they lived. I found all the metroids and destroyed each one. I found the leader behind the metroid menace was a being who called herself the Motherbrain. She had two main cronies, Ridley and Kraid. I thought I had killed them with a combination of missiles and the wave beam. I then traveled from the core of the planet, where Ridley lived, to where Kraid lived, in a jungle like, plant-filled place. After they were both destroyed I traveled to a place I named Tourian, it was filled with the metroids. I later figured the metroids must be psycically controlled by the Motherbrain.

I found the Motherbrain and bombarded her with missles. After she was engulfed in flames and explosions I thought she was dead. She somehow set off a timebomb in her agony and forced me to escape quickly. I ran up through a tall tunnel that thankfully led to the top. I barely made it out of the tunnel just as the flames of the timebomb licked my feet. I escaped and gave you a full report, and received my one-billion dollars.

Later that week you again asked me to travel to Zebes after a spacecrew that mysteriously turned up missing. I declined, but when you offered me four billion dollars I said yes.

I traveled to the planet and completely eradicated them there, naming each one and filing it in my suit's memory banks. I discovered four types, and a queen. After killing her I discovered one extra egg, it hatched just as I was about to destroy it when it hatched before me and clung to me like I was its mother. I couldn't bare to hurt it. I put it in a capsule and delivered it to the galactic federation's space station Ceres. It studies it for about a day when I received a message saing they were in trouble.

I traveled back to the space station and found everybody there dead minus a dragon named Ridley. Somehow he had survived my initial assault on him. He took the metroid from the station and returned it to Zebes.

I followed him, without being asked, and chased him to Zebes. I found they had totally rebuilt the thing since last time I had been there, about three weeks earlier. I found more things there the second time through, and I realized that they had refortified the planet. They had new mazes, and had placed Tourian under a higher security system. I had to re-kill Kraid, and Ridley, and found some more guardians of new, vast territories I hadn't needed to visit the first time through. I found in these territories even more ancient Chozo statues that held amazing powers within them.

I penetrated Tourian again and found the metroid larvae had been exposed to too many beta rays. They had made it not only multiply, but it was now also ungodly in size. It was the size of my shuttle, maybe even larger. It initially attacked me, but soon realized who I was.

I traveled further, killing every metroid in my way, and found the Motherbrain still alive. I killed her in the same manner as before, but didn't leave. I found she had set a trap! She closed off all the doors and attached herself to a robotic body. I battled her until she blasted me with a mind beam she could call up with her psychic powers. As she was about to do me in the metroid larvae came to my rescue and saved my hide. She drained the Motherbrain of her power and gave me some power.

In a fit of rage the Motherbrain killed the metroid. I fought her to the death, and made sure that she was dead this time, not leaving until she was totally annihilated. Again, in her dying thought, she set off a subatomic timebomb and only gave me three minutes to escape. I found my way out and escaped in my ship.

The metroid menace it totally gone. The Motherbrain, Zebes, Kraid and Ridley are for sure deceased. I now will report to you, the Supreme Council of the Federation to tell you orally any questions you might have.

Bounty hunter,

Samus Aran


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