The Rise Of Evil Chapter 12

By Citadel

Marle walked cautiously alongside of Cameron Delecroix. She was in awe of the place she was in. It was huge; the place stretched on for billions of miles in any direction. The vast rolling plains stretched to a canyon, which went to a forest. Beyond that was more area that had never been charted. The Palace of Eternity was its own universe to itself. But through all the amazement it instilled in her, she never forgot with whom she was walking.

Cameron was cordial the entire time. This put more of a dread in her than had he been completely mean and hateful. She couldn't figure out his game plan.

"I said you could ask me anything, so shoot. Ask. I'll give you a straightforward answer."

"Okay," Marle said, "tell me why you kidnapped me."

"You are the key role in summoning the Daemon Trainer."


"The Daemon Trainer. He is the original demon. He was created by fallen angels shortly after the war in Heaven. He was made from evil and hate for God. Therefore, his existence in Hell made him supremely more powerful than any other angel, even the ones in Heaven.

"One day the archangel Michael saw this was happening and had a conference with God. They both agreed on another place to house powerful demons. They created the Palace of Eternity. It houses the Daemon Trainer."

"Why didn't they just kill him?"

"Because killing him would mean sending him back to Hell, there he would just become stronger. If he becomes too strong he'll be able to destroy the dimensional boundaries. That would open up all the portals to Hell and Heaven. They foresaw this and created this holding pen for him."

"Where is he?" Marle asked. The story was slightly scaring her.

"He is yonder." Cameron pointed past the cliffs and past the huge structure. He pointed somewhere in the horizon.


"Beyond where you can see. You see, there is a barrier separating two sides of this place. He is on one side and everyone else is on the other."

"Why did he get put over there?"

"Ahh, the perfect question. This is where it becomes really complicated. You see, there is a barrier that separates the two parts. this barrier is fueled by supreme goodness. It was placed by God and his hand shaped it. If the Daemon Trainer touches this barrier he'd have his powers drained by the surge of goodness. So by the time he would cross it he'd be so weak that he couldn't do anything.

"On this side there is a tremendous gate that leads to the future. You see, it leads to any point in the future, but in that lies the paradox. The future hasn't happened yet, therefore he'd be transported to oblivion."

"Huh? I've been to the--"

"No, no you haven't. The time travel you experienced was a sham. It wasn't real. You were living in the past. the present day is actually 2400 AD, not 1000. Understand?"


"No matter. Point is, you are the past. You are history. The future that you traveled to was still the past. You were visiting further up in the past. All you did was change the past to help the past. By all laws of nature you can't go into the future because it hasn't happened.

"The second portal is on his side. The portal leads to a point far, far back in time. Farther back than history. In a time when God was young. If he went through the portal on his side he'd be transported to a time of pure goodness. From the lack of evil he'd be destroyed. That is why this world is called the Palace of Eternity. The only two ways to escape lead to oblivion."

"How do I leave?"

"You are here only in spirit, your body is still in the World of the Damned."

"Oh. So why are you showing me this place?"

"So you could know what it was you would be doing."

"But I will refuse, I won't usher in the Daemon Trainer. And anyways, how would I be doing that?" Marle asked.

"You body will be possessed by the soul of the Daemon Trainer. His soul will come and invade your body. You will become him. After that you body will be destroyed by the surge of his power, your soul will be lost into the World of the Damned. The Daemon Trainer will reconstruct your body to have a body. With a body it will be able to open up a portal to the living universe. From there he will kill everything living. After that he'll open the portal to heaven and lead the second war on Heaven. He'll open a portal in front of the pearly gates that will lead straight to Hell. He'll have demons pour through and invade and conquer Heaven. All those decent souls will be sent to Hell and all the evil demons will live in bliss. We demons will overthrow God; Lucifer will proclaim ultimate glory." Cameron's eyes seemed to shine brightly with glee as he said the dark prophecy.

Marle shook her head in fright, "No, we won't let it happen. We'll kill you. We'll stop you."

"It's too late, the prophecy will be fulfilled in two days. It will start at midnight in two days."

"Oh no," Marle uttered.

"It isn't stoppable now. Evil will triumph. Heaven will fall."


"What do we do with them? Crono asked. His leg was incredibly painful. He leaned to his left and nursed his injured foot.

"I say we slit Dalton's throat right now," Fuerte offered. "Then we nurse Janus to health."

"No, we won't do anything like that," Lucca scolded. "We will simply keep Dalton weak and cure Janus. We'll have to drain Dalton every day of his energy. When he awakens we'll need get the information from him."

"Obviously," Crono said.


"That's quite a story there," Spekkio exclaimed. Everyone in the End of Time couldn't believe what they had just heard. The prophecy from the book spoke of a second war on Heaven that could take place soon.

"We really need to stop Anoctium," Roland said. "I also say that Cameron Delecroix is Anoctium." Nobody said anything in return. They all stared blankly at the ground.

"Our only hope lies within the team. If they get back soon we might be able to warn them," Gaspar lamented. The End of Time became eerily silent.

"There might be a way to stop it though," Roland said. "Hear me out..."


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