The Story of Zell Dincht Chapter 1

Meet Grandpa Dincht

By Choong Won

Seven years later...

"I hate school!" shout Zell Dincht as he stomped through the door.

"Don't talk about school like that! Your father went to some of the best schools around!" said Zell's mother in a stern voice.

"I know! And now he spends all of his time away on business trips! I wish I had a real father."

"Well he has to earn a living." she said in a tired voice. "I agree that he does spend a lot of time away."

"Well anyhow, I got suspended again." Zell took a glass from the cupboard and filled it up with orange juice.

"What for?" Mrs. Dincht put her long brown hair in a bun and started to clean the dishes.

"Well there's this jerk, Sammy, and he jumped me as I was getting my lunch. So I beat him up and then Mr. Carter the principle has to come by and Sammy complains that he was jumped by me." Zell slammed his fist down of the table. "If I get suspended again I'll be expelled."

"That would be the second time since you were five." Sighed Zell's mom as she turned around and looked at Zell.

Zell frowned and mumbled "That was her fault."

"Well I admit she wasn't the greatest teacher." Mrs. Dincht put a dry dish into a cupboard nearby and on the way back she glanced at the calendar. "Oh! Your supposed to be at Grandpa Dincht's estate by four! I've got a meeting. Get into your nice clothes and pack some others, because you'll be staying there for a couple of days."

"Oh man! Grandpa doesn't have to wear nice clothes all the time! I'm not going to wear my preppy clothes there!"

"Get into them or you won't go." Mrs. Dincht put her hands on her hips and glared at Zell.

"Fine, but if someone laughs I'll beat them up!" Zell climbed the stairs and entered his room.

* * * * * * * *

"Hey kid! How's it going?" said Grandpa Dincht as Zell walked through the door. Grandpa Dincht was dressed in baggy jeans, a white T-shirt, a SeeD dress jacket, and wore a pair of bluish-green fighting gloves. He had white hair that was in a cow-lick similar to Zell's and was tied up in a ponytail in the back. He had soft grey eyes, deep wrinkles, and a bushy mustache.

"Hi Dad! I gave Zell's clothes and accessories to Jenson the Butler. I've got to go to a meeting in Dollet. Love-ya!" Mrs. Dincht kiss Grandpa Dincht and left.

When Mrs. Dincht had left, Grandpa Dincht looked at Zell's outfit and smirked. "Alright you scound! Get those goody-two-shoes clothes off and put something more decent on." ordered Grandpa Dincht.

"Yes sir!" Zell smiled and ran off. He came back dressed in his normal attire: high-tops, baggy jeans shorts and a white T-shirt with a red jacket over it. Zell reached into his back pocket and pulled out his red and white fighting gloves.

"Alright, time to rock and roll!" said Grandpa Dincht as he led Zell down a hallway on the first floor of the Dincht family mansion. "Here we are!" He pushed open two doors and entered a large gym with almost every exercise device found in it. There were large windows to let light in and the walls had a foam layer on them for protection against you or any other object that happened to hit the walls at a high velocity.

"Wow! What's that area for?" asked Zell as he soaked in his surroundings. The area Zell had questioned was a large matted area with ropes, jumps, and even a small tower.

"That my friend is the fighting arena."

"Score!" Zell ran and started climbing the ropes and jumping over fake ditches. After a while he stopped and looked towards where his Grandpa was standing. "Hey! Who am I supposed to fight?"

"Well you aren't going to fight me! My old bones couldn't stand up to you. Instead it is you and me, tag-team vs. my robot trainers." He pressed a button and the foam covered walls opened to reveal a half dozen robots that had protecive gear and had punching gloves for hands.

"Whoa! These guys look like they mean business!"

Zell's grandpa smiled and pressed another button. The robots' lights lit up and they began to march towards Zell. "We'll have to see about that."

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