Fight the Fanfic Chapter 10

Yakra The Penultimate

By Captain Gaul

The soldiers beneath the monster cowered in fear. His confidence returning, Devon spoke out. “I summoned you, oh great Yakra. Do as I instruct you, and destroy these invaders.”

The huge creature bent over and grabbed Devon in its claws. “YAKRA THE PENULTIMATE SERVES NO MAN.” Devon cowered as the creature inhaled deeply, then fell into a lifeless slump. “WHO ELSE’S SOUL CAN I TAKE?”

Gaul screamed a battlecry and rushed towards the monster, encouraging his comrades to do the same. Some of them did, many didn’t—it didn’t matter. Yakra the Penultimate simply made a single gesture, and the entire army was scattered about space and time.

The creature sniffed the air, and pondered its existence. “Revenge…I must take revenge…against Captain Gaul! I will find him, follow him through the eons! I will have my revenge!” The creature laughed in a manner most vile, and the walls around it collapsed.

* * *

Gaul recovered back in his headquarters. “Huh? What happened?”

“It’s not good, sir.” Chi leaned over him to take the damp cloth off his forehead. “The creature made its way to this time period, and is destroying everything. I’m tracking it on the view screen now.”

“Wha--?” Gaul sat up in a hurry, but felt a little dizzy.

“Easy, easy! You haven’t quite recovered yet.” She put a steadying hand on his shoulder. He blinked a couple of times to clear the gook from his eyes and focused his sight on the screen.

The creature had arrived in a small village south of Porre, and began to lay waste to it. Ripping up whole buildings in one set of claws, tearing apart the earth with another set, and snaking out with a frog-like tongue to snatch up people into its mouth. Gaul grimaced as a whole family flew, screaming, into its mouth.

“It’s been doing this everywhere?”

“It’s already worked its way across two continents. Casualty rates have been high, and time travel is not an option—the creature’s aura is already so strong and destructive, any time travel would tear the fabric of this universe apart.”

“Damn.” They were silent for a minute, during which Chi muted the sound on the view screen. Gaul got up to leave.

“Sir! Where are you going?”

“To church.” Gaul made a gesture with his hands. “I haven’t gone in a couple of months, and I think I need to make my peace with God.”

* * *

A few hours later, the captain was at the Manatetan Cathedral north of Porre. A mass was going on, and he prayed deeply and solemnly to God for protection, forgiveness, and guidance.

As the service wore on, the hairs on the back of his neck rose, and he knew it would be over very soon…

The doors to the great cathedral were ripped open, and Yakra stepped through.


“Do not fight me here, Yakra—or you will violate the sanctity of this place. Would you do that?”


Reluctantly, Gaul drew the nightstick from his belt.


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