The Rise Of Evil Chapter 6

By Citadel

Magus woke the next morning pain all over his body. He vaguely remembered being picked up and at some point he had been cured. After that he didn't have a clue of what happened. He looked at the ceiling wondering how he had gotten back to his cave. He knew it was his cave without even having to look around. He knew the smell of his cave, the texture, the lines, everything about it he knew. Without even having to move he knew it was his. Even still, he moved his head to the side to see who had fixed him. Even cocking it over on its side dizzied him with pain. Robo was the closest one to him. He sneered at the robot, but then realized that Robo would be the only one who could have fixed such amazing wounds. Even the strongest cure magi of Zeal on their best days could not have fixed what he had. He looked across the room and saw everyone there from his battle against Lavos minus Ayla. He looked back up at the ceiling again. His body hurt, but when he really tried to focus the pain, find where it was really coming from, some places didn't hurt at all. His left arm was fine, as was his right leg. He twisted and moved his left arm and raised it so he could see it.

"Oh!" he gasped. In front of his eyes was an ugly, metallic arm that resembled a skeleton. He got himself under control gaped at it. He twisted and moved his arm around studying his new appendage. It didn't scare him too much, it just fascinated him. He brought up his bandaged right hand to touch it, it was cold. Not only was it cold but he couldn't feel it either. Being left handed it could have been a major problem if he hadn't had his left hand. He peered down the rest of his body and was horrified at his leg. He saw that it was exactly like his arm, metallic. He suddenly got scared. What if the rest of his body was like that? But on the inside? He reached over with his left hand and picked at one of his scabs. It bled. He breathed a sigh of relief. This time blood was the most reassuring thing he'd felt in a while. He looked around again. The pain was coming under control. He slowly sat up and looked at the sleeping bodies in his room. "Why are they all here?" he thought aloud.

The cave was almost completely dark, but was showing the signs of a new day. The stars were journeying back to where they came. He moved the toes in his new leg without any difficulty at all. That surprised him, and also relieved him. He was glad he wouldn't have to make a big to-do over something as easy as walking. He stepped out of bed and placed his feet on the ground. His new robot-foot made a slight clank as it hit the rocky ground. He now noticed that his bed had been unusually warm. He peered under it and saw a small fire burning it. He thought that was quaint, nice and cozy after being mangled. He stood up and walked to the mouth of his cave and looked out at the land. It was about a mile east of the Last Village. Small fire burned in tents far to the West. The sun was rising behind him. The few birds left began to chirp into the arriving day.

"How's the new leg Janus?" a robotic voice asked.

Janus turned to address Robo, "I figured you did it," he said flatly. "It has no pain, unlike the rest of my body. It is quite nice actually." Robo seemed to like hearing that.

"Glad that my work was good, how's the arm holding up?"

"Fine. It's really nice."

"You had a broken back, I fixed it."


"Now, Janus, listen to me carefully. I fortified your bones with a metallic alloy that coat your bones. It makes them nearly unbreakable. Nice, isn't it?" Janus nodded. "I did this to make sure that you didn't destroy what long hours I've put into your body. If you rebroke your back it could be disastrous." Janus turned and looked back at the village. "So don't worry about your bones being broken too easily." Janus gave a a slight nod to acknowledge he heard him.

Crono woke early for once. He couldn't sleep very easily. He'd had nightmares about dark shadows chasing him. He'd heard horrible screams of people yelling for their lives. He shook himself awake and sat up. He looked where Janus slept but he was gone. He looked to the mouth of the cave and their stood the shadows of Janus and Robo. He groggily stood to his feet and swaggered over to them.

"Good morning," Crono squeaked.

"Top of the morning to you Crono. Isn't odd for you to awake before dawn?"

"Yes, I haven't seen seven o'clock in over five years," he joked. He sighed. He thought of the possibility of seeing his father. Those were gone though, he knew he had to save the world from some other threat.

"What's the matter Crono?" Robo asked.

"Nuttin'," he lied.

"No, really, I insist that you tell me what the problem is."

"My dad, he is still gone. The only reason I am even here is because I went out on a quest looking for him. That's the only reason I'm here. I don't want to fight Cameron. I know I have to, I know we're the only ones who can, but I just want to find my dad. I haven't seen him since I was six. I believe he was sucked into a time warp from which he hasn't returned."

"Ahhh, the unbridled love between parent and child. Unbreakable by great distances and time. I believe that there is a possibility that you will still find him."

Crono just sighed and fought back a tear.

"What does this man look like?" Janus asked.

"Huh?" Crono answered.

"What does he look like?" he asked again emphasizing it more.

"Well," he scratched the back of his head, "I don't know. I suppose a little like me, but it's been ten years. I haven't the slightest."

"I think I might have an idea. You see, while I was on my quest for Schala--"


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