The Second Coming Chapter 1

The Interrogation

By Citadel

Samus Aran stepped out of the bathtub. She dried herself off and slipped into a light weight full body cotton garment that she always wore under her suit. She sat down on her soft bed and rested. The steam of the shower still filled the room. The room was a nice suite provided by the Federation. It was nice, but too big. She was used to a cramped spaceship to spend her nights. She liked it, it was hers, not like this place, way too good for her. But she had to get used to it. She smiled. With all her money she would have to get used to this a lot. She was a multibillionaire, not including the metroid missions she had amassed twenty-two billion dollars, Earth currency.

Samus stood up and walked over to her suit. She looked up and down it, today was the day She would finally reveal herself to the Federation. She didn't want to do it, she knew that they might not approve of her being a woman; especially after all these years of them thinking she was a man. They were in for a very big shock.


"Good morning Samus," the doorman greeted as she left her room. He was a nice man of minor height. She towered over him in her suit. In reality Samus only stood 5'8, but in her suit she was an even 6'. She smiled, but remembered he couldn't see that.

"Good morning," she replied. Her voice was naturally made lower by the bulky space helmet.

She walked left to the elevators. They were made of glass and allowed you to see the whole view of the place. It was huge. Tremendous columns stretched high into the two-hundred foot ceiling, it was over thirty stories high. The dome ceiling was decorated with a mural that had been painted by the best artists from the known galaxy. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It showed a human with an outstretched hand to an alien. In the background was a tropical scene of waterfalls and rivers. It was amazing. In the fields beyond resided one alien from each other race in the galaxy. She always noted how the Chozo were missing form the painting. She felt a bit of hate when she thought of that.

She stepped on the elevator and pressed the senate hall button. It went down to the second floor.

Samus stepped out of the elevator into a long hall with portraits of all the original senate members who aligned the galaxy. This, she thought, was a great place.

She came to the metallic sliding doors. She pressed a button on the side and they shot up. Inside sat the Supreme Council and the Senate. They had a joint session of the Federation to review the work of Samus. She guessed they would also like to know who she was. Well, she'd give them their wishes.

The place was monumental, stretching high into the room, about one-hundred feet high. The place was like an amphitheater. She would be in a floating disc in the center, the council in front of her on a huge bench. They each had their own personally designed chair.

The Senate sat in rows that were circular all around them. Each row went back a little back behind the other forming the theater likeness. It was almost intimidating to her.

"Samus Aran, we thankyou for coming to this committee, we know it was a minor inconvenience to you," the Vegan diplomat began, "but it wan a must. We simply mist know a few questions. We would like to know just exactly saved our galaxy."

"You mean you would like for me to take off my helmet?" she asked.

"That would be one thing."

"Fine." Samus lifted two tabs on her neck and a steam of air rushed out. This was one of the few times when in this Hall you could actually hear a pin drop. Samus pulled her helmet up and out fell her long purple hair. She shaked it about freeing it from its captivity. A sudden whoosh of air filled the room as hundreds of men, women, and aliens all gasped. Samus was a woman!

An old man from Earth began to speak. He was racist, bad, bribed. crooked, and of course, he believed women were inferior, even in that day and age. "Why, I've never been so aghast in my life! How dare a woman impostor Samus Aran! And slide into his suit! Why you should be court marshaled!"

"No, you blubbery fat pig," she retorted to the fat ugly man, "I am Samus Aran. I am the one responsible for saving YOUR hide mister chairman. I am quite offended by your remarks too."

"You, why you shouldn't even be.."

"That's enough mister Fried," the Speaker of the Hall interjected. He turned toward Samus with surprisingly nice eyes, "So, you are a woman, eh?"

"Well, it's been rumored. You want me, you got me."

"Yes, fine, I have no problem for that. And speaking on behalf of the committee," he gave an evil eye to Mr. Fried, "we all appreciate you work you have done for us. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

"In addition, we will reward you with three-billion dollars for you services on Zebes. You volunteered for that one; we owe it to you."

"I appreciate that," she smiled inwardly. Three BILLION dollars! She was beyond rich now, she'd never have to bounty again.

"Well, if you don't mind, the committee would like to ask some questions. They pertain to your adventures on the two planets."

"That's fine."

A blue alien with tentacles for arms began to speak. "Hello Mr.- er, I mean Mrs. Aran. This was quite a surprise for you to even be human, let alone a woman."

"Is there a problem with that?"

"No, there isn't. My name is Dekatsu Nuorbian. I am the representative from the Silurian system."

"Hello." She responded.

"In your time on Zebes, the first time, you say you killed Ridley. We know that he is a dragon creature found only on Zebes, but tell us, what exactly was he like? How did he fight? How strong was he?"

"He was an evil dragon being that lived near the core of the planet. He was the last surviving member of the first race of being from that planet."

"How do you know that?"

Samus thought quickly. "His kind were painted on the walls of some of the caverns. they were very old caverns to, I just made the assumption, that's all." She praised herself on the good save.

"Oh, what was his fighting style? How strong was he?"

"He'd kill you." Many gasps filled the room after her rudeness. "He'd shred you to pieces with his long claws, or maybe he'd shove his huge tail right through your body. Then he'd take his jaws and eat you right before you died sliding down his gullet. I beat him twice, trust me on this, nothing short of an army of your best would take him down. Understand?"

"Why yes, yes I do."


A completely white-haired yeti type thing spoke next in a deep growling voice. "How did you get to the Motherbrain? She is surrounded by millions of minions that protect her with their lives."

"Ys I know. This lead me to believe that they were controlled psychically. No one would lay down their lives for anything like they did for her. I was very lucky getting to her."

"I know. My next is how come the metroids multiply with beta rays and also can be hatched by the queen?"

"I don't know. They're many things I don't know about the metroids. They were obviously the top being on the planet SR-388, but what I don't understand is how they didn't migrate to other planets. That is very puzzling."

"Yes, it sure is. Was there anyway you could've kept Zebes from exploding in the first place? Do you realize how much we could've leaned form that planet?"

"Do you realize I couldn't care less?" More gasps from the court. "If you really want to learn so much from them why don't you just go there and search some other planets? There is a whole section of the galaxy that nobody has ever mapped or scouted because of the Motherbrain."

"That whole place is a desolate barren plain of scorched planets. The only surviving planet under her reign was Zebes." The chairmen retorted. "And you destroyed that."

"Whoops, but I didn't destroy it, as I mentioned in my eighty page report. She set off the time bomb in her dying thought. Or didn't you read it?"

"I read it! How dare you--"

"I can dare to do anything I wish to do! I am not a member of the Federation! No Bounty Hunter is! You made that perfectly clear when you formed our group about two years ago to destroy the Motherbrain menace. Now I may speak to you any way I want and unless I break a law you cannot do anything about it! I am here of my own free will and I volunteered when you requested me to be here. So do not lecture me."

"Fine." His deep voice boomed. "Just remember that we don't have to hire you again."

"Yeah, until some new menace pops up and nobody else but me can stop it. Than you all will be on your hands and knees--" she looked at some tectacled thing,"well you'll be crawling back to me.

"I am leaving, I don't have to stay here. Now when I am wired my money I will head out to the universe. I'll leave a beacon for you to use if you should ever need me."

"Don't be surprised if we don't call."

Samus stormed out of the huge place and knocked the doors open with a big kick.

"Why hello Samus, I never imagined you to be a woman."

"Oh damn is that voice familiar."

"It's been a long time."

'Never long enough." She looked down the hall and saw Baron von Dien standing in his blue bounty hunter suit.

"You still mad at me?" he asked innocently.

Two years ago, when the Bounty Hunters had first been created, he was the best. When Samus joined the group he had been insanely jealous. He had thwarted her attempts to get good jobs. He had been raking in the dough while she was still trying her best just to pay the debt on her ship.

He lied, cheated, and once stole all the money from her account just to get her off the force. But when no one could ever get to, let alone penetrate Zebes the job was either him or Samus. He paid off the council to get him on it, but when Samus found out she threatened to prosecute unless she was sent. They sent her. From then on she was the number one metroid scholar.

"Don't be mad at me still, I just was trying to secure my job."

"Yeah, sure, you can just kiss my--"

"Shush! Don't still be mad, just forgive me."


"Okay, can't hurt for trying. I am going to be on the senate pretty soon. I have been nominated for a my heroic deeds. Maybe if you were a little more diplomatic you could be on it too."

"That's okay, I want to be at least one light year from you. As soon as I get my money I'll be on my way."

"I'm sure you will." She walked past him with a disgusted look on her face. "Oh, by the way!" She spun on her heels and looked at him with her thin, attractive face. "How come your hair is purple? You goin' twentieth century retro?"

"Yup, that's it," she replied sarcastically. She walked down the hall and got many weird stares and questions from people, or aliens, not believing Samus was a girl.

She got in the elevator and went back to her room. She would take off her suit and for the first time in a long time she'd walk in public in normal clothes. She was almost scared to do so though, because she had developed a dependence on the suit. It was her, it was her life. She hid behind it, she was comforted by it. She was naked without it.


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