Fight the Fanfic Chapter 9

The Dark Palace

By Captain Gaul

As Frank and Devon were overseeing the rapid construction of their latest fortress in one era, in other eras Gaul, Chi, and Lucca were recruiting an army. With Guardia wrecked, it wasn’t easy, but their numbers were increasing by the hour. Citizens from all other continents, Mystics, the Earthbound ones; all had those willing to fight for their existence.

After forty-eight hours, they had a reasonable-sized force of two hundred people; with no further preparations to make, they teleported, three at a time, to the twenty-fourth century.

Upon their arrival, they saw a large, black building assembled from scrap material. It was obviously supposed to be reminiscent of the Black Omen, but the fact that bits of the wall were falling off and the sole functioning laser had a range of about three yards sort of ruined the effect. The force marched forward when twenty robots suddenly came out the front of the junkyard-fortress and, in a show of robotliness, beat their metal chests with their fists. One of them walked forward.


“Ah, Mistress Lucca. And the good captain. It is nice to see you again.”

Lucca stepped forward and peered into Robo’s eyes. “Is it?”

“Indeed. Now I can fulfill Master Devon’s orders.” Robo hit Lucca in the torso with a high-powered punch, and she went flying. “Now, Captain Gaul, I am supposed to kill you.” Robo’s arm emitted a hydraulic hiss as the power built up behind the fist.

“Sorry, Robo.” Gaul fired off a shot from the pistol, and the android collapsed as several important control components fell off its body. “Maybe Lucca can fix that later.”

At once, the other robots attacked, and the humans rushed to fight them off. While for sheer strength, none of them could beat a robot, the humans outnumbered the robots more than ten to one, and after a couple of minutes all of the mechanical beings were beaten into the ground and deactivated. With that, the charged towards the front gates.

They never exactly made it—the front gates fell over just as they arrived. Puzzled, they paused for a second, then resumed their charge into the fortress.

Just a hundred yards ahead, one of the robots was reporting to its masters.

“Sirs, enemies have entered the fortress. I estimate two hundred of them.”

“Damn.” Devon rubbed his head in thought. “Frank, can you take care of this? I’ve got work to do.”

Frank nodded and left the room with the robot.

Before long, the army had stormed through two-thirds of the fortress and left sixty robots behind them, inactive. That was when the force met up with Frank and the remaining thirty. Both sides stood motionless for a second, until someone shouted a war cry. Then both groups charged into each other.

While the robots were stirred with a sort of electronic fervor to serve their masters, the humans had a much more real need for vengeance on the invaders who had screwed up their universe so. Less than five minutes after the battle started, Frank realized that it really was already over, and fled back to the throne room.

He paused, and looked around. Devon was nowhere to be seen. He started checking in rooms off to the side. He finally found Devon in a small room with a plain altar in it. “Devon? Bud, we gotta get out of here real fast, ‘cuz the robots are getting their butts kicked, and I don’t want to still be here when that mob shows up.

Devon slowly turned towards Frank. He had red face paint on and was holding a small ceremonial dagger. “Don’t worry about it, Frank. It’ll be all right.”

Frank backed away slowly. “Devon? You okay?”

Devon lunged for Frank. Frank was too surprised to fight him off in time, and very quickly the dagger was in Frank’s throat. He coughed up a little bit of blood before slumping to the ground. Devon lifted his body onto the altar, and began to speak in tongues while he gathered the necromantic symbols necessary to invoke his magic.

Outside, the mob had reached the throne room. Seeing nobody, they began to break down the doors of the various rooms, one by one.

The symbols and power field were complete, and Devon began to chant his spell.

Only one door was left to check. The mob readied their weapons and charged.

Devon had just a few syllables left to chant…but it was too late. The attackers stormed into the room, and cut Devon off. Beating him to the ground, he began to scream strange things.

“Agh…no…ultimate power will be mine…urgh…ash-der-as-dack!” He grinned as lights began to dance around the offering of Frank, then frowned as the lights were not the expected rainbow of colors, but all black and red.

Suddenly a huge dimensional hole opened in the room, and towering, putrid yellow, slimy monster stepped out. It cried out in a booming thunder: “WHO SUMMONS YAKRA THE PENULTIMATE?”


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