Final Fantasy VIII: Chronicles Prologue

By Choong Won

The sun shines down on a field blooming with flowers. Clouds drift by in a deep blue sky. The laughter of children can be heard coming from the field of flowers...


"Wait up you guys!" Squall ran after Zell and Quistis, his arms flailing and his feet pounding the ground as fast has he could move them. "I've gotta tie my-" Squall tripped over his shoelace and fell, hands first on ground. "Owwww!" He grabbed his knee. "Wait for me!" He began to cry.

"Are you okay?" said a girl as she walked up to him. She looked a little older than the rest of the kids. Her soft brown eyes matched her dark brown hair. Her turquoise blue dress flapped in the wind.

"Sis! My knee's cut!" cried Squall, hugging his knee. His favorite yellow T-shirt with an orange stripe in middle, was streaked with dirt. His right knee was mess of dirt and blood.

"It's okay Squall. Can I help you up?" Sis smiled and lend over, holding out a hand.

"Okay...."sniffed Squall. He grabbed her hand and was pulled up. "But my knee still hurts." He began to cry again. His cold blue eyes shed warm tears that trickled down his face and mixed with the dirt on his face, turning them brown.

Sis gave Squall a big hug. "It's okay Squall. I'm always here for you."

Squall's sorrow subsided along with his tears. A warm trickle of comfort slowly replaced his pain. "Thanks Sis."

"Let's go back to Matron's and get your knee fixed up." Sis wrapped an arm around Squall and started back towards a small house at the edge of the flower field. The house was pleasant looking, white stoned, and fairly large.

When they got to the house, Matron was waiting for them. Her jet-black hair moved in the wind as did her dark violet dress. Her face conveyed sadness as one who sees an old friend off, as they leave to return home.

Next to her, where two strange men, dressed in teal and violet armor, their strange headgear masked their faces. Although they were unarmed, they still looked very dangerous.

"Who they?" asked Squall as they approached the house. He wondered why Matron would have visitors, she almost never had anyone over.

"Don't know." replied Sis. Her face revealed a tinge of concern. Squall felt her grip tighten.

"Is this Ellone?" asked one of the men to Matron. He pointed at Ellone, his long finger covered by his gloves.

"Yes, it is," sighed Matron. Her hands were folded and Squall could see that she trying to hold back tears.

"Matron, who are these men?" asked Ellone, her voice cautious. She frowned at them, her senses telling her that these men were trouble.

"They're here to help you. You'll be leaving now. I packed your clothes already. Say goodbye to Squall," said Matron, very quickly.

"But Matron! I don't wanna leave!" protested Ellone. The two men quickly grabbed her before she could escape. They began to carry her out of the house, kicking and screaming.

"Sis!" cried Squall in shock. He stood there for a moment and then began running after Ellone. Fear crossed his face.

"Bye Squall. You wait here for me, okay?" said Ellone as she was carried out. She tried to smile, Squall could see the fear rising in her eyes.

"No!" Squall ignored her suggestion and continued running after her. Only when a hand grab his shoulder did he stop. "No! I've got to get Sis!" he cried as he pummeled Matron with his small fists.

"Don't Squall. You have to say goodbye," said Matron softly. She looked in the direction where Sis was being taken away.

Squall turned around and saw Ellone being carried over a hill. He quickly raised his hand and waved it vigorously. "Goodbye Sis!" He paused as he saw her vanish from view as she went on the other side of the hill. "I'll be waiting for you!" Tears spilled from his eyes as hid his face in the folds of Matron's dress. He said softly to himself, "I'll be waiting here.waiting for you. I promise!"


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