Wolfe Bite Epilogue

By Captain Gaul

“Since we’ve won, may as well give you the grand tour.” Lucca gunned the Epoch II into full throttle. Time flew by. Lucca looked back at Gaul and grinned. “Maybe there’s something good on the radio….” She flipped the appropriate switch.

“To the cheers of thousands, Crono was released from the hospital today. Hospital authorities listed him as being in excellent condition.”

“Guardia Patrol has announced that Crono’s assailants have been brought to full justice. The body of work in the case was done by one Captain Nicholas Gaul, as well as his two friends, Moebert Velasquez—” Moe managed a weak grin as the announced mangled his last name. “And Chi Te.” Chi grinned, and Gaul put his arm around her.

“Guardia Patrol Commander Nocius Borscht has declared highest honors for Captain Gaul, in acknowledgment of this and his previous meritous feats. His exact words were: ‘I would promote him, but I thought he’d prefer the Medal of Honor and the Crono Award.’” Chi kissed Gaul on the cheek. He looked up, and saw Lucca grinning at him in the mirror.

“And now, an announcement from James Tusaud, newly appointed Chancellor and acting ruler of Guardia until Nadia Guardia’s coronation.”

“My fellow Guardians. One of Guardia’s finest has done us great honor this day. Though mistreated, shamed, and forced to leave his post by my predecessor, he willingly and enthusiastically rejoined the ranks of our fine men and women of the Patrol. Above and beyond the call of duty, he pursued the assailants of his friend and our hero. He was wounded severely by the enemy, and many of us feared one of our finest would be lost forever. But he fought on, in pursuit of the villains. This day, they have been brought to justice. In honor of his incredible feats, I am announcing an international, week-long holiday in his honor. May his victory shine as an example for us all.”

Gaul looked up at Lucca. “What did you guys get? I didn’t even save the world.”

“The last night of a once-every-thousand-years fair was dedicated specially to us, we got a month-long banquet at the castle, and we never have to pay for anything, anywhere. And yes, you have saved the world before. Not as dramatically, but you did. Now you get what you deserve.” Lucca grinned again and pulled the throttle back even more. “Maybe the other worlds have something to say about your achievements, too.”

The Epoch ripped through the air.

“In the aftermath of the world’s fall, Emperor Kefka has announced a reformation of the Empire. With the assistance of General Leo, he will turn the Empire’s focus towards rebuilding the world’s cities and nations, as well as making official contact with the other-worldly realm of Guardia. King Edgar Figaro has announced agreement with Kefka in this goal, though he has yet to--”

“No. God, that sounds like the regular news.” Lucca pulled the throttle back another notch.

“The President of Shinra announced an end to the hunt for the last Ancient. ‘Rather,’ he said, ‘we should devote our resources to establishing friendly relations with our newly discovered neighbor, Guardia.’”

“In other news, a successful raid by the Turks sent the terrorist group AVALANCHE into hiding somewhere south of Kalm—”

Lucca flipped off the switch. “I guess we’re the only ones ready to party. But maybe you guys could use some sleep first.” Gaul looked down. Chi was snoring lightly into his chest. Moe was snoring more loudly on the other side of the helicopter.


“Alright, then, let’s get you guys home.” Lucca pulled the throttle all the way back, and the Epoch II screamed through time.


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