Wolfe Bite Chapter 18

By Captain Gaul

Wolfe bellowed, and the walls of the Keep of Elements shook. He waved his hands in a magic gesture, and sparkles hung in the air. He started to chant.

Chi flicked the volume on her mike, and screamed at the top of her lungs as she reloaded her pistols and started shooting. Gaul and Moe flipped up some headphones.

Wolfe growled. He drew a rune in the air, and gestured at Chi with it. A window exploded and a ball of fire rushed through it towards Chi. Gaul rushed towards Wolfe and smashed the battleclub across his face. Moe was approaching with the battlewrench, but Wolfe made another gesture and it flew from Moe’s hands. He drew the tire iron instead.

Chi managed to fire off three rounds before the fireball hit her. Her previous scream turned to one of pain as she caught fire.

Moe interrupted Gaul’s next strike with a harried shout: “Help Chi, dammit!” Gaul understood and ran over to her. Moe smashed Wolfe with the tire iron. Wolfe grunted, then grabbed Moe and lifted him up in the air.

Gaul fell to his knees in front of Chi. The flames were out, but she didn’t appear to be breathing. “Mei dei, no!” He made a series of gestures and said a series of words that came out half-prayer, half-magic. As the series continued with no visible effect, he shifted to more and more prayer.

Wolfe lifted Moe higher and higher. Having been grabbed by the torso, Moe had difficulty in breathing, but his arms were free. He repeatedly smashed the tire iron into Wolfe’s head, who seemed to notice only slightly.

Gaul could think of no more words to say. Chi didn’t look to come back. “No…” he sobbed, laying his head on her chest. At once, a warm light engulfed them, and her eyes flicked open.

“Let’s go.”

Wolfe started to chant again. Moe brought his tire iron down, intending to hit him on the head, but missed slightly, and instead hit his lower jaw. The jaw tore, and Wolfe stared in amazement as part of his head fell to the floor. Making an odd-sounding roar, he removed one hand from Moe’s side and slammed it into Moe’s chest. Moe landed across the room. Wolfe beat his own chest and bellowed victory.

“Is he still breathing?”

“Yeah. C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here. No way we can beat this guy.” Before Chi could voice an objection—not that she was going to—the captain slung Moe over his shoulder and started to run from the room. Chi followed quickly.

Outside on the floating isle, the gate was gone. Chi and Gaul cursed in exactly the same manner at the same time. Wolfe strode through the hall doors confidently, and announced: “No escape! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!” Reluctantly, Chi and Gaul turned around to face Wolfe. Wolfe’s form shifted back to normal. “You’re mine. Don’t need an immortal body for THIS bit!”

The sounds of blades chopping the air and an engine running swept through the area. Gaul dropped Moe and turned around slowly. A helicopter, with Lucca aboard, came up over the edge of the island. Wolfe gaped as machine guns started blazing. A second later, Gaul and Chi watched in amazement as Wolfe’s now-mortal body was ripped apart by the bullets.

Lucca leaned out the window and shouted: “C’mon, get aboard, quickly!” As they complied, she added “Someone tipped Queen Zeal off that there were intruders at the Keep, trying to steal the Sun Stone. So she’s about to destroy the island.” Once they were all aboard, Lucca pulled the helicopter away from the island. Chi looked back and saw an explosion engulf the Keep and rip the island to shreds.

“Lucca? What the heck is this?” Gaul asked.

Lucca grinned widely as a blue gate suddenly opened in front of them. “Epoch Mark Two. Nyah-ha-ha-ha!”



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