The Rise Of Evil Chapter 11

By Citadel

Fuerte had finished his story. They all told him of their adventured against Lavos. He listened to them with great interest. He asked many questions about what the Lavos looked like. When they told him he told a legend about similar creatures that supposedly inhabited the outer planets in his solar system. Nobody ever believed the stories, thinking they were just legend, but nobody could explain why the worlds were so decimated. He then told them about some other war stories he had. Some were funny, some were sad. They were all entertaining and everyone began to enjoy his company.

After all the niceties were over, Frog got down to business. "All right, now what are we supposeth to do? We haven't a clue to the whereabouts of Cameron, or how to stop the Anoctium.

"I suggest we go back to the End of Time, maybe they've found some kind of way to stand a chance," Crono offered.

"Possibly, or maybe not. But, we don't seem to have any other choice. I vote the same," Lucca seconded.

"I've been dying to see this place anyway, it seems intriguing," Fuerte said. "But how do we get there?"

"Well--I dunno," Lucca answered. "Janus?" Lucca asked.

"Why are ya lookin at me?"

"Cause you're the only one who knows how to open portals, silly!"

"Gimme a minute." Janus said. He walked away from the group toward the woods and sat in an Indian style. He closed his eyes and began to hum.

Suddenly, behind all of them, a huge red portal flared up out of the air. It's power seemed to crackle in the air. A form of something very huge materialized in the red, and a large menatuar stepped out onto the prehistoric soil. It moved to the side to make room for another menataur. And after that a huge scorpion with a humanoid head clattered out. Toping off this insidious looking trio was a beefy looking Dalton.

"Dalton," Janus sneered.

"Dalton," Crono sneered.

"Who?" Fuerte asked.

"Nevermind!" Lucca hollered. "Just kill all of them!" She raved.

"You had the nerve to show back up?" Janus asked.

"Yes, yes I do. I have direct orders to kill you, False Prophet."

"Well, well," Janus admired. "Looks like you got some new muscles. Did your master give you those?"

"Yes, and new powers!" Dalton smiled and pulled out a small knife. Dalton seemed to feed it power and it grew to a long and powerful sword.

"Impressive," Janus noted. He flexed his good arm and pulled his robotic arm up in battle position. "You wanna shot at the title? One on one?"

Dalton flew to Janus. "Don't mind if I do." He flicked his head in the direction of the monsters. "Kill them, kill them dead. this battle is between me and Janus."

"Winner of this battle will be the last survivor of Zeal, rightful heir to the throne, if there was one."

"Correct." Dalton flicked his head and his hair spun around his face and came resting gently on his shoulders. Janus threw a left punch at Dalton's chin, Dalton swiftly dodged to the left and rolled on his shoulder to the right of Janus. He was on his feet instantly. "Heeyah!" cried Dalton as he sent the butt of his palm into the chin of Janus.

"Uggh!" Janus croaked as he was knocked to the ground. He slid a few feet and stopped. He threw his legs up and propelled himself into the air and landed on his feet. "Nice, that hurt."

"The best is yes to come!" Dalton went down on one foot spinning and tried to foot sweep Janus. Janus hopped his leg and delivered a punch as he came back down. Dalton staggered back and shook his head regaining composure. "GRE..." Dalton rushed Janus and tackled him to the ground. They rolled on the ground for a while until Dalton's superior strength won and he was on top. He sat up and started punching Janus in the face while he straddled him with his knees.

"No!" Janus cried and a blast of purple energy shook the air. Dalton was thrown from Janus a good ten yards. He managed to twist in the air and land on his feet. His huge muscles flexed and glistened with sweat.

"Well Janus, if you wanna add magic to the game, so be it!" The ground shook for a moment and huge vines shot from under Janus's feet and wrapped around themselves around his legs and crawled up his body. As they reached his neck he let out a small cry of fear. When they covered his eyes he wailed in agony as they began to stick him with multiple thorns. The new plant sprouted a huge flower on top.

"Ahhh!" Janus roared and a huge column of flames burnt the plant off. Janus floated in the middle of the flames, seething with anger. His eyes shone with fire and his hair was wildly flying every which way. He threw his hands up in the air and a lightning bolt shot out from the flames and his Dalton in the chest, destroying his shirt that he was wearing.

"Well done, Prophet, but can you handle the full intensity of my powers?"

"Bring it," Janus challenged.


At the same moment Dalton ordered the monsters to kill the group they immediately started attacking with savage ferocity.

The scorpion scittered toward Crono a few steps and smiled. In his teeth flames began to fly around at great random. He completely opened his mouth and out spewed forth a large beam of fire. Crono jumped to the left and rolled on the ground. The scorpion flicked its head and shot more flames at Crono. Crono dived forward this time, the flames licking his shirt. He quickly crawled under the belly of the thing and shot a large bolt of lightning right into the abdomen. The lightning spread outward from the target point leaving a black spot where it had hit.

"Crono, look out!" Lucca called. He looked behind himself and saw the scorpion had its head beneath its legs and was about to burn Crono.

"Yipe!" Crono creaked and sprinted out from under it just before more flames shot out from its mouth. As Crono was running out into the open a huge black mass was shoved into the ground right in front of him. He looked up at the thing and saw the tail of the beast was imbedded in the ground. Crono sent a small blast of lightning into it. The lightning exploded on contact but did absolutely no damage. "Huh?" Crono ran away from the thing and stopped a good twenty feet from it. Its eyes were blazing yellow. The pupils flashed once and bolts of energy rocketed from them. They nearly hit Crono and blew holes in the ground in front of him. Crono was back on his feet and had a ball lightning charged up in his right hand. He hurled the ball of lightning at the head of the beast but it only exploded without doing damage. "Whoa! Why aren't my spells working?" Crono asked aloud. The beast shot another blast of energy from its eyes. Crono dodged to the right, but wasn't fast enough. His lower left foot was caught in the blast and was burnt off. "Raah!" Crono wailed.

"Crono!" Lucca yelled. She charged up a flare attack and launched it into the head of the scorpion beast. She didn't get a chance to see if it landed or not because she was knocked off her feet by the club of a menataur. It hit her square in the chest and she heard a rib painfully crack as she was knocked from her feet. "Oof!" she moaned as she was hit. Lucca found herself flying through the air at a phenomenal speed, the trees shooting by like stars. She saw a few stars, but then her vision corrected itself. "Ohh."

"Lucca!" Fuerte called.

"Oh God," Crono wailed as he gazed at his stub of an ankle. Blood was gushing out of his leg at dangerous speeds, and he finally, feared for his life. He struggled to slide away from the beast. It reared its head back to let loose another burst of flames. Its eyes glazed over for a moment and Crono quivered with fright. "Oh no," he whimpered.

In a flash, a silver streak darted across the sky and knocked the head of the beast to the left. The flames were shot, but missed Crono wildly and scorched the ground to his left. "Huh?" Crono asked aloud.

Fuerte was wrestling with the head of the scorpion. It grunted in frustration as Fuerte beat the head into submission. Fuerte got a good hold on the cranium and held on like a rancher. "Yee haw!" Fuerte screamed. "C'mon!" he challenged. He pulled off one of the poles from his back and held it on front of himself for a moment. Its tip morphed and twisted into a huge scimitar. It glowed brightly on the other end for a moment then dulled. What was left was a sharp tipped spear on the butt side. He straddled the beast with his legs then grabbed the spear with both his hands. The spear end glowed brightly and then he plunged it deep into the scorpion's delicate spine.

"Buugghh!" It gurgled. Its head slumped and then it crumpled to the ground. Fuerte arose on the spine of it triumphantly. His armor reflected the sun off of him so brightly the menataur paused to see what was happening.

"Let's Rock," he said. He leapt from the beast to the ground in front of a menataur. His scimitar was just a silver blur as he slashed the stomach of the thing. His staff slowly rested on his shoulder. It was covered in blood halfway down, nearly to where his hand held the thing.

The guts of the menataur spilled to the ground and piled neatly at its feet. It dropped its club and gurgled blood in its throat. It fell to its knees and died. "Who's next?" he called.

"Who are you?" the last menataur called. It backed away two steps. It held out its club defensively. Suddenly it didn't seem as menacing as it once had. The team gathered together and forced it back a few more steps.

Robo raised his right arm and fired a single shot at its head. It blew off one of the horns. The thing howled in agony while blood spewed out rhythmically like a watergun. Lucca spun around and fired a flare into the stomach of the menataur. The flames exploded and danced around his body like a fatal tango. The beautiful dance culminated with an explosion that shook the ground. The skin of its body was burnt off. You could completely see his bloody muscles under his face. "Aargh!" Frog floated into the air. he summoned a tidal wave that knocked the beast off its feet. The beast quivered a few times. Fuerte jogged up to it.

"You asked me who I am," Fuerte said. "I," he leaned in closer.

"Who?" it gurgled.

"I am the one who will rip out your heart." He walked over to its chest and pulled out his scimitar. He plunged it into his chest and was sprayed with a wave of blood. He cut a hole and lifted off the ckin and bone. He reached into the chest cavity and removed a black heart. He walked back to the head and pulled open the mouth. Shoving in the heart he let out a small laugh. "I remember your kind," he spoke to no one in particular. "I remember all too well as you "soldiers" of Anoctium would kill innocent young children. I've waited too long to do that." His head slumped. He fell to his knees.


Janus put up a green shield just before a fireball incinerated his head. He flew above Dalton and released a flurry of icicles. each one of them melted before contact. He then released a flurry of fireballs. Each one of them hit a green shield.

"Janus!" Dalton screamed. Dalton shot a lightning bolt into the air; it hit a green shield. A second bolt came down form the sky and hit Janus in the back. His last remaining pieces of shirt were burnt off and he was blasted to the ground.

"Oof!" he gasped. He smacked the ground ungracefully and lost his breath. He turned onto his back and heaved for air. He jumped to his feet and stared Dalton down.

"You've been a good fight, Janus, but I believe its time to end this."

"Enough talk," Janus pulled his glove back on his good and pointed at Dalton with his hand of flesh. "Dark Matter," he called. He sneered and chuckled. Dalton took a step back in preparation for the onslaught of shadow. The air rippled for a moment and the a gap in space exploded and created a floating triangle of power. It shifted and spun in place. When it disappeared Dalton was heaving on the ground. His shields were giving. Janus dashed in and lifted Dalton off the ground. they flew into the air a good ways and slowed to a halt. Janus rocketed back to the ground and created a barrier of shadow around his body as they impacted the ground. An explosion of black filled and permeated the air. Lightning streaks of purple and black flew everywhere. Janus let go and stood up as the waves of energy subsided. He heaved one more breath and then passed out along side of Dalton. Their magic shields had both run out and they were both out of energy.


Robo treated Crono's leg. It hadn't infected, and they were able to create a metallic foot for it. He was in great pain though, his body had been badly bruised. Lucca's lung had been punctured and Frog's cure was the only thing that saved her. Fuerte was relatively okay, but went out to find and bring back Janus and Dalton.

"Will I be able to walk tomorrow?"

"Yes," Robo said, "but be careful. That is strong, but if you accidentally hit it with lightning..." Robo warned.

"Crono like Robo?" Ayla asked.

"Yes, sort of." Crono answered.

"Oh. Okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You're lucky to have only lost that, if it hadn't been for Fuerte we might be making an artificial head right now," Lucca commented.

"I know. I hope he brings back Janus okay."

"So doeth I," Frog agreed.


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