The Rise Of Evil Chapter 5

By Citadel

"So Crono, how did you learn those fancy moves?" Lucca asked. He sat up from his rest he'd been taking in the End of Time and looked at her queerly.

"What do you mean?"

"You hurled a ball of lightning like a ball silly, and what was with the column of green light?"

"It was just instinct, I guess." He couldn't give a better answer himself. He didn't know how he'd created such a strong magic. He'd tried to cast a Luminare, but it just seemed more natural to make the pillar of light. It astounded Crono how strong the magic ended up being. He'd never expected something like that to happen. As for the ball of lightning... That one really escaped him. He'd just reacted. It had seemed so natural to throw a blast of magic at the hench. "I couldn't help it, I just had to do it. Ya know?"

"Nope, I guess not," Lucca indicated.

"You need to get going," Gaspar announced. "Frog is in some trouble south of the Cursed Woods."

"How do you know?" Marle asked.

"Look," he raised his hand and a portal appeared. She could see the land of six-hundred. The picture went blurry, then she saw Frog fighting on the beach.

"How do you do that?" she asked.

"I haven't the time to explain, but let's just say I've been here a while. Now go, get Frog. When you're done come back here." Belthasar made a new gate and the four jumped through to aid their friend.

"What is that?" Gaspar asked looking at the beast.

"I don't know," Belthasar answered. "But it is most likely something of Cameron's."


Frog called forth a tidal wave of water to slow the charge of the scorpion thing. The water boiled as soon as it touched the thing. It opened up its jaw and spat acid at Frog. He easily jumped the spurt and sailed over its head. Frog hopped down the beach looking for some weapon. He spotted a washed up tree branch and picked it up as a club. The thing's tail came around and swung at Frog. He narrowly missed this attack, the tail actually extended itself to reach the twenty feet separating the two of them. He came back on the ground and did two backflips to put more distance between the two.

"Thou art an excellent fighter," Frog grumbled. The two arms of the thing raised up and called on magic. A lightning bolt shot from the thing's head and Frog jumped to the left to avoid it. He rolled to his feet and charged. As he neared it he made a high leap, but made sure there wasn't too much momentum, so he went almost straight up. As he came down he landed on the long neck of the demon and rolled down onto the body. Frog felt the body start to heat up so he worked quickly. He reached down and grabbed one scale with one hand and pulled with his arm as hard as he could. It wouldn't budge. So he now attempted to jump off with the scale, and this time it moved a little. He placed the club in between the body and the scale and used leverage to lift it off. The demon thrashed about trying to move Frog of it. It bucked its hind legs like a bull and Frog held on as hard as he could. The body was quite hot by now and Frog had to work. He pulled up on the club as hard as he could and the scale came off. It flew off into the air and spun a few times before plummeting. Frog looked down and saw millions of baby scorpions pouring out of the wound. "Ahhh!" He screamed in fright. He jumped off and into the water. He swum around trying to get the nasty things off.

To Frog's right a blue portal opened and his four friends fell out of it into the water. Robo was the first one up and dragged Marle to the top with him.

She gasped for air and coughed out water. "You'd think ole Belly'd have better aim on where he sends us!" she complained. Crono was the next one up followed by Lucca.

"Look!" Lucca called. The huge beast faced all of them and raised its arms again, readying itself for attack.

"Get down!" Frog called. They all ducked into the water right before a fireball was hurled at all of them. They all resurfaced.

"What is that?" Crono asked.

"That is something of which I am unsure lad," Frog answered. "But thine skills will be of great use in vanquishing it."

Robo raised his blaster and fired a shot at it. The shot reflected and went back at Robo hitting him in the head. He was temporarily blinded by the blast and had to cure himself. It started charging into the water throwing fireballs along the way. Crono dived to the bottom and used the breast stroke to get near it. When he was close enough he jumped from the bottom and found himself beneath the thing. Crono let loose a blast of lightning into the belly of the demon. The blast was only absorbed. Trying to crush Crono, it started to sit down. Crono leapt out of the way of it as a tidal of water overwhelmed him from the thing plopping itself down. When he got up from the water he had to dive in again to avoid a purple blast of magic. When it hit the water it created a whirlpool that sucked Crono in. Crono was thrown to the bottom of the ocean and couldn't move. More and more water kept him pinned to the bottom. as much as he tried to free himself of the aquatic maelstrom he couldn't even budge.

"Crono!" Marle yelled. Seeing the thing almost halfway into the water she shot the strongest ice magic she could at it. a blue blast of cold hit the water around it and froze everything around him. She kept on hitting it with the strongest ice she could, and soon it was nothing more than a block of frozen ice. the whirlpool stopped and Crono burst from the ocean bed.

He coughed and hacked out the water from his lungs. "Oh man!" he exclaimed. He'd nearly drowned, any longer and he would've been breathing water. He panted and gasped for all the air around him, his lungs almost didn't seem big enough.

"Are you okay?" Lucca asked.

He swam over to the group, "Yeah, fine." He looked over at the block of ice. He looked at Marle with compassion in his eyes. "Thanks," he then pulled her to him in a huge bear hug.

"Your welcome Crono!" she could barely squeak. He let her go and looked at the thing. "What do we do now?"

"We could shatter the ice, and possibly the being itself," Robo suggested.

"Would that work?" Lucca asked. "If we were able to shatter the ice block would it also shatter him?"

"If the thing is frozen too. It's a big chance, but we might be able to do it." They all looked at eachother and shrugged. They shook their heads saying okay. "Lucca," he addressed, "Do you have any of those nifty bombs?" She shook her head. "Well, let me try something. If I try my area bomb right after cracking the ice with a laser spin, we might have a chance. If not, we're going to have to freeze it again."

"I don't know if I can do all that again," Marle warily rejected. Robo trotted over to the thing. They all heard the audible click of his laser gun right before it began the blast. He shot it right through the center of the thing, and continued to make an X with it. He paused for a moment and shot a final blast into the head of the thing. The ice started to crack. He spun around once in the water and opened his chest cavity. A little bomb exploded in his chest making the team shield their eyes. the whole ice block faded away in the blast. Robo could see that the demon was melting in the blast of the bomb along with the ice. When the fire faded the demon was no more.

"It worked!" Lucca squealed.

"Whoa!" Crono exclaimed.

"Do you care now?" Marle asked. He only gave her a glance.

"Why did you come to my time? How could you have known that I was in peril?" Frog asked.

"Well," Marle began, "it's a rather long story. Maybe someone else should tell you." They escorted him back to the end of time."


"Quite the evil man, this Cameron," Frog observed. He'd been briefed on the whole thing. "How canst we hope to stopeth this threat?"

"We haven't the slightest, but we thought if the whole team banded together, we might have some chance," Lucca answered.

"Good plan, but it defeated an army of wizards. Minus Janus, we are hardly wizards. Merely warriors, with minor expertise in magic," Frog challenged.

"But who else is there to stand up against it?" Marle asked. as she did so she glared right at Crono.

"Nobody," Gaspar answered. "Go to twelve-thousand. You must find Magus quickly. There is grave danger."

"What's wrong?" Frog asked.

"Robo, do you have any expertise in medical help?"

"I was programmed to be a full surgeon in any field, why?"

"You may have to reattatch an arm and--"

"Please, sir, just show me the portal," Robo interjected. Gaspar showed him it, Robo recoiled in shock. "We'll need the repair parts for me... We have to work fast, Janus might not have long to live!"


They arrived in twelve-thousand in front of Magus. They looked at his body in disgust. He was totally slain. He looked to be dead.

"Quickly, carry him to that cave to the East!" Robo commanded. He carried the parts over there.

Once inside they noticed it resembled a Zeal room, but much poorer. Like a rich earthbound's home. they figured that it must've been Janus's home. They placed him on a small cot on the side of the room. Robo rushed over to him and began to administer CPR. His left hand became a mild electric shocker, used for jump starting the heart. He used his cure beam almost constantly while he worked. The others watched in silence, hoping that Janus would be saved.

"Marle, come here, Frog too. Use your strongest cure on him while I get some repairs doen and stop the bleeding. They did as the were told and began curing his while body. The bruises faded, but the bleeding wouldn't stop, it was too extensive. Robo brought the junk parts of the hench back to Magus. He used some of the parts to stop the bleeding in his arms and legs. Robo began to work. He used his built in parts, along with the found ones, to recreate Janus's arm and leg. He reset his broken arm. He set Janus's leg too, and had Marle and Frog cure them so they would cure without the need of a cast. His face wasn't gaining any color.

"Robo, he's real pale, even more so than usual, is he going to be okay?" Crono asked.

"He has hypothermia. Lucca, make a fire, fast!" Robo commanded. Lucca did as she was told, a fire sprang to life in the room. "Lucca, make a very small one beneath this cot, make sure it doesn't catch the thing on fire! We don't want to add third degree burn to his list of injuries." A small fire warmed the bottom of the cot.

Robo worked for hours. He created and connected a new arm and a leg for Janus. He did an x-ray of Magus's body and found two major problems. His spine was shattered in the middle, and his spine was shattered in the bottom too. Robo carefully flipped Janus onto his back and opened him up. He took metal left over parts along with some computer chips from the hench and placed them in his spine. Robo now realized that Janus's body would run the risk of rejecting the cybernetics. He began to coat the spine with a metallic substance similar to titanium. He then took Janus's legs and did the same so they wouldn't re-break or get rejected by the body. He closed Janus up and had Marle and Frog cure him. Robo did some cure beam to him to fix up any scarring that might happen. Now Janus had a very noticeable metal arm and leg, but he was alive. And that was all that mattered. The night was late when Robo finished. Before he went into rest mode he did one last diagnostic, everything was peachy keen, he was sleeping.


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