Wolfe Bite Chapter 13

By Captain Gaul

“Let’s go! Now!” Chi shoved a knife into the simple lock on the door of Moe’s cell, twisted around a bit, and yanked the door open.

“What happened? What’d you do?”

“Let’s just say it was self-defense. Come on!”

Corneo’s thugs tried to stop the two on their way out, but either got smashed, impaled, or shot when they tried. As they burst out the mansion doors, they managed to go an entire twelve feet before one of the surviving thugs attracted the attention of a passing Shinra patrol. The Shinra men immediately opened fire.

They turned a corner and stumbled to a halt as a short man holding a pair of pistols blocked their path.

“My name’s Ray. You’re coming with me.” Chi tried to fire a shot, but the pistol responded with a dull click as the clip emptied.

Three Shinra guards rounded the corner and instructed them to freeze.


Gaul looked up in his cell towards the hole in the ceiling. Something was going on up there.

“What the ‘ell’s that?”

“It’s a freakin’ continent! There’s a freakin’ continent floatin’ up there in the freakin’ sky!

Gaul had no idea if they were saying this to confuse and torment him, or if a continent really was floating in the sky. As it seemed unlikely he’d ever sea the sky again, he decided he didn’t care. He leaned back against the wall and tried to sleep.


Chi reacted before Moe did. Once Moe realized that Chi was about to attack Ray, Moe knew what else to do. He grabbed the battlewrench and leapt at the guards behind him, hoping their reflexes were poor.

A second later, Ray was disarmed of both weapons, and all three Shinra guards were down. Moe walked over to Ray, and lifted a battlewrench to smash his head in. Ray winced.

Three shots rang out. Moe fell to the ground. Chi looked behind her, and saw two men and a woman, dressed like Ray in their business suits, and armed similarly. She put her hands over her head and stood up slowly as the trio approached her.

The bald man stepped forward and kicked at Ray. “Jeez. How you got in the Turks, I don’t know.”


“They are, you jackass. The one’s got three gunshot wounds to recover from, and the other’s not going to give us any trouble, either.” As he was saying this, the woman was putting a pair of handcuffs on Chi.

“Please…lemme interrogate them.….”

“You can’t even arrest them on your own, and we’re gonna let you interrogate them?”

“It’s…for a project of mine.”

“Whatever. C’mon, Elena. Let Ray have his prisoners.”


“Shi-it! It’s breaking up!”

“Is one of ‘em coming this way?”

“You bet your ass it is! Get the hell out of Vector!”

Gaul waited for a few minutes. Then, a low whistling started. As realization kicked in, he crossed himself and murmured a few words of prayer. As the whistling got higher, he pushed himself forward to his knees, crossed himself again, and started with a more in-depth prayer.

The earth seemed to shake as whatever it was struck. The captain himself was shaken so hard that he couldn’t see straight for three minutes after the shaking stopped. When his eyes refocused and his vision cleared, his cell had very critical difference: the door was no longer there.

He made his way out of the cell and peered through the barred window in the corridor. If what he saw wasn’t Armageddon, he decided, he would make sure to be very dead when the real one came. Something tingled in the back of his mind, and at once he was aware. The Esper whose spirit he had in the form of Magicite could sense other Espers nearby, and wanted to be closer to them. The image of a ghostly whale led him up corridors and down stairways until at last…

The room was huge. All manner of machinery filled it. On one wall was a huge number of tubes, filled with Espers and other varieties of spirits. The Esper prodded his mind again, and he realized what he was seeing.

“The Magitek factory?”


“Now, what do you two know?”

“Very little.”

“Do you know who shot Crono?”


“Do you know who killed Gaul?”

“He’s not dead.”

Ray’s mouth dropped. “He’s not? But…but…Wolfe said that spell was sure to work!”

Chi raised an eyebrow, and Moe mouthed the words ‘Keep quiet’. “No, he’s not dead.”

“Do you know what kind of pistol we used when we shot Crono?”


“Do you know why we shot Crono with a Rorynex QQ3?”

“Not a blessed clue.”

“You’re lying to me!” Ray kicked Moe. “I’ll bet you know everything! I’ll bet you know that this was all about their revenge against Gaul! I’ll bet you know that Crono’s attempted assassination was just a lure to get Gaul back on regular duty! I’ll bet you know the reason we had all those nuns wasted was to buy us a few more hours to rig that spell! I’ll bet you know we’re shipping pistols to your world to arm Wolfe’s cronies! You know everything, don’t you?!”

Moe looked indignant. “Well, we do now.”

Ray paused. Moe watched in amazement as a vein popped into view on his forehead. “Oh SHIT!” He shouted. “Why didn’t you—now I’ve got to kill both of you!”

Over his shouting, he didn’t hear the click as Chi’s knife popped the lock on her handcuffs. She held her breath and mentally thanked God for making him too stupid to check her for weapons.

Ray stalked over to his desk, opened a drawer, and pulled a very small pistol. He started to aim it at Chi, then paused, looked at the gun, sheepishly said “Little Italian piece. Not accurate beyond three inches.”, and approached Chi.


The voice of the Esper Bismarck whispered in Gaul’s head. “Please, human, let me free. Let me join my brothers and sisters as they battle Kefka’s twisted spirit.”

Mentally, the captain replied: “Be my guest.”

“Thank you, human.” The whale’s ghostly image appeared by a shiny piece of magicite. “Use this. It will take you from this place.” Gaul nodded as the Esper Bismarck flew up to join his brethren in the sky. He tapped the magicite, and was engulfed in a purple light.


Ray stared dumbfounded at the blade sticking in his gut. “Ow….” He said, then collapsed.

Chi pulled the knife from him and opened Moe’s handcuffs. “Again, let’s get out of here.”

“Ow!” Ray repeated as Chi and Moe left the room. “Ow!”


Midgar…he was back. As the world fell into place around him, he heard some pained shouting. Still holding the magicite, he rushed for its source. Two figures rushing out of a nearby building crashed into him, and he felt the weight of the magicite disappear. He turned his head to see Chi’s face, and then purple flashes engulfed the two figures. When the flashes died, he was alone in the street.

But only briefly. He noticed somebody strangely familiar crawling out the building’s door, and six Shinra guards rushing towards him. When the strangely familiar somebody noticed him, the man cried out an order to arrest Gaul.

The captain sighed. He didn’t expect any floating continents to come to his rescue this time.


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