Wolfe Bite Chapter 12

By Captain Gaul

“Hey! You two! Wanna spend the night here?”

“Don’t answer him. Don’t answer anybody.”

“Hey, don’t be so stuck up, girlie. The Don might not like it, if you know what I mean.” The man’s eyes slid to one side. “In fact, I’m gonna bet that the Don doesn’t like it.” He ducked into his inn as three thugs approached Moe and Chi.

“Mr. Corneo’d like a word with you.”

“Mr. Corneo can go—” Moe cut himself off as three more street toughs slid behind him and Chi.

“You two are gonna be very lucky. The chick, ‘cuz she’s gonna meet the Don. The guy, ‘cuz normally Don don’t let guys in, but he’s got his reasons to be interested. Now you two are gonna come with me, capisce?”

In no position to argue, they cooperated.


“Emperor Gestahl, we have a guest for you.”


“The man on who’s account we invaded another world.”

“…oh, him. Take him to Kefka. He’d be a bit more interested.”

“Yes, my liege.”


“Oooh…a pretty girlie…what the hell’s the guy doing here?”

“This isn’t for your bride, sir. This is about…ahem.”

“Oh…well, for half of it, the two don’t have to be unrelated. As for HIM…bind him and lose ‘em in a cell somewhere.”

Chi glared at Corneo. Corneo responded by making a show of licking his lips.

“Seiko suru anata wo!” She cursed in poor Nihongo. To her surprise, Corneo understood the language and the sentence. Raising an eyebrow, he said:

“Maybe later. One step at a time, girlie.” Chi grimaced.


“So THIS is Captain Gaul. I am delighted to at last make your formal acquaintance.” Kefka gloated as he circled his prisoner. Coming around back, he kicked, and Gaul fell to the floor. Try as he might, he found he really couldn’t resent this too much. He had treated Kefka much, much worse the first time they met.

“I want you to know, I am so very thankful that you shot your fiancee’s murderer instead of me. I am so very thankful that, rather than beating you to death, I’m going to lock you in prison for the rest of your natural life, and perhaps some of your supernatural life as well.”


“Don’t cooperate with me, dammit!” Kefka kicked him. “Now. I’m going off to do some important business in Thamasa. You will shortly be thrown into your new home. If I ever come back, assume it is to beat you some more. Adios.”

Shortly after he left, two guards came in. Grabbing him roughly by the arms, they dragged him down two flights of stairs, then tossed him in a cell. Through a series of gestures and grunts, they explained the location of the bench, shit hole, and the hold in the ceiling through which bread was dropped. That finished, they closed the iron door and locked it. Things looked pretty bleak.


Corneo grunted. Of all the things he had expected when Chi had reached into her dress, a shot in the chest was pretty far down on the list. As he collapsed onto the floor, bleeding heavily, Chi quickly put the pistol back and tried to recompose herself.


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