The Story of Zell Dincht Prologue

By Choong Won

September 17, Balamb City

Zell Dincht was five and a half years old today and it was the day of show and tell in his classroom.

"Alright boys and girls- Johnny! Quit picking your nose!" said Mrs. Bennings a middle-aged teacher with glasses, brown hair, blue eyes, and a small nose. She was wearing a brown blazer suit.

"But I need something for show and tell!" protested Johnny, as he pulled his finger out of his nose.

Mrs. Bennings gagged and the class laughed. "Enough of that! Brian how about you go first."

A boy with dark brown hair got up and held up a blue and silver card that sparkled. "This is my guardian force card which I got for my birthday from my father."

"Could you tell us more about the card?" asked Mrs. Bennings.

"Sure, it's name is Ragnarok and it can turn everyday animals or monsters into items." He pointed to Mr. Duddly, the class hamster. "Lets try it on Mr. Dudly!" He threw back the card before anybody could object and instantly, the card shimmered and vanished. Suddenly a huge sword crashed through the top of the school's roof and struck Mr. Dudly's cage. A bolt of lighting struck the sword and the sword glowed a brightly. The sword released it's built-up power. A bright beam came out of the tip of the sword and hit a terrified Mr. Dudly. A huge explosion lite the room for an instant and left a bunch of smoke inside of the room. When the smoke cleared everyone looked at the place where the sword and Mr. Dudly had been. The sword had vanished and in the place of Mr. Dudly there was a sparkling potion. Brian walked over, picked up the potion, and held it above his head like a trophy. Everybody cheered.

"Now wasn't that great class?" said a dazed Mrs. Bennings. "Now Brian, could you please turn the potion back into Mr. Dudly?"

"Uh, no." Brian shook his head and picked up his guardian force card.

"Why not?" She put her hands on her hips and stared at him impatiently.

"It won't work. Besides I never liked Mr. Dudly." Brian grinned at Mrs. Bennings. A girl in the back row started to cry.

"Ah,um, it's okay class. Mr. Dudly will be replaced. Now will Zell Dincht please bring his item for show and tell." She went back to her desk and took some aspirin.

Zell Dincht pushed back his strange cow-lick and pulled out a box from his desk. He walked to the front of the classroom and opened the box. "For show and tell I brought my pair of fighter's gloves that my grandpa gave to me." He pulled out two gloves that where padded and colored red and white. All the boys gasped and went bug-eyed. "Now I will show you some of my fighting moves."

"I don't think this is a very good idea." said Mrs. Bennings.

Zell decided to ignore her and started off by doing a one-two, then an upper cut. Two minutes later the class sat transfixed in awe at Zell as his hands flew. Zell didn't realize that the teacher was sneaking up on him because he was concentrating on remembering his fighting moves.

"Gotta! You little -" Mrs. Bennings never got the chance to finish her sentence because on instinct Zell swung back with his right fist and connected with Mrs. Bennings's mouth. He then spun around and kicked her in the stomach. Then he proceeded to punch the heck out of Mrs. Bennings. When Mrs. Bennings fell to the floor unconscious he suddenly came out of his frenzy and stared at Mrs. Bennings.

"Oops. Uh, sorry Mrs. Bennings."

Chapter 1

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