Final Fantasy VIII: Chronicles: Characters

By Choong Won

Squall Leonhart: The protagonist of the story, Squall is the character this book centers around. He is seventeen years old and lives in Balamb Garden, a military school. His weapon of choice is the rare and deadly Gunblade. Half gun, half sword, it takes years of practice to master. Squall acts coldly to those around him. He is seen as unsocial and cold. Squall's incredible fighting skills; however, are some of the best in Garden. Squall's past is as dark as his personality.

Rinoa Heartilly: The other main character in this story, Rinoa is everything Squall isn't. Kind and caring towards others, Rinoa speaks with her heart. She is also seventeen, but lives in Timber and is part of a rebel movement against Galbadia, an evil empire ruled by Vinzer Deling. She tends to stick to her beliefs, which can cause her to be stubborn. Her light and carefree attitude towards life affects those around her, including Squall Leonhart.

Zell Dincht: Another cadet of Balamb Garden, Zell is Squall's partner and sidekick, but not by Squall's decision. Unlike Squall, Zell acts like any normal seventeen-year teenage would. He tends to be energetic and impulsive. Being somewhat of a hothead, he usually runs into the heart of a battle. Luckily, his martial arts skill keep him all in one piece. While he may look like any-other hothead on the outside, he's really an honest man, who's dedicated towards his job.

Seifer Almasy: Squall's main rival, Seifer is a troublemaker in the Garden. He refuses to listen to orders and control his temper. This causes him to get into trouble often. Being eighteen, Seifer is one of the oldest cadets in the Garden. Seifer's fighting skills are on par with Squall's. He too, wields the deadly Gunblade. With Fujin and Raijin, his two friends, he trains to achieve his 'romantic dream'.

Laguna Loire: Laguna is a soldier of Galbadia. While being klutzy and shy, Laguna has incredible leadership talent. His dream is to become a journalist and travel all over the world, writing stories about different places. His machine gun takes care of anything willing to attack his party. Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac are his two closest friends. Laguna is a link to Squall's dark past.

Edea: Not much is known about her. She is the current 'sorceress' and has incredible magic powers. She is working for Vinzer Deling of Galbadia, but her true ambitions remain a mystery.

Quistis Trepe: Quistis Trepe is an instructor at Balamb Garden. The amazing thing is that she's only eighteen. Being a child prodigy, her skills with the whip are unmatched. She's well liked and even has a fan club, called the "Trepies". Being Squall's instructor, Quistis is trying to get Squall to open up a little. Even though she's an instructor, she lacks the tough exterior of the Garden Staff and becomes depressed over trivial matters.

Selphie Tilmitt: A new transfer student from Trabia Garden, Selphie is still getting used to Balamb Garden. A spunky, happy-go-lucky, girl, she up lifts those around her with her energetic and positive attitude. Her weapon is the nunchakus, in which she is quite skilled at. Even though she's seventeen, she acts like a child and loves to take charge. She also really likes trains.

Irvine Kinneas: Irvine is a seventeen-year-old student at Galbadia Garden. His expert marksmanship with a gun makes him a deadly sniper. He attempts to pose as a loner, but when pressure sets in, he loses his composure. He's a real ladies man and loves flirting with the girls.


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