The Rise Of Evil Chapter 13

By Citadel

1 day to Armageddon


The next morning after everyone had woken up they saw Dalton was unsuccessfully struggling in his restraints. He was worming his way around the floor trying to loosen the ropes that Robo had secured the previous night, but they held tight. Dalton was still exhausted from the recent battle with Janus so he had no magic left in him.

When Janus woke up he did all he could to stop himself from killing Dalton. He burned with anger any time he even glanced at Dalton. Janus wasn't well, however. After the extreme overuse of his magic recently, he was totally drained. His hair had lost his old luster, his face was even paler than before, his shoulders sagged, uncharacteristic of such a proud and sometimes arrogant man. His eyes had large circles under them which nicely complimented his blood shot eyes. Rivers of red crisscrossed the white parts of his eyes.

Crono sat in his cot in the cave that they had stayed in the other night. He was completely exhausted. He'd been under so much stress for the past few months. All he wanted to do was have a night where he could sleep easily and not have to worry about living through the next day. His red, spiky hair drooped, also affected by his loss of stamina. He sighed and laid back down in his cot. He was so tired. He just wanted to sleep the year away. Lucca was the one to ruin his fantasies of sleep.

"Crono!" she snapped. "We don't have time to sleep in, not at a time like this! How can you even think of sleeping?"

"All right, I'll get up. Just stop yelling. I hate yelling."

"Time to talk to Dalton," Robo announced. He walked over to Dalton and stood him up. He set him against the wall to talk. "All right Dalton, spill it. Tell us everything, or we'll take off pieces of your body."

Dalton smiled. He pulled back his head and spat on Robo's eye sensors. The green loogie slowly slid its nasty way down the head of Robo. "If that is the way you want it, I will show no mercy." He took Dalton's hand and grabbed his index finger. With his other hand he got a good hold of the wrist. With a slight jerk he pulled off Dalton's index finger. Dalton's face only flinched a bit as a cracking sound a heard and the bones disconnected. The skin seemed to tear apart as his finger was removed from the hand. The open wound shot out blood like a squirt gun onto Robo's protective armor. Pieces of bone were visible beneath the mess of nerves and blood vessels. "Will you talk?"

"I want every one of you to know that Marle won't live to see the end of the week."

Crono shot off his cot like a bullet and leapt into Dalton's face. "What! What are you going to do to her you animal!"

"You'll see, when your world ends." Dalton's irritating smile floated back to the surface. Crono's eyes flashed with savage rage. He grabbed Dalton by the neck and pulled him closer.

"Tell me where she is right now. I'm only going to count to three."

"Blow it out your ass."

"One.." Dalton didn't move or even breathe. "Two..."

"When Cameron is finished with her, she won't even exist."

"Three." Dalton smiled. Crono's eyes flashed gold for a moment and the room seemed to glow a slight bit. Crono placed his hands on Dalton's temples and began to hum a little bit. Before Crono could do anything a black portal exploded out of nowhere behind Dalton. Two arms shot out of the gate and dragged Dalton into a black oblivion. Before Crono even realized what was happening the portal vanished.

"What was that?" Lucca asked.

"Whoa," Crono said, completely amazed. "Where'd he go?"

"He probably went back to Cameron Delecroix," Janus snarled.

"Calm down, big boy," Fuerte soothed.

"Don't tell me to calm down," Janus's face flashed crimson with rage. He had a twitch in his neck from the anger he was suffering. Suddenly his face went pale again and he sat on the ground, Indian style. He put his wrists on his legs, palms up, and put his index fingers to his thumbs and hummed. It seemed to slowly soothe him.

"There is nary time to be wasted," Frog pronounced. "We neeedeth to be leaving for the End of Time. Ayla, do you be of need to your tribe?"

"What you mean?" she asked.

"With it getting cold, you might needeth to create more huts and places to live for the cold."

"But me want fight with you!" she said.

"Frog has a point," Lucca added. "You might want to stay here and help with your tribe's needs."

"But..." Ayla looked at the ground. Her shoulders slumped as she realized that her battle wasn't with Cameron Delecroix, but with the weather and incoming winter. "I stay," she relinquished.

Many sad good-byes were said everyone felt like something was missing without Ayla. Janus created a portal to the End of Time and everyone stepped through while Ayla sadly waved them away.


"I see you've brought a new friend, but where is Ayla?" Gaspar asked after they all stepped through the portal.

"This is Fuerte," Lucca introduced. "He comes form a far away place."

"Nice to meet you." Gaspar tipped his hat in politeness. "How did you meet up with my friends?"

"Well..." Fuerte told the whole story of his struggle to prevent the end of the universe.

"Quite a story. I think you should talk to someone I know. All of you should. But mention Anoctium to Roland, in the next room. While you were all gone we've found some amazing things. Why don't you pay a visit to Spekkio and see what he has to say?"

"Is my Dad back there?" Crono asked.

"Yes, he is. He's quite smart, you know. Much like yourself." Crono gave a weak smile and followed the group into the room.

"Hello," Roland greeted. Roland asked. "Who's this?" Roland asked and pointed to Fuerte.

"I'm Fuerte. The dude p front said I should come back here and talk to you about Anoctium."

Roland's eyes went wide with astonishment. "You know him? How do you know him?" Fuerte sighed and retold the story once again. Roland was very grim. He listened intently and flinched at certain parts.

"So, why do you wanna know about Anoctium?" Fuerte asked.

Roland ran his fingers through his hair and pointed to a book on the floor. "You see that book?" Everyone nodded. "That book describes, in detail, a great magical spell that would bring a great and unstoppable evil to the universe. That spell has been put into effect by Cameron Delecroix. The book also mentions that there are only a few types of beings ever created that could've started that spell. All of them are extinct over the passage of time except for one. And that one is Cameron Delecroix."

"Who is Cameron Delecroix?" Lucca asked.

"I think he's just another of his many forms that he chooses to be. With your story, and what this book has said, I think that Cameron could be Anoctium." No one was extremely surprised by this. "I've further inferred that Anoctium cannot be physically or magically beaten. He is too strong."

"So what are we gonna do? Sit back and let him take over the universe?" Crono shot out.

Roland looked surprised. "No, not at all, son. Anoctium can be stopped, but not in the way you were going about it. I've found a risky way to stop the spell."

"What is this spell?" Robo asked.

"It'll release something known as the Daemon Trainer from the Palace of Eternity. I'm really not sure about it other than that. The book is really vague on it's powers other than it is truly immortal. Therefore, it cannot be killed."

"Lavos was called immortal," Janus retorted. "And we killed it."

"Lavos wasn't immortal, Lavos was very strong and was thought to be immortal. He wasn't immortal though, very few things are."

"How do we stop Anoctium?" Robo asked.

"Well, for this spell to work hundreds of key things must happen, all but a few have been completed. We can't help all the things that are in place, but if we can stop just ONE of the last remaining three components of the spell, we have a fighting chance."

"What are the three things?" Crono asked.

"The most important thing is a body. He has to have a body for the Daemon Trainer to possess. If you can get the body out of the boundaries of the spell it won't work."

"Marle!" Crono yelled. "I got it! He has to have Marle in order for the spell to work!" Crono's head was spinning with ideas, but then a very odd one popped in there. "But why did he choose Marle? Out of the millions of people, why Marle?"

"I don't know. It is a mystery to me. The second component is a Hell Mouth from which he can draw power once he's in this world. If it isn't there he'll get stuck in the portals between the world's and be stuck forever.

"The third is a portal to the World of the Damned. Quite obviously, he needs this one, this is the one he'll travel through."

"And all we have to do is stop one?" Fuerte asked.

"Yes, but don't think of it as an easy task, each one will involve destroying something, like a crystal or statue, in order to stop the spell. I'm sure each one is heavily guarded."

"Great," Lucca complained.

"When does this spell take effect? Crono asked.

"How long do you think it takes to cast three spells?" Roland answered. Crono's face went pale and he gulped. "Yes, that's right. You don't have much time."

"God, it's close; it's so close," Crono said, completely bewildered.

"You all have little time, so I implore each of you to make a decision right now. Are you going after Anoctium or not? Be warned, he's is unstoppable and the odds are completely against you."

Fuerte didn't even pause, "I've seen the end of the universe once. I'm not in the mood to see it once more. I'm in."

"I will rescue Marle. She saved my life from Lavos, now it's my turn to save hers," Crono said.

"This isn't just for Marle, everyone needs us. I'll do it," Lucca declared.

"I still have...Unfinished business," Janus murmured.

"I'll always fight to end the wrong, no matter what the costs!" Frog proclaimed.

"I've also seen an Armageddon, I will fight with all of you to prevent another," Robo added.

"Well then it's settled. You're all going to save the world," Roland said with a bit of pride in his voice.

"What do you mean "you're"?" Crono asked.

"Crono, you can't possibly expect me to battle something that beat me in my prime! I'm an old man, I've no place in great battles anymore."


"Crono!" he said more firmly, "I can't join you. That is why it is time. You've progressed in your skills far beyond even me. You time has come to be a Bearer."

"What? Already? I haven't had time to train with you!" Crono vocalized almost in tears.

"I haven't the time to train you formally, but I feel your skills are far and away good enough to go into battle." Crono's eyes were filled with tears. For he knew that when his father gave him the sacred powers he would no longer be the son, but much higher than his father. Surpassing the teacher always has great emotional baggage tied to it. "Crono," Roland announced, "please kneel." Crono closed his eyes and got on his knees. "I now proclaim Crono as the new Bearer of Light!" Roland shouted into the air. A bright, white light filled the room and Roland placed his hands and Crono's temples. Streams of white plasma shot between Crono's body and Roland. The flickers of white light between them grew too bright to see.

Crono didn't close his eyes even as the light became too bright for the others to bear. He found it to be beautiful. The light sent chills down his spine. the light grew even brighter and a small orb or pulsing power materialized between the two of them. The orb slowly inched it's way to Crono. Crono's eyes were wider than saucers as he viewed the light. Finally, the light touched Crono's body. It sent chills up and down his spine and he couldn't help but giggle under the swell feelings that flowed through his body. It seeped into his bloodstream and permeated his body with magic. His red hair stood on end as he received the power. Suddenly the light dimmed and Roland fell to his knees panting.

"Dad!" Crono called. "Are you okay?"

He was heaving and clutching his chest. "I'm o-o-okay," he managed to speak. "Just give me a few minutes. Losing all that power takes a lot out of you." He rolled on his back and began to get his breath back.

"Are you sure you're--"

"Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry, I'm old, but not dying." He chuckled at his bad humor. "Now, I want you to know that that power isn't to be used in anger, only against the forces of evil. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I know. Same goes with all magic."

"So what does it look like?" Lucca asked. "What does this Light magic look like?"

"Why, what better a reason to face off against Spekkio once before you leave." Spekkio took the cue and shoed everyone to the corners of the room.

"All right," Spekkio began, "give me your best shot." Crono shrugged and gathered his energy for a lightning attack. He felt a strange feeling in his hands as he concentrated his inner magic. Just as he was about to release the magic a sudden instinct came over him.

"Huh?" Crono asked himself, completely puzzled. He held the magic for a moment and realized his forefather's power were running through him. Along with their powers ran his father's powers. All of their knowledges ran through his body and he suddenly knew. "I understand," Crono whispered.

"What?" Spekkio asked. He gave a peculiar look and got a little scared. "Uh, Crono... What's goin' on?"

"Hee-yaw!" Crono screamed and two huge bolts of white light shot out from his arms into Spekkio. Spekkio was lost in the white blast for a few seconds. The bright light filled the room and Roland's giddy face was visible in the white light. Even Janus was amazed at the power behind the blast of light. The blast shook the room and destroyed the iron fence behind Spekkio. When the blasts faded to a trickle of their former power and then to nothing at all, Spekkio was on the ground panting.

"Holy moly!" Spekkio exclaimed. He jumped to his feet instantly. "I've NEVER seen power like that before. That was awesome!"

"It's power that can rarely be beaten," Roland said, beaming with pride over how well his son wielded the magic. "Don't get cocky, however, Anoctium is still plenty powerful enough to kill you. Now go, all of you." He pointed to the door. "Leave for the World of the Damned. It is what you all must do."

Crono ran to his Dad and gave him a big hug. They embraced for a moment and got one good, long look at each other. "You look like you will never see me again, Crono," Roland joked.

"Visit Mom," Crono said. "While I'm gone, visit Mom," Crono pleaded.

"I will, Crono, I will." They gave each other pats on the back and Crono turned toward the group.

"It's time to go." He licked his lips and walk out of the room. Roland watched the others follow him to the gates that lead to the future.

"You really love him, don't you?"

"Yes, I do." He looked at Spekkio for a moment and then back at the door. "I've got things to do. I've a life to return to."

"What about the others?"

"Hope lies with them. We can't do anything now other than pray." He started off toward the gates.

"Where are you off to?" Belthasar asked.

Roland didn't even turn to answer the question. "I haven't seen my wife in a while. I think I'll pay quick visit."


In the World of the Damned Anoctium/Cameron was shaking his head in disgust and frustration. He didn't even bother giving a speech to Dalton about his bungling. When he sensed Dalton was about to give valuable information of his plans so he pulled him back to the World of the Damned. He put Dalton as a guard for the Seraph Crystal, the one that would open the Hell Mouth in the living world. He couldn't take any more chances. Anoctium knew that Crono and his gang was coming, but he was too busy casting spells to worry about it.

"Oh, they are so meddlesome." He placed both his hands on his face and sighed. "If they only knew the truth they'd stay away." He looked up to the dead sky and shook his fists at his bad luck. He had all the power he could ever imagine, yet it was useless to stop his opponents now, he had to divert his energies to casting this last spell.

He began to walk back to the Unholy Dome, the place where the Daemon Trainer would be ushered in. He was about to begin the last phase of the spell.


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